OTR Drivers JobOTR Drivers Job - All You Need To Know Before Starting a Career

OTR Drivers Job: All You Need To Know When Starting a Career

Over the road driver is the is spending most of his time on the road, away from home, covering hundreds of miles every day.


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That’s just one fact that makes this job among the toughest in trucking industry. Other things include irregular eating and sleeping (often in their trucks) and catching up to 11 hours of driving on the road.

However, OTR driver is also the one who gets to see so many parts of the country, enjoys the great entertainment on the truck stops, meets other drivers and many interesting people.

Personally, I think there are lot of prejudice and misconceptions about truckers, and especially OTR truck drivers.

That’s why in this article, I tried to gather all the useful information you will want to know if you’re considering becoming an OTR truck driver.

You will also find daily routine from actual driver, some stuff from trucking companies related to this theme and more.

Hopefully, you’ll have a clearer picture what it means to be OTR truck driver.

Let’s start.

OTR Truck Drivers Routine

As much as unpredictable life on the road is, you will eventually find some sort of daily routine including checking a route for the day, weather conditions and traffic alerts.



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