10 Tips For Buying Truck Shocks

10 Secret Tips To Know When Buying Truck Shocks

In today article we are going to speak about truck shocks and their importance. I have touched on many different aspects associated with the trucking business and keeping your truck and/or fleet operational. Truck maintenance is the key in having a successful tucking business. I know you are probably thinking, “No, customers are”, but that is more like secondary importance I believe.


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Customers are very important of course, without them you wouldn’t need to worry about your maintenance (or your truck shocks for that matter), because the vehicles would never get used. But, if you don’t take good care of your equipment and it breaks down on you while you are enrooted it could cost you more than just the time.

10 Tips For Buying Truck Shocks
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Customers, even the most loyal and kindhearted, need to be sure their cargo will arrive as scheduled. They don’t care why it was late nor do they care what have had happened, they only care about the fact you, as the carrier, didn’t keep up your end of the agreement. The one thing worse than being late, is arriving with damaged freight!

Late pickups and deliveries is never a good thing, nor damaging the freight in transit. But there are legitimate times when it just can’t be helped. In those cases the customer will be a bit more sympathetic. What events might be understandable to the customer?

  • Weather related (sudden floods, tornados, hurricanes, blizzards, any natural event)
  • Traffic accidents (not from your driver, but other drivers on the road, causing delays)
  • Road/Bridge closures (sinkholes, barges hitting a bridge, construction delays)
  • Other (law enforcement related, Presidential motorcade, fire emergency, etc.)

Some of these may seem extreme, but they are all real and have actually happened without much warning, if any. Typically the customer or any rational individual can understand something that is just out of your control. It doesn’t mean they have to like it, but things do happen.

10 Tips For Buying Truck Shocks
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But, if there are times a customer might understand and be sympathetic, when would they not be? If the reason you were late was due to the fault of your company and/or driver. If you arrive late or with damaged product and it could, actually should, have been avoided, you’ll have more than an unhappy customer. You may have to pay for the damaged goods, perhaps even have penalties for lost time. But you know what is even worse? – Losing the customer all together.

This is why there are several things to remember. Safety, this isn’t just about being careful and doing what’s right. A bad safety rating can hurt your company. Proper and consistent CDL training and endorsements is another thing that can improve the overall picture about your organization. Make sure your drivers are properly trained and have all the required endorsements required by law (federal, state, and local). But the number one thing is maintenance, properly maintained trucks is the key.

There are several factors to consider when making your maintenance schedule:

  • Not interfering with the overall customer and driver’s schedules
  • Keeping the truck tires, fluids (oil change), truck shocks, and everything else in top order
  • Keep the cost as reasonable as you can, there are several tips on this.

I am sure you are thinking, so what does all this have to do with truck shocks? Well if you don’t maintain your truck shocks you’ll not only have a bumpy ride, you can cause other mechanical issues as well. Plus it might cause damage to your freight.

Do you think your customer will be understanding if you were late or their freight was damaged because your truck shocks were bad? Would you be okay with that?

10 Tips For Buying Truck Shocks
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1. Choose the right brand of truck shocks

This day of age, choice is the one thing that we have it for granted! You have many to choose from some are of better quality than others. Many people are loyalist and buy only the truck manufacturer’s truck shocks. Others have a thing about brand and buy only best name brand. While others will save by buying the cheapest out there, regardless if that will do them a justice. They simply cannot see the big picture.

What I have to say on this is that the best thing to do is to stick with what the manufacturer recommends. Of course if you can afford it. If you have a trusted certified mechanic they will know as well.

10 Tips For Buying Truck Shocks
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2. Check the prices

Truck shocks are like anything else on the market these days; they come in many prices and models, depending on the brand and the type. Some are for heavy duty; some are for over the road. But all are designed for the rigors of the trucking industry.

You can find them as low as $35 and up to over $100. The average though seems around $60. But remember this doesn’t include installation.

3. Check the prices online for truck shocks

The internet is a great tool! You can find most everything you want. This includes truck shocks. There are numerous suppliers and dealers who offer some really good deals online. Now, you might want to compare with your local mechanic to see the offer they’ve got, there is nothing wrong with that, as they might have better offers.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

Sometimes it is possible to save money by purchasing your truck shocks and then having a certified mechanic install them. Just make sure you get the ride kind of truck shocks.

When you order online, all you need to do is to put your truck information into the truck shock finder and then pick up the shock that will suits you best. Not every vehicle will have their own type and design of truck shocks. Like example the custom made applications on some vehicles or the very rare type of truck will not have the special type for them so in these cases you will need to measure your truck so you can find the correct dimensions.

10 Tips For Buying Truck Shocks
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