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Top 10 Amazing Monster Truck Show Events In USA

Though, racing and sporting events were popular it wasn’t until after World War II when Americans really took pride in their vehicles. The trucking industry events were no different either. People began to add features, and modify their rides. Thus entered the age of the monster truck!

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Some would say the ultimate display of Americans love for their vehicles really hit center stage in the 1970’s. Just a few years later saw the rise of these monster trucks! Who hasn’t seen Bigfoot roll over a line of cars? And even sit excited when your favorite truck rolls out onto the field?

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This has grown into a culture all its own with the formation of the Monster Truck Racing Association (MTRA), in 1988. Even now the United States Hot Rod Association (USHRA) still maintains the monster trucks as their main attraction!

Just like any truck show, car show, or related event there are numerous monster truck rallies and events all across The United States and Canada. These range from small family events at the local fair to mega-events at sold out stadiums. People of all ages still come to watch the pulls, the races, the smashes, and the crashes.

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If you choose to go to any of these events always check the websites for times and locations. Sometimes the information can change without notice. And the last thing you want to do is plan a month ahead, take a week off work, pack the family up, drive for 14 hours, only to find out it has been sold out.



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