Fuel misuse

Learn These 7 Secret Tips to Prevent Fuel Misuse

For vehicles primal driving force is the fuel, having a full tank is one happy moment for every driver, but through the last years fuel cost was not stable more high than low and this is why fuel misuse and theft become a big problem.


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Should you be careful with your annual fuel spends? For the truck companies this problem have a major part of their development over the years. Having weekly, monthly or annual fuel control spends is important for the real annual earnings.

Having a false calculations can be catastrophic for your trucking company, you will spend more money than you really need to, for something that you don’t know about.

This spends in one frozen moment may not look scary but in annual review will be tons of money that you burned for absolutely nothing, nothing practical that will help your company to grow.

According to the market research 8% of all fuel in trucking companies is misused or in other words $1740 per month/truck or scary $20,000 for year/truck and for all the 15.5 million trucks driving across America and Canada this cost is more than $8.5 billion lost annually in fuel theft.

We live in a competitive age where we cannot afford making any mistakes, you have to try to be the best in the market and here are some tips to do that:

Tip #1: Install GPS in order to track optimal route and make sure drivers use the optimum route to drive

Going on the shorter route is one way to save time and fuel. You have to protect your trucks and other equipment when you have invested a lot of money into your company, one way to do that is to have real time mapping by using a GPS trucking system.

Be able to make a shorter route for the truck drivers and prevent your vehicles from misuse or from other activities that will cost your money, use GPS trucking to

  • Monitor driving behavior – if your drivers have bad driving behavior you have a problem not just for the sake of your vehicle like hard braking, rapid acceleration, speeding. You have to be aware for the Safety report of your company which is the most important for your company feature. Monitor your entire fleet of vehicles have a real-time tracking device and you will be able to supervise your truck drivers speed in a real time and have location updates every second.
  • Set a specific parameters in advance and have red flags from the system when this parameters are broken

missuse fuel 1Source: www.touchstargroup.com

  • Have a detailed reports to know where your vehicle has been or where it’s headed and how fast it travels
  • Better customer service – Make sure that your customers get the best possible service – make accurate estimates of arrival and departure times, having a real time info for the arrival of the load and delivery time is very important for your clients (being in the production industry is hard if you have a limited source or not have needed supplies for production at all)
  • Better routing and dispatching – GPS tracking provide you with better routing and dispatching and that reduce the road time and fuel usage
  • Some of the best GPS vehicle tracking systems have mapping features that allows you hybrid street/satellite views, zooming the way down to street level and also opportunity to get real-time traffic info, this features will help your driver to save time and fuel

In short version advantage of having a GPS trucking systems are:

  1. complete control over your fleet
  2. when customers call to ask where your truck is, in few second you can see the actual position of your vehicles
  3. you can alert your driver’s if their speed is too high
  4. no more updates in the vehicle log-book, with the automatic updates in the GPS software base you just need to submit and print to get a correct information’s about your truckers route
  5. no more calls to your drivers for location status update
  6. your driver does not need to answer phones while driving
  7. reduce cost and improve productivity
  8. GPS tracking software is your virtual ride-along

Your GPS system will track all starts and stops of the trucks or operating for extended driving periods or broken limited speed regulations, most off all your efficient service will keep your current customers happy, every new satisfied customer can be your future referral, keep your customers happy and they will be more likely to recommend you.

Tip #2: Use Fuel Card for fuel purchases to make sure you are paying the fuel on cheapest truck stops/gas stations.

When your drivers are out on the road, how do they pay for fuel?

  • commercial credit cards
  • cash …

Having a fuel card makes this process simple. With fuel card you have lower fuel price of actual pump price and this can help you with company expense budgeting. With low price for load and high price for fuel you have to make sure to receive the cheapest fuel for your business, so find the right discount fuel card for you.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

Using a commercial credit cards for fuel has disadvantages like

  • no control of your spend
  • not limited just for fuel usage
  • risk of abuse

Will I be satisfied with any fuel card? This is where you need to be careful, you have to choose wisely.

missuse fuel 2Source: www.dkv-euroservice.com

Fuel is one of your greatest operating cost, make sure to choose fuel card that is compatible with you routes because not every card covers every region you may drive through and of course this card will give you low price in the fuel market. Truck drivers use pump locator app to find nearest station where fuel card is acceptable.

Some fuel cards companies charge transaction fees every time you use a card or charge you if you don’t use your card, ask around to find the best one for your company.

Using a fuel card collects you useful data, because requires

  • driver ID number
  • truck number
  • odometer

Set a limit parameters to prevent your drivers to purchase fuel for other vehicles, setup gallon limits and time frame limits, receive automatic info after every purchase also every fuel card should be allocated to a particular vehicle.



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