10 Tips For Buying Truck Shocks

10 Secret Tips To Know When Buying Truck Shocks

4. Check availability and delivery times for truck shocks

This is very important when getting truck shocks. It doesn’t matter if you are looking at online retailers, the dealership, or your local certified mechanic. You must make sure they actually have your trucks shocks, if not you must know when they will arrive.

This all depends and on how much in rush you are actually.  You might be one of those people that want things ready for the worst case scenario and you don’t want to wait for the last minute when things get ugly. Those people will have some of the most important truck equipment down in the basement ready for the time when is needed.

If you are ordering/ purchasing a truck shocks just as a reserve so you can have them on the shelf for the time when you will need them, then I guess there is nothing to worry about.

The last thing you want to do is have the mechanic tear your truck apart and then say, “Sorry we don’t have your truck shocks in stock”.

10 Tips For Buying Truck Shocks
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5. Check the installation price

As with most items for your truck, and here when it comes to installment, you will still need someone with experience to install your new truck shocks. Be prepared, the cost of the labor might actually be more than the cost for the parts! Imagine that!

A good shop of course has technicians who have years of training and they have all the latest in technology and tools to ensure the job gets done right, but all that will cost. So do your homework good, shop around and search to find the best deal for your money!

Either way the average hourly rate (labor charge) for an auto mechanic is $70 to $120 per hour!

10 Tips For Buying Truck Shocks
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6. Ask for free installation for truck shocks

Many places sell the parts that are needed for the vehicles they service. This only makes sense, right? But not everyone does. Some will need to special order your truck shocks (hence checking availability). If they do sell the parts, and it is a brand you trust, they will often provide the labor.

This is especially true for contracted mechanics. If you have contracted with a service center to perform all your fleet maintenance needs they might work with you and if you buy the truck parts (in this case the truck shocks) from them they might offer you a free installation.

7. Ask for discounts

The reality is that their mechanics need to get paid, and paid well I mean. So the chances of them not charging for labor are slim. However, the likelihood of them offering discounts, rebates, and other special offer is very possible.

Beggars can’t be choosers but in same time asking for a discount can’t hurt anybody. The worst case scenario is they say no.

This again depends on the shop/mechanic and your relationship with them. So inquire about this before you get your truck shocks installed.

10 Tips For Buying Truck Shocks
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8. Buy Truck Shocks in pairs to get discounts

This may seem a little obvious. Buying anything, to include truck shocks, in bulk is almost always a better deal.  Is same like when you are buying in bulk truck tires, truck mirrors or trailer lights etc. If you have a fleet, which is made up of the same model trucks, this is a great way to save money on your operational costs. But even if you’re just doing one truck this trick can still save you some money.

Something to consider is that the mechanics charges by the hour. So if you take your truck in to get your trucks shocks replaced, have them all done. It will be a lot cheaper in the long run.

10 Tips For Buying Truck Shocks
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9. Buy Truck Shocks in advance

Sometimes we can’t afford to be as prepared as we should. Other times there comes an opportunity to be prepared and we don’t take it. Well, buying parts (tires, wipers, truck shocks, and other replacement parts) ahead of time can save you a lot of future headaches.


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Look for deals, even when you don’t need truck shocks or any other parts. Often retailers will advertise closeout sales, or even going out of business sales. The savings can be enormous!

Even if you are not in need at the moment occasionally looking around for what is discounted is a good thing to do!

10 Ask for a warranty

This is very important thing. Whenever you are buy something for your truck, regardless if its truck shocks or seat covers always check for a warranty. Warranties will vary depending on brand and manufacturer. Some will offer a lifetime; others will offer it for a set number of miles. The best ones will include roadside assist, provided it was their shocks that cause the issue.

Another thing for you to take in consideration when it comes to warrantees, in the mechanic’s warranty. Wherever or whoever installs your truck shocks should offer some kind of warranty as well.

10 Tips For Buying Truck Shocks
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It can be both funny and stressful when you think about all the little things involved with your truck and the trucking industry. You have customers, dispatchers and other staff in your company, law enforcement and insurance and so much more to juggle.

You have laws and regulations to be observed regardless if its government (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, FMCSA) national (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA) or different state traffic lows like Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA).

On the top of all that, in this type of industry you have so many more things to obey and fallow on a daily bases, and the worst thing about it, is that they keep changing frequently!

You should not be stressed about truck repair and maintenance issues as well. Truck shocks are very important and they should not be overlooked because of all those other issues. So remember when the mechanic is doing a routine maintenance check of your truck have them inspect your truck shocks as well.



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