Utilities & Specialty Trades

Track, monitor, and coordinate your assets in real-time with just one click


Asset Protection and Theft Prevent

  • Easy theft recovery with real-time vehicle tracking
  • Locate your assets with accuracy to monitor after hour usage
  • Reduce unauthorized use of your company vehicles with 24/7 Tracking and Reporting

Lower Overtime and Fuel Costs

  • Cut unnecessary miles and spend more time at job sites
  • Monitor and reduce unproductive asset idling
  • Eliminate Employee's side job with Company Vehicles

Improve Dispatch and Routing

Improve Dispatch and Routing
  • Spend 60% less time when planning a route for the drivers
  • Improve response time and reduce fuel costs with 45% shorter routes
  • Eliminate unscheduled detours and stops
  • Find and send the closest driver to the closest jobsite
  • Know how long your employees spend time at each job-site to spot low productivity and increase profit
  • Fast respond to emergency service calls

Manage Drivers Behavior

  • Receive real-time alerts for hard braking, excessive speed, hard acceleration, speeding and aggressive cornering
  • Stop aggressive drivers behavior with audible alerts
  • Cut fleet mileage by eliminating unplanned stops and detours

Effective Maintenance

  • Maintain healthy vehicles on the road with multiple options for vehicle maintenance reminders
  • Easily check the vehicle maintenance status for all vehicles in your fleet
  • Reduce unnecessary maintenance with remote vehicle and engine diagnostic

Improve Customer Service

  • Know where your fleet is at all times to give accurate estimated arrival time of your technicians
  • Cut route miles and show up on the job site within the given time frame
  • Improve efficiency and get 3 to 5 additional service calls per day
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