Ultimate Guide: 10 Secret Steps How to Buy Truck Exhaust


Truck exhaust, as a part of overall maintenance, is one of the important truck parts that cannot be overlooked. Like with everything else this age (and over the last decades) the technology has greatly improved. The truck exhaust has become much more advanced and sophisticated. Of course there are some differences between some exhausts manufacturers and the different systems available.


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In one short article I can’t possibly cover all the available truck exhausts systems that can be found on the market today. The shear numbers of models and designs are endless! Rather than that I’d like to share some thoughts, ideas and tips on how to find and buy the right model of truck exhaust for your truck.

Ultimate Guide 10 Steps How to Buy Truck Exhaust
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Hopefully this will be beneficial for all of you OTR drivers and/or company owners. I know you’ve managed to get a lot of experience over the years of driving or operating trucks; this is not something that you will need a 101 lesson on it!

But, for those of you who are relatively new in the trucking business or didn’t have a lot of miles under your belt, this might be of help. I will try to explain, as good as I can, the importance of good truck exhaust and what to look at when you need to buy one.

Anyone who has worked in the trucking industry knows there are many aspects to this industry. Some of them are obvious while others are not. Besides the legal side (federal, state, and local) and other issues that can arise with being in this type of business, there are the numerous rules and regulations that you need to follow and apply on a daily bases. We can’t forget there are a big number of other concerns that again can make a big hassle, if it’s overlooked and not given an importance and properly handled on time.

Ultimate Guide 10 Steps How to Buy Truck Exhaust
Source: www.ferrotektruckequipment.com

We already touched base on the different truck body parts like truck lights and trailer lights, truck horn, the importance of choosing the right item for your truck, the right trailer tires, best truck tires, even the right mattress for your truck bed. Yes, it might look silly to you right at this moment but this all has a big impact later. It can be hard to see everything, but sometimes you need to think about even the smallest details when you are creating the big picture.

So, as a truck driver you have to always be ready, well equipped and prepared when you are about to hit the road. You might be surprised, but every little piece and part of your truck could be of equal importance, more than you can ever imagine! You probably are wondering by now how truck exhaust can be such an important part of truck equipment.

Well perhaps as we go over these 10 useful tips on how, when and where to buy truck exhaust, it will be clear.

Ultimate Guide 10 Steps How to Buy Truck Exhaust
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1. Truck Exhaust Basics

The main functions and purpose of the exhaust system is to assist cylinder scavenging, reduce excessive engine noise, and to eliminate noxious gases. It also cuts exhaust heat, and basically releases the gases safely to atmosphere.

The main functions of the exhaust system is:

  1. It gets hot exhaust (gas, fumes, burn residue) from the engine to the tailpipe
  2. ‘Scrubs’ the exhaust, safely removing most the harmful pollutants
  3. It muffles or reduces the noise pollution caused by the engine

When checking your truck in a shop or on your own make sure the exhaust doesn’t have any leaks. The leak can come from anywhere, the engine compartment or from the pipe itself. Of course the wind can blow around and cause you to smell it a little, but if you’re parked and smell it, double check. There are clues and signs that you might have an issue or a problem in the near future. If the exhaust system rattles, if it sputters a little, if dark smoke is seen (this can be an indication of other more serious issues), so please alarm yourself and check it on time.

Ultimate Guide 10 Steps How to Buy Truck Exhaust
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2. Now, let’s address the Environmental Issues.

Remember even ‘cleaned’ exhaust fumes are still poisonous. The system is designed to release everything away from the passenger compartments. You don’t want it in there! Everyone knows, or should know, carbon monoxide is deadly.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC has a big section on this topic.

You don’t want to be in confined places, nor do you want a leak somewhere in the exhaust system. If the exhaust gets into the passenger cabin it will make you very sick, perhaps even kill you. You’ll know it is in your cab if you smell the exhaust. First, roll down the windows; next you will need to get it checked right away!

Ultimate Guide 10 Steps How to Buy Truck Exhaust
Source: www.ferrotektruckequipment.com

It isn’t the smell that causes the issues; the exhaust waste contains many pollutants and small particulates. The catalytic converter is designed to scrub some of these bad substances before being released. Of course, diesel engine vehicles are designed with systems to clean and remove the excessive waste. However, catalytic converters don’t last forever, they tend break down and will eventually need to be replaced. This is one the key parts that must be replaced as needed, but they are expensive. It is highly recommended to keep your air filters and oil changed regularly.

Ultimate Guide 10 Steps How to Buy Truck Exhaust
Source: www.americantruckchrome.com

3. Where an you Find Truck Exhaust Systems?

Like buying anything else, there are many options available to you to purchase a truck exhaust. Keep in mind though; this isn’t like buying a replacement mirror or new tires. No, a truck exhaust system is very special and designed for particular models of truck. They aren’t like mirrors that can be attached to any vehicle, if you have the tools. They also required installation by a certified mechanic, unless you really trust your skills with a wrench.

Another thing about exhaust systems, you don’t just pick them up at any store; you shouldn’t buy a used truck exhaust, you want them new. Any mechanic’s shop that services commercial vehicles should have them. It is always best to call ahead to make sure they service your model truck. Before they start to work on your truck make sure the truck exhaust is actually in stock. If not find out how long it will take to arrive.

Ultimate Guide 10 Steps How to Buy Truck Exhaust
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