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Water Hauling: Great New Way To Make More Money

Requirements Of Public Water Supplier Using Bulk Water

According to the Policy 92-07: Bulk Water Suppliers- Sampling Requirements and Transport Responsibility, in case you need emergency water in order for you to get it you must provide to the water hauling company:

  • “Detailed directions to the water system and any access limitations to the tank;”
  • “Diameter of the fill pipe on the tank;”
  • “The thread pitch or other description of the connection point;”
  • “Indicate whether a pump is necessary to unload the water;”
  • “Road and bridge weight restrictions en route to the water system;”
  • “An estimated number of loads that will be required;”
  • “Disinfection. Please request that the transported water be disinfected ;”

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Best way of treating and sanitizing water is by:

  • Disinfecting the water with bleach ;
  • By boiling the water for at least 5 minutes;
  • Filtrating the water;
  • With distillation;
  • Using ultraviolet light;

Pathogens from the water can be killed with the processes of: disinfection with bleach, boiling the water, with ultraviolet light.

When it comes to removing the metals from the water it can be done only with distillation.

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Given these points, water hauling definitely is a new way to make more money. Water hauling companies that do provide people with clean, quality water, obtaining all the requirements and regulations, can always find their place on the hauling market.

To sum up around 42 Illinois communities are selling more than 500 000 gallons to haulers annually and one half of those cities show sales of more than 1 million gallons annually.

Do you have a vision of establishing a leader company in the hauling services industry? If you do we hope that this article was a great starting point in providing you with the information you need.

All you have to keep in mind is that your business must include a safe and environmentally responsible operation as well as you will have to buy top equipment and hire skilled operators.

If you have any experience in the Water Hauling business, please share it with us.



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