11 Things Best Truck Dispatchers Do Every Day

Are always available to their drivers and brokers

Keep in touch and be available to your brokers, give them updates and require the same from them. With the information received in the right moment you can prepare more loads.

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Should I be always available to the truck drivers? Be always available to your drivers, in this way you can step up and make intervention if that is necessary. Solving the obstacles in the right way at the right place can protect your company from missed opportunity or load delays.

Pay attention to details

We are all individuals with different characteristics some are naturally born with this feature others have to learn how to develop over the time. Best prevention of mistakes is paying attention to details.

Overlooking details can be dangerous it can cost your company amounts of money or clients. Learn to make connection of everything with everything, take a look of the big picture.

Check this few tips they may help you:

  • Maintain a schedule: make a schedule, prepare yourself for the day
  • Make a list: put all of your tasks in a one place, this will help you to stay updated after interruptions, you will not forget what you should do after. Cross the task after your are finished, this feeling will give you motive to go to the next task and to keep going until you complete all of your tasks.
  • Check for Accuracy and Consistency – always check your work or documents before you take them to the next step, better spend a bit more time instead sending false information to the collegues that will create a chain reaction that can cost a lot
  • Create a detailed work plan – help yourself to focus and learn to take the most important task at the moment
  • Learn to Multitask: dispatchers are moving force in the company a lot of people depend of your efficiency and speed, learn to multitask to keep everybody around in order at the same time.
  • Develop great problem-solving skills: be able to prioritize the most important situations at the moment and think quickly
  • Limit distraction: make sure your environment is distract free, use your time efficient to complete the assignments
  • Do not overload yourself: pressure can cause panic and a blockage in your brain, keep you tasks realistic
  • Frequent walks: this will re-energize you body

Always be prepared for negotiations about the load price

Should I negotiate about the price? Whether preparing direct order load for clients or you are doing that indirectly thru a broker always be prepared for price negotiations.

Maybe a small discount for your client will give him feeling that he is privileged and important, give him additional reason to give you future recommendations.


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They have a great communication skill and are always polite and nice

Dispatchers have to be calm to be in control of the situation especially in emergency circumstances. Excellent communication skill gives you advantage over the situation. Your ability to speak, listen and analyze the conversation gives you power to affect on the process to lead to a successful outcome.

It is always good to be polite especially when you are dispatcher. Sometimes you may run into a nervous client, remember your voice is your power tool to keep the situation under control. Excellent communication skills open doors to new possibilities.


Dispatcher is not just a person that answer calls or at least not a good one. Great dispatcher have excellent knowledge of the trucking industry and mind blowing intuition.

Dispatcher is the person that leads the trucking army to a beetle, victory depends of his leading capabilities.

Be a strong leader take your company to a great victory!

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