Delivery Driver Job Description And Money You Can Make

Were you looking at the job announcements and was just a little curious about the delivery driver job description. Why even consider a career as a delivery driver? As life progresses we often find ourselves in a cross roads, what is the next step in the career world? Not everyone is cutout for the standard […]

Discover How To Find Best Owner Operator Trucking Job

Everything we have at our home like food, clothes, household items at some point has been on a truck “If you got it, a trucker brought it.”, that is why transportation industry is one of the most stable industries in the economy. Truck drivers were and will be the key players in a successful supply […]

OTR Drivers Job: All You Need To Know When Starting a Career

Over the road driver is the is spending most of his time on the road, away from home, covering hundreds of miles every day. That’s just one fact that makes this job among the toughest in trucking industry. Other things include irregular eating and sleeping (often in their trucks) and catching up to 11 hours […]