10 Amazing Places To Find Flatbed Trucking Jobs

Source: www.usajobs.gov

Source: www.usajobs.gov

Having said this, there is a wide range of job opportunities and there are also flatbed trucking jobs. To continue with, you can do plenty of things on their website like:

  • Save particular jobs as favorite
  • Upload resumes and documents
  • You can make your resume to be searchable


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With this intention, the website allows you to find your fit among the opportunities of the government. The only thing to do is to be willing to find your dream and create a profile.

Sounds fair enough?

4. Flatbed Trucking Companies

There are companies that specialize in flatbed transportation. Those kinds of companies may be just the right pick for your next route as a truck driver.

Keim TS

If you want to learn how the safety is important in the truck driver’s life then you had not been working for Keim TS.

Source: www.hankstruckforum.com

Source: www.hankstruckforum.com

Furthermore, they allow you to experience one of the best flatbed trucking jobs as well as the coping with the SAFER rules.

Therefore, if you are a truck driver wanting to upgrade himself or learn more about the NHTSA rules, then you are in the right place.


Daseke includes specialized transportation and flatbed trucking companies. They specialize in step-deck, flatbed trucks transportation and low profile step-deck as well.

Their website includes information about numerous trucking companies specializing in flatbed transportation.

Source: www.businesswire.com

Source: www.businesswire.com

Thus, you get the opportunity to search for the most reliable flatbed trucking jobs. Regarding their routes and transportation areas, you might find the one that you find the most suitable for you.

Furthermore, you might find trucking companies that train drivers and hopefully those businesses that offer paid CDL training.

TMC Trans

Being one of the best flatbed and dedicated trucking companies, TMC Trans offers superior services across the United States.

More importantly, they have the last models of Peterbilt trucks accompanied by aluminum trailers.

Source: www.dailydieseldose.com

Source: www.dailydieseldose.com

Having said this, their company offers dependability as well as safety to their customers and clients.

Furthermore, their trucks have leather seats which are highly comfortable. Thus, you won’t need seat cushions nor worry about the truck driver’s health.

5. Newspapers (National and Online)

Newspapers are not only meant to spread news and give you loads of daily information.

Luckily, they have pages that deserved a job spot. On the other hand, there is the advantage of technology which allows you to search flatbed trucking jobs online.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

Online newspapers are nowadays more famous and widespread than the local store ones. More importantly, you no longer need to go out on a rainy or stormy weather to read your favorite piece of information.

In this way, you can stay home and fill your mind with useful information about the trucking industry and flatbed trucking jobs in particular.

The Trucker

Due to the noticeable overturn of the newspapers online, you can easily find flatbed trucking jobs there.

The Trucker offers a great amount of information and news, and among them are the opportunities to find jobs.

Source: www.thetrucker.com

Source: www.thetrucker.com

From reading the last updates on the FMCSA’s rules to flatbed trucking jobs, The Trucker has converted into a top news website.

Transport Topics

To continue with, Transport Topics has a strong similarity to The Trucker. Besides the news about the DOT or DOL regulations, you can find a job that suits you best.

Furthermore, there are one of the most trustworthy flatbed trucking jobs included.

Source: www.ttnews.com

Source: www.ttnews.com

Being among the most reliable trucking and freight transportation websites, Transport Topics, as the name states, has the catchiest trucking topics.

6. Job-Related Websites

Some of the best local CDL jobs and flatbed trucking jobs have been found on the job sites.

Correspondingly, there are thousands of the loaded with useful information about different positions and occupations.

However, you need to know the right places to search for the reliable information.


If you wish to find flatbed trucking jobs of your dreams, then Job.com is definitely the website for it. Not only it includes flatbed jobs but the websites has information about the heavy duty positions as well.

Source: www.findjob.info.com

Source: www.findjob.info.com

Having said this, it makes me think that they really are one of the biggest providers of job information.


Being one of the most original websites for job search, Monster has expanded over the years. For instance, they have expanded the industries.

Source: www.monster.com

Source: www.monster.com

Thankfully, they have one of the best flatbed trucking jobs that a new truck driver or a successful truck driver can find.


Glassdoor is an occupation community helping people to find jobs where the companies search for professional truck drivers.

Source: www.glassdoor.com

Source: www.glassdoor.com

At Glassdoor, you can find a lot, from recent job listings to getting access to the company’s ratings and reviews.

7. Trucking Jobs Websites

If you want to discover the best flatbed truck driving jobs then you need to do the search right. For example, there are websites made particularly for trucking jobs.

Find a Trucker

Having a motto ‘Where Trucking Jobs Roll’ it gives you an instant impulse to start hunting for the best flatbed trucking jobs.

Source: www.findatrucker.com

Source: www.findatrucker.com

In addition to this, they have thousands of jobs, occupations and professions included. They are all applying to the trucking industry which is making the search easier for you.

Every Truck Job

Having millions of trucking jobs included, Every Truck Job is one of the biggest sources of trucking jobs.

Additionally, you may find flatbed trucking jobs that will make your love for the trucking industry grow even more.

Source: www.everytruckjob.com

Source: www.everytruckjob.com

In particular, it is a website that allows you to search for the best truck driving jobs, whether near you or OTR driving included.

Accordingly, you may discover that it is one of the most reliable places to search for the best flatbed truck driving jobs.

8. News Websites

The news websites have got all modernistic appearance over the years. They have information about the most successful trucking business included as well as OSHA regulations update.



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