Truck Drivers Life

Truck Driver`s Life – Hitting The Endless Roads As Lifestyle

Truck driving is a career choice as any, but being a truck driver is more a lifestyle than a job. Being on the road for several weeks or months at time is not easy and not just for them but for their family and friends too.


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However the new technology enables them to be in contact with their families every day and makes this job easier than before.

Messaging and phone calls will allow every truck driver to be closer with the family especially that is important for first year drivers to fight feelings of homesickness.

Inability to be with the loved ones and participate in the daily life and family decisions at the time is the reason that makes this occupation hard and make the truck drivers to consider before applying for a job in the field.

But a truckers life is never bored

  • seeing new places
  • meeting new people
  • learning
  • life on the road is an adventure.

and the other job advantages

  • paid to travel
  • job security
  • work flexibility
  • fine paid job
  • life experience

More than 300 days per year in a truck – how that sounds?

Every truck driver must follow three maximum duty limits at all times.

  • They are the 14-hour “driving window” limit
  • 11-hour driving limit
  • 60-hour/7-day
  • and 70-hour/8-day duty limits

Most drivers are expected to cover 125,000 miles per year. That makes 2,500 miles a week and 500 miles a day, more than 300 days per year in a truck – what is your experience?



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