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Learn 7 Exclusive Skills Every Driver Needs to Have

Being a driver is a privilege, we are responsible for us, for people with us and for others around us. One second of mist judgment can be fatal and because we have our live and live of everyone around us in our hands we must try become a perfect drivers.


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Our reaction time, concentration, attention and physical movements play important role in the way we drive. We need to be with our full attention in every moment during driving action, we need to drive responsible and safe.

Learn small mechanical tricks and fix your truck alone

Having a vehicle in perfect shape gives us feeling of security, give us chance to focus on the world and actions around us which is the best way to be safe.

Experience shown that when we have a long ride ahead it is practical to have few mechanical tricks in our sleeve. In case we hit some mechanical problem in the open road our best chance to keep moving and save time is to learn how to repair the problem.

Flat tire – if your vehicle have loud thumping noise or you sense a vibrations, hit the brakes and stop, it is probably flat tire. Pull of the road in a safer space and take your

1. spare tire
2. mount/demount tire iron
3. and lug nut ratchet

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Remove the lug nuts, take your tire iron and place it down the flat tire, pull off to remove it from the shell, put the spare tire and put the lug nuts again and tide them adequately, and you are ready to go.



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