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Discover Worst Possible Costs In Trucking Industry

Trucking Industry Cost Introduction

Trucking industry is one of the most complicated industries where overall profit margins are really low. On average trucking companies make around 5% net profit of their entire annual income.


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It is also high volume business meaning that you have huge amounts of money to control and if you are very well experienced and careful you are on the road to create a big and stable company. On the other hand it is very challenging to keep the head clear and manage and run the company trough existing situation and guide it to a success in the future as well.

On average you trucking company if it is very well managed generates up to $250.000 annual income per class 8 truck if they have they own drivers (not owner operators) so having in mind that $237.500 of that money are costs provides a better picture and understanding how difficult it is to be in trucking company manager shoes.

One of the most difficult situations when it comes to managing costs is also because of the nature of the business – to be a part of this business you need to own (or lease) trucks and they are very expensive. Saying that means you need to have a lot of money or be able to lend a lot of money.



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