2 gadget Garmin fleet management

5 Secret Reasons to Have Electronic Gadgets in Truck Cabin

2. prevents you from slouching

3. improved car control

4. less back pains

5. gives you better driving control


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This gadget will give you feeling of security while you are on the road and your original factory seatbelt will turn into a safer and comfortable performance.

Lubricheck Motor Oil Tester

Instantly know if your oil is contaminated or worn out and needs changing, check and change your oil for contamination, it works almost on all fuels. This is alternative tool and it works just like blood tester.

8 gadget Lubricheck Motor Oil TesterSource: www.lubricheck.com

Lubricheck also detects drops in oil quality caused by system corruption like coolant leaks, water. Having this information in early phase will prevent your truck from bigger problems and will save you money for repairs.

Great gadgets can be great assistance for preparing delicious meals

Your health is the most important thing in the world, be your own chef and learn how to prepare a delusions meals, your choice of food and recipes with proper gadget is practically limitless.

RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove

Make a meal or het up your sandwich with this handy portable stove. Temperature can be up to 300 degrees F , 144 watts (12amps)

9 gadget heat stoveSource: www.roadproonthego.com


Outside: 10.5″ L x 7″ W x 7 3/4″ H
Inside 9″ L x 4 3/4″ W x 2″ D (plus another 2″ in the top)

Portable mini fridge cooler and warmer

This is a portable mini fridge cooler and warmer. Hot and cold switch makes this fridge double useful. If you have a hot beverage and you want to stay warm you can use the hot switch and opposite for the cold drinks.


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This gadget is very practical for your truck you can easily plug it to your cigarette lighter or if you want to take it to your room you can plug it on the wall plug.

10 gadget Portable mini fridge cooler and warmerSource: www.hongkiat.com

For the truck drivers who want to enjoy the taste of good and fresh cup of coffee I am giving you great gadget proposal.

Hand press auto ESE electrical espresso machine

With this portable coffee machine you can make your espresso in a second, power up to your car cigarette lighter add water and coffee, press the button and you are done, it is that simple. Enjoy it.

12 gadget Hand press auto ESE electrical espresso machineSource: www.handpresso.com

Gadgets will help you stay close to your loved ones

Keeping everyday contact with your family is crucial for you and your loved ones happiness, this will make you closer to your family decisions and although you are far away you steel will be active family member and you can keep a track of everything home

Bluetooth-Enabled CB Radios

Most important thing in the long rides is truck to truck communication and to do that you need CB Radio, but having CB radio with future characteristics will make you hard core rode cowboy.

Cobra 29 LX BT CB radio comes with complete Bluetooth capabilities

1. text to speech
2. caller ID
3. 24 hour emergency weather alerts

11 gadget Bluetooth-Enabled CB Radios 2

Source: www.cobra.com

Your phone calls can be synchronized with your mobile phone. Having a hands free CB radio with future characteristics will make you hard core rode cowboy.

Keep and monitor your health with Tech Assistance

When we are in the woods little swiss army knife can save our live and our smart phones like multifunctional devices are saving our lives every day.

With the right adds it can monitor your health and to keep tabs on your health. This not mean that you should stop going on the regular doctor checkups, you can use this advantages like additional option.

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Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

One of the interesting phone gadgets, it measures your blood pressure and heart rate.

1. automatically saves the data
2. access to your history at any time
3. multiple profiles

13 gadget Smart Blood Pressure MonitorSource: www.withings.com


We are all fans of gadgets with functions that makes our lives easier to manage, easier to go through our daily tasks.

Manual work with this electronic tools is becoming a past, with high speed we are approaching to a new era with faster electronic instruments, bigger memory, compressed multi functionality and all that in one device. How cool is this?



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