Truck Drivers And Pets

Truck Drivers And Their Best (4-legs) Companions

We all know how pets can be lovable, they are friendly, loyal, easy to talk with and that makes them a great company, they deserve the title man’s best friend, but nobody knows that better than Truck drivers.


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In the nature of every human is to social with other people, how we will react if we were the last human on the earth? Nobody to interact with, nobody to talk with… OK that is not a case with the truck drivers but to be in a cabin 10hours or more per day with no companion is close enough. The best way to be with the friend all the time is to have a pet with you on the long road rides.

More than 60 percent of truck drivers in America have pets and more than 40 percent report traveling with these companions in their trucks. This is a big percent comparing with the total 45 percent pet ownership in America.

Why truck drivers love pets as their companions?

Trucking with a pet have positive and negative sides, however the positive ones always outweighs the negative. Can a furry passenger with you on the road make you happier?

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Care, cost and sometimes inconvenience are small price to pay for the happy moments with your buddy, we all love our pets like a family members and for the truckers that bond can be described like a bond that parent have with his child. Mutual need is something that make this relationship unbreakable.

Eating, sleeping, driving, walking, doing everything together every single day makes the long ride to be more interesting and long ours easier to go. However different species of animals have different needs, so make sure to choose pet that you will be able to take care of in the long driving ours.

When your pet becomes your “mobile” psychiatrist, fitness trainer and many more

Sitting in one place not having physical activities can do harm to your health, we all know that driving is not just taking the steering wheel in our hands it also requires full attention on the road especially for the truck drivers and that reason in most of the cases can cause stiffness and back pains.



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