10 Important Facts About Truck Air Brakes

Before you slam on your truck air brakes, you might want to read this first! I have said it many times before and will continue to do so. Being a truck driver; choosing the endless roads as a lifestyle and being part of the trucking industry is a great experience.

There are so many aspects related to this career field that you simply can’t find anywhere else! Oh sure it isn’t always peaches and cream, but what is? So what are some of the good things about being an OTR Driver?

  • Independence, traveling the open road and setting your own basic schedule
  • Interaction, you get to interact with people from all over the country
  • Freedom, not being stuck dealing with lots of people or office politics

Not everyone is cutout for this lifestyle. Neither all those things are bad. There are many people who really enjoy working around all the different personalities. Some thrive and excel in that environment, and that too is great.

10 Key Points regarding Truck Air Brakes
Source: www.proctorcars.com

What is the downside to the trucking? -Well besides ever changing laws and regulations, operating in all types of weather, other drivers and to be honest there are other things, but, that is true for every industry.



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