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7 Reasons Why Freight Brokers are Actually Evil

In today’s business world there are numerous factors affecting the trucking industry. We have touched on several of these in the past.

We are all well aware of the obvious concerns and things such as rising maintenance costs, unpredictable fuel costs, uncontrollable weather patterns, ever changing laws and regulations, and even industry competition.

Some of these we understand, might not like them, but we can understand them. They are the necessary factors that one must deal with, and every industry, regardless what field they conduct business in, have to deal with similar factors.

Larger companies find it easier to absorb some of these costs. It is not as easy for the smaller companies. But one thing is true, regardless of size, the cost are passed onto the customer.

But, there is an issue in the trucking world which has been debated, the freight brokers. What they actually do to the overall industry and how their actions affect not just your company but everyone.

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Before we go into why many consider them to be bad, perhaps even evil, let’s explain what they are, what they do, or more likely what they are supposed to do. And why they have grown into an entity all their own. They are actually part of the reason that these other costs have increased.



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