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Learn 7 Secret Tips for Perfect Truck Wash

As I have spoken of, repeatedly, taking care of your truck equipment is one of the most important things you can do to keep your business running. Sure you need operational capital, funds to run the day to day operations, staff to perform all the various tasks, drivers to actually operate the vehicles. You even need clients to contract your company to haul their freight.


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But what good would all of that be if you didn’t have the right equipment, more importantly, if you didn’t have properly maintained and fully operational trucks? -Zero, that is the actual good the rest is. Why do I say that?

Well simply put, what good is a transportation company without the means to actually transport cargo and freight? That is the purpose of a carrier company, to pick and delivery as requested. So without the truck you don’t need drivers. Without the trucks you won’t have clients.

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Of course this is bit obvious, I know. I am stressing a point about properly maintaining your vehicles (and other related equipment). With everything else you must concern yourself with; this is something that also must be done.

Most of the fleets will have either a maintenance person, operations, or perhaps the dispatcher will ensure it gets done. Regular truck maintenance needs to be conducted in accordance with a routine schedule. I have gone into this previously but some of the items are:

But, these are only some of the things to have checked by following a proper schedule. In addition to these, there are also things that should be done by your divers. Many of which should not be done just on set maintenance days, but when stopping on a truck stop to get fuel or rest. Like the other issues these have been addressed in other articles. But here are some examples to remind your drivers to check:

  • Tires – condition and thread depth
  • Mirrors – for cleanliness and damage
  • Lights – ensure they aren’t out, are clean, and functioning

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Again these are only some of what should be checked. Remember, a properly maintained vehicle is what allows for your operation to exist. Sure, some will argue the other key points, but as I said earlier who needs drivers if they have nothing to drive.

Now with that in mind, part of both proper care of the vehicle and what should fall on the driver’s responsibility (unless your fleet has a full maintenance staff and does only local runs) is the washing of their truck.

A good truck wash not only cleans the vehicle is also allows for the driver to check for any issues with the lights, mirrors, tires, and etc. Another important factor about a properly cleaned vehicle is safety and your company safety rating. So as you can see this is very important.

However, let’s not forget another obvious reason, which is reputation (and first impression). When you meet or see a sloppy person, worksite, or vehicle for the first time does it instill confidence? If you’re like most of us, not only does it give a negative impression it might give cause to reconsider working with that company again.

So for the sake of your business press the importance of going to a good truck wash and getting the fleet looking as good as the weather conditions will allow.

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Choose the Truck Wash That Has a Good Rating

When choosing a truck wash you have several options. Just like when you get service done on your fleet. You have a variety of places to go. Some of these have better reputations than others. Some offer better services than others and some better price then others!

Well the same can be said for a good truck wash. Some are true professionals and clean parts of the truck that weren’t cleaned at the factory. But a bad truck wash will merely smear the dirt and leave your truck looking dull and lifeless. So choose a truck wash with a good rating.

Their rating can be easy enough to find. Simply look them up online and check their reviews. You can also go to trucking related social media sites and check with other drivers. Or simply ask some of your fellow drivers. Anyone who has spent time on the road and works as an OTR driver will have a favorite spot where they keep returning.

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Find a Truck Wash That Maintains Washing Equipment Regularly

You can’t be surprised that I would mention a truck wash that maintains their equipment in proper working order. This is something that is so true in every industry. If a company that specializes in a particular service can’t keep their equipment in good condition, why would use their service?

Just think if you don’t keep your fleet properly maintained how long will you retain business? The same can be said for a truck wash that doesn’t perform proper upkeep with their equipment. Would you trust a mechanic that doesn’t keeps his/her shop equipment properly maintained to work on your truck, I highly doubt it. So why would use a truck wash that doesn’t?

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Don’t Use Aggressive Insects and Bug Removal Liquids Because It Can Damage the Color

When you go to a truck wash be sure they use chemicals that are safe to use on your vehicle. A good truck wash, as mentioned above, should already have the right products on hand and therefore offer safe washing services.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

Now if you’re the type of person who likes to wash your own truck, then the same advice applies. Make sure you use cleaning agents that are safe. The manufacturer can recommend the best products and you can research them online.

When buying an insects and bugs removal liquids read the instructions carefully, for using the right dosage, because even if the liquid is totally ok to be used, when you apply more than the recommended dosage, can permanently damage the color of your truck and cause corrosion.



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