Learn 7 Exclusive Skills Every Driver Needs to Have

Driver licenses – Truck drivers must follow the state statutes and laws of drivers licensing. Earn the CDL-A driving license for heavy truck or tractor trailers and CDL-B license for driving strait trucks.


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Rest for drivers – you have to know this regulations (hours of service) to know how long you are permitted to drive without taking a break

  • 14-hour “driving window” limit
  • 11-hour driving limit
  • 60-hour/7-day
  • and 70-hour/8-day duty limits

Weight limitations – maximum weight the truck can haul is determined by the size of the truck. Overloading your truck is dangerous thing to do

  • Single axle truck – 20,000 pounds
  • Two-axle truck – 34,000 pounds
  • Gross vehicle weight – 80,000 pounds

Length and width standards – be sure you are not breaking this state regulations
maximum overall vehicle length

  • trailer length
  • vehicle width
  • vehicle high

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires your paper logs to be current through the last duty status change.
You must record everything you do try the day for the all day. Required information’s:

  • Your name
  • Driver license number
  • Accreditation number
  • Fatigue management option
  • Date and day of week
  • Time zone (driver base)
  • Work and rest hours
  • Number plate
  • Daily Odometer reading
  • Main office address (corporate address)
  • Home terminal (address the driver dispatches from)
  • Paper log must include your signature
  • According to federal law your log must be turned in to your motor carrier within 13 days
  • Correctly spelled city names
  • For driving multiple pieces of equipment in one day you must list every piece of equipment on the paper log

Learn how to rest and turn off all the things that can distract you

Find the best way that suits for you. From some experts if we make something at the same time every day we can program our brain to go through a given route.

This can be very useful for your sleeping, go to bed few days in the same time, you may have some problems to fall asleep first few days but if you are persistent this technique can make your life easier. Learn your body to a routine.

  • do not consume caffeine before you go to bed
  • avoid watching TV or surfing the Net


Being on the open road, taking care of yourself and your truck It can be a big task, that is why every skill you will learn will help you to solve any obstacle on the open road, it will help you to save time to make better schedules to live healthier.

Make your life much easier, be open to new possibilities and be prepared even at the more difficult situations.



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