How To Choose the Best Fuel Anti-Theft SolutionHow To Choose the Best Fuel Anti-Theft Solution

Who Should Use Smart Fuel Cap and Save $950 Truck/Month?

Who Should Use Smart Fuel Cap?

As you probably realized by now Fueloyal developed smart Fuel Cap that prevents fuel misuse in Trucking Companies and in the same time provides 100% fuel management and control.


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The biggest expense every trucking company has is the fuel. On average 35% of all expenses goes on diesel bills and average Class A truck spends $2.000 weekly.

Class A trucks are leaving the company and spend on average up to 40 or 50 days without coming back to the company. Driver carrying company fuel cards in order to pay for diesel. But nobody knows is the purchased diesel really entering fuel tank and once it enters the fuel tank is it really staying there.

Potential fuel misuse creates a damage estimated on $10 Bln annually only in USA. The biggest threat comes from inside company factors (drivers) and outside company factors (thieves).

Who should use Fueloyal Smart Fuel Caps:

  • Trucking companies operating with more than one truck in their fleet
  • Companies having difference is fuel consumption between similar trucks. For example you have 2 trucks and one of them is spending 7 miles/gallon and the other one is having a consumption of 6 miles/gallon.
  • Companies having Class A trucks in their fleet
  • Trucking companies using fuel cards or any kind of bank (debit or credit) card for fuel purchases
  • Companies carrying loads on distances more than 300 miles
  • Trucking companies having company drivers

If you are company that find yourself into one of the five above mentioned tags you are then directly exposed to the fuel misuse and fuel card fraud. Every fifth trucking company has a direct evidence of drivers stealing fuel/misusing fuel card or had an experience with fuel theft when the truck was parked on a truck stop.



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