Truck Drivers Life

Truck Driver`s Life – Hitting The Endless Roads As Lifestyle

Truck driving is a career choice as any, but being a truck driver is more a lifestyle than a job. Being on the road for several weeks or months at time is not easy and not just for them but for their family and friends too.


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However the new technology enables them to be in contact with their families every day and makes this job easier than before.

Messaging and phone calls will allow every truck driver to be closer with the family especially that is important for first year drivers to fight feelings of homesickness.

Inability to be with the loved ones and participate in the daily life and family decisions at the time is the reason that makes this occupation hard and make the truck drivers to consider before applying for a job in the field.

But a truckers life is never bored

  • seeing new places
  • meeting new people
  • learning
  • life on the road is an adventure.

and the other job advantages

  • paid to travel
  • job security
  • work flexibility
  • fine paid job
  • life experience

More than 300 days per year in a truck – how that sounds?

Every truck driver must follow three maximum duty limits at all times.

  • They are the 14-hour “driving window” limit
  • 11-hour driving limit
  • 60-hour/7-day
  • and 70-hour/8-day duty limits

Most drivers are expected to cover 125,000 miles per year. That makes 2,500 miles a week and 500 miles a day, more than 300 days per year in a truck – what is your experience?

But if you are driver of a large, heavy truck, you have to be very responsible as you drive down the road. When you achieve the hours of service regulations you have to take a moment for rest and this is the reason to avoid  fatigued drivers on the public roadways, because always the biggest concern is safety.

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14-Hour driving window

This means that in daily bases you are allowed a 14  consecutive hours and this ours begins when you start any kind of work. Once you have reached the end of this hour limit you have to stop with driving until you reach 10 consecutive hours off duty.

Important is to remember that even if you had a small breaks for quick nap or lunch your driving is still limited to the 14-consecutive-hour period even

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The trucking industry has an impact on every other industry in the world. There are about 15.5 million trucks operating in the United States and annually trucking accounts for about 70% of all freight transported in the  US.

Is it pays off – what are average salaries for truck drivers.

Industry, location, company size, level of education, years of experience are the main factors that affects on the amount of the salary for someone with title Truck Driver.


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Truck drivers with less than five years experience earn around $40,000, and drivers with five to 10 years of experience earn a higher median of $42,000. With 10 to 20 years work experience, Tractor-Trailer Drivers make a median salary of $47,000.

After two decades on the job, the average pay in this group is $49,000.

Road pirates and other dangers on road – myths or real danger

There has been a lot of urban legends saying about pirates and all the other dangers that can be found all over the roads across the country. The latest data reports are saying that in general we are becoming more and more safe society. But there is some things you guys as a truck driver should be aware:

1. Gypsies – even though there is not a lot of the across the roads they may become a real threat if you misbehave to them. Being impolite is not the way to handle a situation when you hit a group of these people. Be cool and save your truck and personal belongings.

2. Pirates – I would say that these is not the case at all. At least we can be fortunate in USA that we are not the part of some third world countries that are exposed to these kind of threats. So yeah – please don’t worry nobody will hijack your truck and you inside of it. It would be cool if that can be performed by some good looking lady but you are not that lucky.

3. Thieves – unfortunately they are the [art of society that are quite often to meet on most of the truck stops and gas stations. Please be careful when leaving the truck unattended on a dark part of the truck stop. There is a huge possibility that you can end up with siphoned fuel or stolen personal belongings.

You have to be aware that when you are on the road there is always a chance that from time to time you will confront road obstacles. Full attention is the more important for every driver especially for truck drivers who have a loaded vehicle in their control, to avoid this dangers on road and to prevent your self and the other drivers from accidents.

There are also other dangers on road like:

  • Road cracks – they can be in the middle or on the edge of the road however be careful with this ones, they can slide your truck and cause a panic to the drivers that are passing by.
  • Road Holes – are the parts of the road when sometimes you are noticing them when it is too late and when you taste the hit for a second you can lose the stability on your vehicle or much worst to permanently lose the stability of your truck which is the worst case scenario.
  • Ice on the road\Black Ice – winter maybe is the most dangerous time of the year because snow or the ice are enemy’s for every stability that we have, we all know that driving on the dry road and driving on the road full with snow or ice is not same, not even far away. Be aware prepare your truck for winter driving, lower your speed, check the: belts, defroster, cooling system, antifreeze, make sure you have winter tires, a scraper, shovel, clear your windows, use your brakes carefully and slow down. Your obligation is to do everything you can to prevent your self from any catastrophe.
  • Slow Moving Vehicles – don’t rush unless you have a full view to overtake

Personal and social life – is it possible at all?

Truckers are an crucial part of the economy and development of other industries; they deliver goods and materials over land, manufacturing facilities, and distribution hubs.



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