10 things To Have In Mind When Buying Flatbed Trailer

10 Important Things To Have In Mind When Buying Flatbed Trailer

In today article we are going to speak about buying flatbed trailer and their importance.Every trucking service has its own uniqueness. Some trucking services require special temperature treatment of the goods that are carried and other special equipment for fixing the goods. Many of the trucking services have mutual things but there is another category that is different in a specific way.


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A flatbed trailers is one type of trailer among many but specification of the cargo placing this trailer in a special category. When you are planning to buy a flatbed trailer you need to know few things before you jump into this tracking service.

1. Flatbed Trailer Are More Expensive

The starting investment when it is time to buy a trailer is always the number one concern. The flatbed trailer start up investment is higher than other truck trailers, but do not let this reason to stop you from going in this business.

Let’s compare the price with a dry van trailer:

In the market, you can find good dry van trailer for $25K to $35K but for a flatbed trailer you need to spend more money; to be exact you need to spend almost double. The price of a flatbed trailer varies from $50K to $70K if you want additional trailer upgrades.

10 things To Have In Mind When Buying Flatbed Trailer
Source: www.ehattons.com

At this moment, you probably thinking: WOW this is a huge difference would I be able to return my investment. The answer is YES for sure. Like I said before with flatbed trailer you will earn more money per mile and mathematic would be:

  • When you are buying flatbed trailer you are spending $20K to $30K more than dry van
  • With flatbed trailer, you are earning $30K more on annual base

Summa Summarum : The fact is that you earn more money on annual base but the first year the profit will cover the additional cost for the flatbed trailer but the next year those $30K per truck increased profit will be clear profit for you.

2. Flatbed Trailer Are More Profitable

Hauling freight over the road requires truck drivers with high ability of performance, good driving skills and safety knowledge with no exception of any trucking service

The main advantage of the flatbed trailer is that this kind of trucking service earns more money per mile. Transporting goods with flatbed trailer is more profitable because the characteristics of the freight are specific and oversized.

10 things To Have In Mind When Buying Flatbed Trailer
Source: www.sewellmotorexpress.com

The type of the cargo is what this business makes it more profitable. The open space of the flatbed trailer allows hauling freight that is oversized and can’t be hauled by any other truck trailer.



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