Ultimate Trucker’s Guide: How To Build Truck Driving Experience

On the other hand, we have positive and negative stress. As I said during the first month of your truck driving career you will get to experience negative stress.

But, later on, as your truck driving experience will start building, you will be able to turn the negative stress into a positive one.

Source: www.aaiclinics.com
Source: www.aaiclinics.com

Henceforth, the positive stress can bring you:

  • Increased levels of motivation;
  • Higher levels of energy;
  • Increased mental alertness;

Improving the negative stress level is crucial on your way to becoming a successful truck driver, and building truck driving experience.

Source: www.destressmonday.org
Source: www.destressmonday.org

In that direction, I would like to suggest you few tips and tricks for stress lessening that you can practice while on break:

  • Deep breathing;
  • Visualizing something that you love;
  • Focusing on what is in your control;
  • Positive self-talk;

Visit trucking sites that will allow you to fill out one application for several trucking companies

In the light of building your truck driving experience, you will have to preserve in mind visiting trucking sites.

By visiting trucking sites, you will have the opportunity to apply for a job.


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More precisely nowadays few trucking sites have made one application that truck drivers should fulfill, and by doing so automatically they will apply for a job opportunity in several trucking companies.

Source: www.communityinsurancegroup.com
Source: www.communityinsurancegroup.com

Here are some of the truck driving sites where you can apply for a job opportunity in the trucking industry:

Trucking sites are a great choice if you want to build additional truck driving experience because in the first place these sites are designed in a way that they can make the best match for you as well as for the trucking company.

They are performing that thanks to the information you are leaving, such as are the driving record, the location, endorsements, and so on.

Thereupon, this has been shown to be one of the best choices that some truck drivers have made on their way of building a truck driving experience.

Gain Truck Driving Experience By Taking The Road Less Traveled

Did you know that by taking the road less traveled you will be able to build a stronger truck driving experience?

Source: www.sharktrucking.com
Source: www.sharktrucking.com

Well yes, in fact taking the road less traveled can be seen as a highlight of receiving driving assignments for most truck drivers.

Henceforth, some of the advantages that truck drivers will enjoy while building their truck driving experience, is stopping in a variety of cities throughout the USA.

It is experienced like no other. Truckers get to view the countryside, landscapes, numerous suburbs, and big cities.

Yet, during the first year truck drivers do not get the very heavy driving schedule, all with the aim of their easier adaptation to this industry.

Average Rookie Truck Driver Pay

What is very questionable in the trucking industry nowadays is the average rookie truck drivers pay. We can stumble across many sites where we can find out numerous surveys that reveal the real answer of what the average rookie truck driver pay is.

Source: www.finguide.net
Source: www.finguide.net

One of the most reliable sites where you can find information such as “what the average rookie truck driver pay” is Indeed.com. According to this site, we can see that the latest surveys have shown this information:

  • CDL trainees get an average pay of $41,000 a year;
  • Truck drivers with CDL license $41,000 a year;
  • OTR truck drivers earn $82,000 a year;
  • Whereas owner operators can earn $270,000 year;

Keep On Driving

If a trucker wants to advance and to gain more truck driving experience, then he shall keep on driving.

Source: www.truckingcompanies.org
Source: www.truckingcompanies.org

Also, in the same direction, staying in one trucking company for as long as a trucker can is the best choice. Keep in mind that longevity, after all, is a good thing, it’s what recruiters see the first when looking at someone’s resume.

One more reason on why you should keep on driving for the same trucking company, besides the truck driving experience that you will continue gaining, is earning the best routes and the highest level of compensation.

Earn Additional Endorsements

Advancing in the trucking world means earning additional endorsements. Nowadays, there are several endorsements that truck drivers can obtain. But, in order for them to do so, they have to train and undergo few tests.

Source: www.theapopkavoice.com
Source: www.theapopkavoice.com

Hence, the tanker, as well as the hazmat endorsements, are the best endorsements that a truck driver can obtain if he wants to experience significant salary increase, and build truck driving experience.

It is not a lie that hazmat truck drivers are gaining twice as much conventional truck drivers are.

Along the way of obtaining additional endorsements, you will get the chance to advance in your career, drive different types of vehicles, and to build exceptional truck driving experience.

Manage Expectations

When you are at the beginning of a new carrier, in this case at the beginning of your trucking career, it is normal that you have high expectation. That’s all good. But somehow, you should cultivate and manage your expectations.

Expectations, do move and motivate many people these days! But as a beginner truck driver, you should keep your expectations real.

Source: www.primeinc.com
Source: www.primeinc.com

So far, I have met many truck drivers, some of them were at the beginning of their career, whereas some were with 15+ years of experience.

Can you believe me when I say that 80% out of all truckers that I have met in my life have stated that the first year when they entered in the trucking industry, were quite disappointed?

Thereupon, the disappointment came from the salary as well as the schedules that they were receiving. Later on, all of them came to the same conclusion as well- they were having higher expectations, expectations that were not real at that time.



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