truck driver shortage

Exclusive Tips How to Hire the Best Truck Drivers in USA

The competition is ruthless on everything related to trucking industry. Getting good drivers is not exception. In fact, it’s probably the hardest thing in business.

Is it even possible to get great drivers anymore? It’s not easy like it used to be, but yes it is. Not in traditional ways though.

But, let’s not jump to conclusions. It would be better to analyse this issue first, and then see what can we do about it.

That’s why I will briefly introduce the problem of drivers shortage in trucking industry, before showing the path to the truck drivers. Later on you can check useful tips about organizing the interview with your potential drivers, as well as the questions to prepare for it.

Let’s start.

Truck Driver Shortage

No matter if you are starting a trucking business or you are 10+ years in the industry, you always want to hire a great drivers. The problem is shortage of truck drivers in general.

This didn’t come suddenly. A lack of trucker drivers in USA is an issue for over a decade.

However, the number is rapidly increasing, and by the end of this year, truck driver shortage will be over 70.000 in USA.



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