Working Hours

Monitor and Manage your fleet in real-time with just one click


Fleet Activity Reports

The best method for preventing poor productivity and unnecessary costs is through detailed fleet reports and vehicle metrics
  • Precise Tracking and reporting of the actual working hours
  • Real-time confirmation that jobs are complete
  • Engine hours and PTO usage
  • Vehicle operating costs

Fleet Idling Time Report

Optimise operations, reduce fuel costs and keep your fleet healthy by tracking excessive idling
  • Get deep insights with detailed reports and metrics
  • Monitor and reduce engine Idle time
  • Reduce fuel cost and improve fuel efficiency
  • Identify drivers with the highest idling rates

Fleet Stops Report

Improve Fleet Management and increase productivity with custom fleet reporting
Fleet Stops Report
  • Receive detailed report of all stops your drivers are taking
  • Analyze the frequency of the stops
  • Reduce the ones that are not by the schedule
  • Increase productivity and fleet efficiency

Operations Time Analysis

Automatically track and monitor driving behavior to reduce unnecessary miles, cut cost and improve customer service
  • Spot poor time driving management/p>
  • Gain time productivity control and serve more customers
  • Improve employee utilization and productivity

Operations Time Recording

Check how drivers spend their time, spot them on the map and improve their habits if needed
  • Detailed time sheets of every action
  • Manage overtime & reduced payroll hours
  • Increase labor productivity
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