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50 Hidden Things To Check Before Buying Used Flatbed Trailer

Buying a Flatbed trailer takes a lot of resources such as time and money we need to invest into getting one so it is definitely worth to invest some time into getting the right one. Choosing the best trailer for you and your company can save a lot of money and time for you.


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In the previous articles I was writing how getting a flatbed trailer can increase the profitability of your trucking business and over all this can be a big step forward for any trucking company.

Of course like most of the things that have some advantages this type of trucking business has some not so good things or I would even say not bad things but it has some obstacles to bypass such us equipment and drivers. To be in this kind of business you need well trained drivers that are capable and have experience to handle most demanding project and freights.

Flatbed Trailer Details That Matter

Handling a load in difficult conditions such as small maneuver space, expensive loads and equipment, tight deadlines and much more requires really experienced people that in nowadays challenging economic times is not an easy task to do.

In this article I would like to focus my attention to write about the equipment. This part of trucking business and especially in flatbed trailers can increase you productivity, shorten pick up and delivery times, increase safety and make your drivers easy to handle the loads.

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For that reason we created a list of the thing you should take a closer look when buying a flatbed trailer and avoid some expensive situations in the future.

  1. Check the conditions of trailer tires
  2. Check to see is it extended or fix flatbed trailer
  3. See the maximum load weight allowance
  4. Material determines the prices so see is it aluminum or steel
  5. Trailer brand might be important – please check the best brand for your company
  6. Check if all the tires are replaced at the same time
  7. Visually inspect to see are all tires the same brand
  8. See what is the status of wheels – are they too rusty?
  9. Are all back lights working properly?
  10. Are the lights all the same manufacturing year
  11. Try to see if the trailer was a part of traffic accident
  12. Check the actual year of production
  13. Check the papers to see do they match the actual trailer
  14. See if the back lights are not damaged
  15. Check to see if there is water inside cab lights
  16. Take a detail look of the back lights if they are in LED technique
  17. Check the condition of flatbed straps
  18. Check to see if the trailer is equipped with winch straps
  19. Determine if the trailer has a ratchet straps
  20. Are the chains for fixing loads on board?
  21. Is flatbed trailer equipped with trailer tarp?
  22. Ask to see if they can provide you with trailer corners
  23. Check will you get the safety flags with flatbed trailer
  24. Trailer winches are important – see will you get them for free?
  25. Tire chains are important during winter – get the before starts snowing
  26. Get Bungee Cord to help you fix your load
  27. Rubber rope is really helpful in dealing with non-standardized loads
  28. Rubber tarp is some way easier to use compared to rubber rope.
  29. Headache rack can be really helpful in case os hard braking – get it to increase safety.
  30. Get back fenders and protect the load from dust and dirt
  31. Oversize load signs are mandatory when carried huge loads – get them in advance
  32. Safety flag magnet can save you a hundred backs if you get it with trailer instead of buying
  33. Oversize vinyl load signs are mandatory too so get them to avoid penalty
  34. Increase safety and get wide right turn flatbed trailer signs
  35. Cargo net is something that is mandatory so get in advance and increase safety
  36. Pull straps are crucial in most times – buy them and increase efficiency
  37. Choose the tarp that suits you best – lumber or steel?
  38. Which tarp color (blue, red, black) you choose depends of the loads you drive
  39. Have a rope inside of the cabin – you never know when you might need it
  40. Purchase orange led beacon lights to increase visibility
  41. Put led warning lights all over trailer
  42. Use E-Truck cargo system to secure the load
  43. Have cargo webbing in case you need it to secure loads
  44. If loading some special loads – truck loading net could be a great protection
  45. Get orange traffic cones to secure the delivery and pick up spot
  46. Buy and Always wear orange safety vest
  47. Always wear protective hat or helmet
  48. If you think of carrying cars get car carrier fixing rubber
  49. Get few buckles extra – always good piece of equipment to have
  50. Tool box might be a good idea since in most cases you need some tools to fix load

I know that by now there is some things you already forget but believe despite this list may seem huge at this very moment after just reading it – it is important to pay attention to all those details that can change and improve flatbed trailer operations.

What is the cost of flatbed trailer equipment?

Considering that in trucking business nothing is cheap and that this is a kind of business requires a lot of money to run flatbed trailer additional equipment is not expensive. What I mean that is not expensive is that for around $2.000 you can get most of the items from that list and equip your trailer to be ready for any distance load.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

Prices vary and range from few bucks for safety flag or cone all the way up to few hun-dred dollars for cargo protective nets but step by step or month by month you can get everything what you need. Most of these items can be found on sales so if you are not in a hurry maybe it would be a good idea to wait for few weeks and save a lot of money.

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Another thing I would like to point is the quality of wide range of different vendors and manufacturers. On the market you can find a lot of different suppliers but the quality is extremely questionable and by selecting cheap products at the end you could be paying more than you are supposed to if you bought the good products at first place.



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