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Learn 7 Exclusive Skills Every Driver Needs to Have

Being a driver is a privilege, we are responsible for us, for people with us and for others around us. One second of mist judgment can be fatal and because we have our live and live of everyone around us in our hands we must try become a perfect drivers.


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Our reaction time, concentration, attention and physical movements play important role in the way we drive. We need to be with our full attention in every moment during driving action, we need to drive responsible and safe.

Learn small mechanical tricks and fix your truck alone

Having a vehicle in perfect shape gives us feeling of security, give us chance to focus on the world and actions around us which is the best way to be safe.

Experience shown that when we have a long ride ahead it is practical to have few mechanical tricks in our sleeve. In case we hit some mechanical problem in the open road our best chance to keep moving and save time is to learn how to repair the problem.

Flat tire – if your vehicle have loud thumping noise or you sense a vibrations, hit the brakes and stop, it is probably flat tire. Pull of the road in a safer space and take your

1. spare tire
2. mount/demount tire iron
3. and lug nut ratchet

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Remove the lug nuts, take your tire iron and place it down the flat tire, pull off to remove it from the shell, put the spare tire and put the lug nuts again and tide them adequately, and you are ready to go.

If you find rusty components, spray a rust release penetrant spray and try to lose the parts.

Faulty spark plugs – this can cause hard starts or rough idling. If the spark plugs are not working properly the engine won’t start or will not run properly. Take the broken out and replace it with the new one. This is something that you can do very easily, you just need to recognize the symptoms.

Oil change – for this one you have a great gadget to do the quality testing very easy, you can use Lubricheck Motor Oil Tester. You just put a drop of the oil you already using and the device will give you correct info. If you need to change it, you have to know the suitable oil for your truck. Having this information will help you to keep track on maintains.

Use IT can help you to save a lot of time

In the time with a lot of technical developments we have opportunity to replace some of the manual tasks with proper devices that will do things instead of us. This instruments have a special importance when we are behind the wheel and we need maximum attention. Instead classical way to make your phone calls use a hands free devices, keep your hands on the steering wheel, have your full control of the truck.

Use GPS navigation system. You can make customized truck routing, it will help you to find the best route for you. Being able to receive latest road conditions in real time will make you more efficient.

Language skill can open you a lot of doors in case when you need it most

Learning other language is always a good thing. You will never be in disadvantage position knowing other language. Spanish language is the second most spoken language in the United States, it is present since the 16th and 17th centuries, with the Spanish colonization in North America.

Should I learn Spanish language?  We can say that now US have more Spanish speakers than Spain. New Mexico has 47 percent native Spanish speakers, California and Texas 38 percent and Arizona 30 percent.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

Life of the trucker is like magic, where ever you can drive with your truck you are there, you get in touch with different people, there is always a possibility that maybe some of the people cannot speak English. Wouldn’t it be great if in the moment of crisis you can step up with your Spanish?

Knowing foreign language gives you secret power, you can understand people around you and if you need to make intervention you know where and why to do that. Communication is the main key in every aspect of our lives. Speaking multiple languages creates more opportunities.

Using Truck radios and codes is helpful but also time saving skill

Truck drivers and their vehicles are another word, the conditions under which this group of people live force them to find the best way to be more efficient on the highway. They have unique lingo understandable only by fellow drivers.

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Using CB radio terminology (codes and slang) saves air time this codes are the best step for effective communication.

  • Alligator: chunk of blown tire on the road
  • Alligator Radio : someone who doesn’t answer after their initial transmission
  • Ankle Biter: small child also refers to a teenage driver
  • Antler Alley: deer crossing
  • Ancient Mariner: CB’er using AM
  • Asphalt Pilot: truck driver
  • Apples: Illegal CB operator
  • Atlanta, GA: watermelon 500
  • Baby Bear:  rookie cop (cop in training)
  • Back ’em Up: slow down
  • Back Door: behind you
  • Backslide: return trip
  • Bad scene: crowded channel
  • Back Out: driver has finished talking
  • Back Off The Hammer: slow down
  • Bear: police officer
  • ….

Become a Chef, stay healthy and look good

Driving on the highway in the limited space gives you limited resources

  • not enough stretching
  • hitting the gym is impossible

This is not a excuse, you are making your own choice. Eating a lot of junk food can cause high pressure, high level of cholesterol, heart problems or diseases, this can affect your quality of driving. Putting a bad food in your system can increase your body toxins, fatigue, shaking, increased sweating, low energy and chronicle exhaustion.

Your life and the life of others around you depends of your reaction in an emergency.

Your truck is your home, try to use your space in proper way to stay fit. Cook a healthy meal and eat a lot of fresh green salads, sleep enough, drink a lot of water, keep your body in good shape. Good health makes you better driver, your immune system needs to be in high lever, great shape gives you safe rides.

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You should learn how to take care of yourself, stay fit your health is number one priority here are some tips for you:

  • buy food supplies that can be cooked
  • eat fresh or dried fruit, nuts and seeds are good for energy
  • eat breakfast every day
  • have many meals but in smaller amounts
  • do not eat just before you go to sleep
  • replace soda with freshly squeezed juice or water
  • every day waking schedule

Your cabin space is big enough to put a cooking devices, preparing your own food can be fun and not to mention much cheaper. Make time to eat healthy, you know what type of fuel is best for your truck to work properly, food is fuel for your body, consume just the best for you, keep your organs in good shape.

Learn about legal things and learn to have your papers in order

If you have correct information about what you should or should not do, half of the job is done, you just have to remain to the regulations and you are safe.



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