Fuel misuse

Learn These 7 Secret Tips to Prevent Fuel Misuse

Be sure to do everything that depends of you to prevent your company finances from misuse, using fuel cards is start to do that.

Tip #3: Check the mechanical status of your truck so that you are sure that you are not losing money because the truck is broken

Your truck have to be in perfect condition to avoid unnecessary fuel cost. You will prolong your truck life if you treat it in a proper way with proper maintenance on a regular schedule, if this is not a case you can burn up 30% more fuel.

  • Corroded battery cables – if you have this problem your alternator will be forced  to work harder, using more gas.
  • Change the air filter more frequently especially if you drive in dusty areas
  • Have a regular engine check-up – you cannot overdo with the engine check ups
  • Use A/C when it is necessary – air conditioner is one of the biggest drains when it comes to engine power and it can increase fuel consumption up to 5-20% because of the extra load on the engine

Advice: Let the air flow through ventilation, or when you have to turn on air condition do not over cool, try to keep the cab temperature to be comfortable not cold

  • Make your vehicle more aerodynamic – if you have broken windows in your truck or windows that cannot be fully rolled up you have to fix them. Driving with defective windows allows the air to flow over your body and the inside of the cabin and this will cause slower speed and pressure on your truck
  • Eliminate unnecessary weight – every unnecessary weight affects on the fuel consumption

missuse fuel 3Source: www.truckzone.ae

Keep your truck in perfect condition not just to save fuel and money also for your safety and safety of others around you.

Tip #4: Make sure tire pressure is according to the instructions. Low tire pressure can increase fuel consumption up to 5%

Under-inflated tires burn more fuel because of the rolling resistance, even one underinflated tire can cut 5% of your fuel economy if pressure is below the proper inflation level, keep the truck tires inflated to the correct pressure.

Tip #5: Idling time can increase your fuel consumption. Have GPS installed that can monitor and alarm you if idling times are too long

When you have to pull off the road don’t let the vehicle idle more than a 30 second, pumping of CO2 into the atmosphere compared with restarting the engine is much higher idling also consumes half a gallon to one gallon of fuel per hour.

Unnecessary idling wastes fuel and money, take your time but turn off your engine and restart again when you are done.

As I mentioned before, using a GPS tracking system will open a world of possibilities it will allow you to review the data’s and you will be able to control your truck drivers behavior.

Tip #6: Make sure your drivers are not driving aggressively. Monitor their behavior trough advanced telemetric systems and train them to drive more careful and safe.

Safety regulations and consequences laying on the owner shoulders, this is one reason why owners want to monitor truck drivers behavior and train them to drive more careful and safe. Many companies have different approaches when it comes to this question.


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Beside GPS system there is other programs for monitoring, some of them monitor more than 100 driving maneuvers and alert drivers if there is unsafe handling such as hard braking or any sudden movements with LED display in the cabin.

  • green light for save maneuver
  • yellow for unsafe and
  • red for danger move

System records video from inside and in front of the truck that’s why many of the truckers have issue with inside monitoring, most of the long-haul truckers eat, sleep in their cabins and this may be a concern for the privacy.

However this information’s are crucial for driver coaching or training. In this way fleet manager can focus on the riskiest drivers or driving behaviors.

Tip #7: Fuel Quality on some truck stops can be questionable. Try filling trucks on the recommended and trusted gas stations and truck stops in order to insure that your truck is getting the best fuel.

Is it save to fill your truck tank on every gas station?  Every driver knows that fuel from two fuel stops can affects your vehicle differently, cheaper fuel at first seems like a good choice but you are risking not proper burning, larger amounts of fuel will be needed to move your truck and after calculations you may end up with spending more.

Reduce consumption more than 5%, use the right fuel with chemical additives that clean the intake valves of the engine, injection nozzles and lubricates the upper piston ring. and this will help you to save more than $500 per month.

Poor engine oil – if you use the wrong motor oil with wrong viscosity grade the engine pistons and other moving parts will move less freely and this will surely affects on the fuel economy, so try to find suitable oil for your vehicle.


Fuel misuse is a big problem in trucker companies especially because this is the main source to keep your company running. Your company is your baby you raise and hope that will become better and bigger, do everything to keep it healthy and make sure is safe. Prevent your company of any theft or misuse, find the system that works best for you and your employees, because when you have the facts you are in better position to act properly.




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