trucking industry in USA

Expert Tips How To Start a Successful Trucking Business

Trucking business is a big cake and you want piece of it. Your determination is great, but unfortunately not nearly enough.

There are many things to be considered before starting your own trucking company. Dealing with competition, costs and cash flow is something you’ll get on regularly basis. Other struggles will come along the way.

Can you manage all this and is it worth it?


But firstly, increase your knowledge about the industry, legal issues, and some other bits and pieces.

Let’s begin.

Trucking industry in USA

Shipping industry is huge. The extract from ATA reports for 2014 will give you the idea:

  • In USA, more than 68,8 % of all freight transportation, is done through motor carriers
  • Almost 10 billions tons of freight are transported by trucks
  • Motor carriers got 80% From all transport mode revenue, which is around $700 billion

To get the wider picture, look at the snippet of uShip’s infographic about trucking industry in USA referring to 2013.

Trucking Industry in USA

American Truckers Association’s Truck Tonnage Index is probably the best measure for shipping activity. It shows gross tonnage of goods or cargo shipped through motor carriers.



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