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5 Secret Reasons to Have Electronic Gadgets in Truck Cabin

Technology in the past few years goes up rapidly this entails many technical advantages for human raise. Life is easier when we have big fleet of gadgets in our homes and some of them found a place in truckers cabs.

Not having all the space and appliances that we have in our homes can be hard for all of us, but imagine how hard is this for truck drivers. Fortunately the tech gives substitute for major household appliances with smaller ones that are compatible with the constraints of space and truck conditions.

Having gadgets speeds up the time

Can we survive without our precious gadgets? We all dependents of our electrical devices, if god forbids we do not have our tablets or phones we can easily loose our meaning of live, it looks like it is the end of the world.

But this gadgets are more important for the truck drivers, they are loners on the road and in this way they have a chance to be with a virtual company.

When you are at the end of the day, finished with your ride – take a bear, sit and watch your favorite entertaining show or a sitcom and trust me you will be relaxed and ready for the next day adventure.

Escord mobileTV

At the end of the day you can relax watching TV on your tablet, or mobile with MobileTV help. This adapter gadget requires no Wi-Fi, you need a free app and MobileTV receiver.

1 gadget Escord mobileTVSource: www.crutchfield.com

Gadget can help you relax better

While driving you can use some of the gadgets that can make your ride more easier and more safer, replace some of your manual task with the gadget that can do that for you, find gadget that will reduce your tasks.

Keeping yourself more relaxed on the road will prevent you from chronic fatigue and you will be as new the next day

Garmin fleet management

This is portable GPS unit that makes your driving much easier allowing truck drivers to track activity and driving status on long term, one of the best Garmin GPS units is dēzlCam LMTHD with built-in Dash Cam and with this device you are getting:

  • 1. great hardware
  • 2. new all in one trucking navigator plus dash cam
  • 3. on screen guidance will provide you info about the latest road conditions ahead, quick and easy way to find points of interest important for every truck driver
  • 4. simple time management for trucking your ours and status with fuel usage recorder

2 gadget Garmin fleet managementSource: www.sites.garmin.com

  • 5. on screen guidance will provide you info about the latest road conditions ahead, quick and easy way to find points of interest important for every truck driver
  • 6. simple time management for tracking your driving hours and status with fuel usage recorder
  • 7. real-time driving information
  • 8. works with smart phone link app
  • 9. spoken directions using recognizable landmarks, buildings and traffic lights
  • 10. see behind your truck when reversing with wireless back up camera, this option is pretty useful to prevent you from accidents and will help you to minimize the risk of blind zone
  • 11. customized truck routing will help you to find the most efficient route for your truck dimensions ( height, weight, length, width ) and it will alert you for the conditions that you might find along the way

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Smart Fuel Cap

This is one of the latest inventions, one of the most practical device build to prevent your fuel from fuel theft or fuel misuse. Relax and let this awesome smart fuel cap do the fuel protection for you. This is mast have devise in every truck company.

4 gadget Smart Fuel CapSource: www.fueloyal.com

Here are some of the features:

1. easy to install, no need of installation team (remove your factory fuel cap and replace it with the Smart fuel cap )

2. you can install this gadget in 30 seconds

3. it feats on all trucks

4. no fuel tank modifications

5. no connections to the truck cabin

6. integrated software will alarm you in the real time if someone is trying to remove the cap from the fuel tank

7. correct refueling information at the moment

8. same fuel cap you can remove and install it on other truck (in case you want to sell your truck and by a new one)

9. will prevent your fuel from thieves wile you truck is left unattended

10. will save you time for additional calculations and most important it will save you money

FRX3 – American Red Cross

If you are on the road and you need compact multifunctional device that is easy to store, useful for emergencies and disasters, FRX3 – American Red Cross is the right gadget for you.

5 gadget FRX3 - American Red CrossSource: www.etoncorp.com

1. Power up in multiple ways – This emergency kit have solar panel and hand turbine power generator which makes is life saver in the most extreme situations. Couple of AAA batteries can be also a power supply.

2. Automatic alert – When the alert option is ON integrated radio will automatically will broadcast emergency weather dangers in your nearby area like tornadoes, hurricanes, storms the point is that you will stay on alert and well connected in any time in any place.


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3. AM/FM radio – weather band AM/FM/NOAA digital radio will keep you up to date and with AUX input you will be able to play your own tunes and also has earphone connector.

4. Led flashlight – when you need a light you can power up integrated Led flashlight in your FRX3 – American Red Cross

5. USB Smartphone charger – use this gadget with unlimited power to charge your phone

The Relaxor Massager

This creations offers you ability to have a massage while you driving, also it has hot stone features which will warm your back, this can be great on the winter cold days. This massager comes with 8 individual massage motors and you can choose 3 or 4 massage zones that suits for you.

6 gadget The Relaxor MassagerSource: www.relaxor.com

Are you ready to be a truck driver in the 21 century? This gadgets makes truck driving more efficient more safe and even more fun and this are the latest must-have gadgets for truck drivers

CG-Lock CG001 Seatbelt Stabilizer

Seatbelts are big part of everyday driving and this CG lock will give few major benefits for you. There is no modification of the original seatbelt just clip it to your existing and you can easy install it for few minutes. This are few of the benefits:

7 gadget CG-Lock CG001 Seatbelt StabilizerSource: www.coolpile.com

1. holds your hips back for proper position



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