11 Things Best Truck Dispatchers Do Every Day

In every play we have main characters and people behind the curtain who are taking care of the total picture to be perfect, from the beginning to the end of the play. Dispatchers are people behind the curtain, link between truck drivers and customers or vendors.

For sure without truck drivers this all system will be impossible to manage but without dispatchers it will be a ticking bomb. This group of people have all the strings in their hands, trust me they know which string to pull to make an ideal performance.

We know that in every group there are individuals who are popping out from the rest. The dispatcher who developed special skills and intuition is prodigy of his kind.

Here are few special things that best truck dispatchers do:

Have a software that helps them.

It is very hard to follow the process only by a manual work, it requires a lot of time a lot of concentration a lot of energy and it can be very hard even for the best ones.

Having a program that can assist with this information’s is one step closer to a well done job:

  • keeping records of the truck driver daily steps for errors or violations
  • following truckers behavior and keeping him legal on the road
  • keeping track of the weather where the truck drivers are or headed to
  • determine the best delivery methods and negotiate rates
  • identify and evaluate any special needs for each load
  • advice to the truck driver for construction areas, accidents, traffic problems or other hazards
  • prioritize time sensitive cargo
  • keeping up with maintenance
  • automatic and accurate IFTA calculations
  • customer information
  • fast generation of invoices
  • recorded miles
  • automatically sorted fuel gallons by state
  • automatic generation of billing details
  • plan for delivering the most profitable routes
  • record information of who delivered what to were
  • keeping the customers happy
  • keep your drivers safe
  • possibility of making alerts of traffic problems such as construction areas, accidents, congestion, weather conditions, and other hazards



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