Truck Drivers And Pets

Truck Drivers And Their Best (4-legs) Companions

We all know how pets can be lovable, they are friendly, loyal, easy to talk with and that makes them a great company, they deserve the title man’s best friend, but nobody knows that better than Truck drivers.


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In the nature of every human is to social with other people, how we will react if we were the last human on the earth? Nobody to interact with, nobody to talk with… OK that is not a case with the truck drivers but to be in a cabin 10hours or more per day with no companion is close enough. The best way to be with the friend all the time is to have a pet with you on the long road rides.

More than 60 percent of truck drivers in America have pets and more than 40 percent report traveling with these companions in their trucks. This is a big percent comparing with the total 45 percent pet ownership in America.

Why truck drivers love pets as their companions?

Trucking with a pet have positive and negative sides, however the positive ones always outweighs the negative. Can a furry passenger with you on the road make you happier?

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Care, cost and sometimes inconvenience are small price to pay for the happy moments with your buddy, we all love our pets like a family members and for the truckers that bond can be described like a bond that parent have with his child. Mutual need is something that make this relationship unbreakable.

Eating, sleeping, driving, walking, doing everything together every single day makes the long ride to be more interesting and long ours easier to go. However different species of animals have different needs, so make sure to choose pet that you will be able to take care of in the long driving ours.

When your pet becomes your “mobile” psychiatrist, fitness trainer and many more

Sitting in one place not having physical activities can do harm to your health, we all know that driving is not just taking the steering wheel in our hands it also requires full attention on the road especially for the truck drivers and that reason in most of the cases can cause stiffness and back pains.

Most of the truckers are used to drive every day until their miles are done but driving to many hours to achieve your destination should not be for cost of your health, if you are alone in your truck you can drive 6-10 hours without a stop but if your pet is your traveling buddy you will be forced to stop and walk with him in every 2-4 hours.

Should I bring my dog in the truck with me? If you forget or you want to delay your lunch your dog will alarm you that is time to make a break and that will force you to make daily schedule for both of you. Walking him and playing with him will keep you active.

Pets are providing good energy flow, just knowing that you are not alone can be relaxing. Having your pet face in your driving mirror gives you a positive vibe and it can reduce your stress level and improve your mental health.

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Effects of having a pet companion on the road:

  • lower loneliness levels
  • awesome alarm system
  • daily walks
  • regular meals
  • more exercise
  • people are more approachable

Some of the trucking companies have no-pet policies so, if you want to take your pet make sure to choose pet-friendly company.


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What is good for your pet is also good for you, having a pet friend with you on the road certainly makes you more responsible, many truck drivers have worries about secondhand smoke and to prevent their pet from this they quit smoking. Influence that your pet is having on you is nothing but good, makes you more

  • happier
  • healthier
  • it lower your blood pressure
  • reduce the risk for cardiovascular diseases

Here are some Trucking company pet policies:

  • trucking company can charge a refundable or non-refundable deposit to cover cleaning, repair or other fees
  • any additional cleaning or damage that a pet will cause in the truck will be charged from a drivers deposit or will be deducted from their paycheck
  • truckers should always have a document of their pets vaccination against rabies,  many states require Health Certificate in order to bring animals trough or into that state

What are best pets for long drives

In our homes we can have different types of pets, but can they all be truck companions in a limited space for a long time?

Most common pets are dogs and cats, but there are also truckers who take along snakes, rodents, ducks and birds. It is important to train your pet for the road, pets need to adjust to the space/truck and be able to go for a long period of time taking just a lunch breaks and bathroom breaks.

Your choice can be limited because many of the companies have restrictions for some types of pets.

Dogs and cats are suitable company because they have expressed emotions and can be a great replacement for human interaction. Humans have similar needs with dogs and cats like lunch time, sleeping time… and that makes them a good fit for traveling buddies, however their needs require some planning:
food and water – this is basic supply for truckers and also for the pets, there is suitable food that can be taken for every pet type and good thing is that this food is with long lasting date, but from

  • time to time you should change dry food with fresh food and fresh water should be a top priority especially in the Summer when dehydration can be a high health risk
  • It’s important to make your pet comfortable, if we all can be nervous when comfort is not a case animals can also be itchy, make sure you have proper comfortable bed for your pet to prevent irritable pet. Having own space provides them with some security
  • Check to see that your dog isn’t too hot or too cold – make a few checkups during the day
  • Make frequent stops for water and bathroom breaks – hydration and breaks are best for your pet
  • Exercise – play a little fetch to break up monotony of the drive, this is good for the pet but stretching, running, having a fresh air is also important for the truck drivers health
  • -Don’t leave them alone – you are his best friend or only friend and when you are not around he is scared, also be careful with leaving him alone – your pet/dog could potentially be stolen


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

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  • Always use leash – not just for the lаw, leash keeps your pet safe, dogs run around when they are outside and one second is enough to get ran over by a truck, 20 to 30 feet is plenty of length for the dog to run. Make sure the leash is on before you open the cab door
  • Training – It going to take some time to train your dog to get used to riding in the cabin. Before you take your dog for a long road ride take a few short rides and see how your pet will react in the space, make your cabin a familiar place for him. When your pet will become full time companion be prepared to have frequent stops and after a while traveling with your pet friend will be much easier


  • Be careful with your choice, it is easy to take care of a smaller pet, bigger pets like husky need a lot of exercise and driving all the time is not ideal condition for them. They need a lot of space and that cannot be provided in a cabin truck.

Most famous trucker pets on internet

Tammy Prop husband Steven is truck driver and he travels with their dog Riley, he says that having his dog with him on the road helps him to break the ice with other people he comes into contact through the driving time

Truck Drivers And Pets 3Source: www.

Barry Starr say that his dog Scrappy is a great company, he is a great source of exercise keeps him laughing a lot and he is awesome alarm system.



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