Truck Drivers And Pets

Truck Drivers And Their Best (4-legs) Companions

Most of the truckers are used to drive every day until their miles are done but driving to many hours to achieve your destination should not be for cost of your health, if you are alone in your truck you can drive 6-10 hours without a stop but if your pet is your traveling buddy you will be forced to stop and walk with him in every 2-4 hours.

Should I bring my dog in the truck with me? If you forget or you want to delay your lunch your dog will alarm you that is time to make a break and that will force you to make daily schedule for both of you. Walking him and playing with him will keep you active.

Pets are providing good energy flow, just knowing that you are not alone can be relaxing. Having your pet face in your driving mirror gives you a positive vibe and it can reduce your stress level and improve your mental health.

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Effects of having a pet companion on the road:

  • lower loneliness levels
  • awesome alarm system
  • daily walks
  • regular meals
  • more exercise
  • people are more approachable

Some of the trucking companies have no-pet policies so, if you want to take your pet make sure to choose pet-friendly company.



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