10 Most Important Parts of Truck Equipment

10 Most Important Parts of Truck Equipment

Now as anyone who has spent extensive time behind the wheel knows, this is your office and you need make sure it is set to meet your needs. Treat it the same as you would any other work space.

That means not only do you have the right equipment, but everything is in proper working order.

What’s the main difference between someone who works in a traditional office and you? Your office is mobile.

What’s the beauty of a mobile office? Simple, it’s yours to do with what you want. Well, within reason and it depends on whether you own it or it’s just yours for the trip.

But either way you can play your choice music, and can go at your pace (as long as you observe posted speed limits and get to the dock on time).

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Not like some cubicle space crammed into a room with a dozen others. Either you are stuck listening to three different songs at once, or the most annoying music is piped in.

Then you get to hear everyone else’s telephone conversations. But that isn’t the case for a truck driver.

Also, if you own your own truck, you working as a owner operator, you can decorate it to your personal preference.

However, just like any piece of equipment you must take proper care of it. You need to understand at least the basic of what makes it tick.

And you need to know some of the standard safety and comfort features that make the truck more than just a truck.

Different drivers may have different opinions about what they consider important. But most will agree these are many of the items you should pay attention to.

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The right tires can save your life

Like everything tires range in price from very expensive to cheap. For the most part you get what you pay for.

If you run out and buy the cheapest grade tire because you are wanting to save a few pennies it will cost you a lot more in the long run. You have to learn how to choose the best tires for your truck!

Most experts will advise you to stick with brands you know and trust. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations as well.

If you are driving in icy and/or snowy weather you should invest in winter tires. If your travels take you all over the country, invest in all-weather tires.

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Well maintained wheels will save you money

Maintenance is the key. The better you follow a good maintenance schedule the better your truck will run, and it will save you money over the course of the year.

This isn’t just about oil changes. This is about every aspect of you maintaining your vehicle in good working condition.

Your tires are one of the most important components in the proper running of your truck. Bald tires can increase braking time, especially on slick surfaces.

Remember to check your tires air pressure. But also check the rims; make sure the seal is good. Your brakes should also be checked regularly.

A good truck radio makes time fly

Years ago the radio was both your best friend and your worst enemy. That was back during a time when you could drive for long stretches and not get any stations, sometimes not even the AM ones.

Or the only ones you could get were of a music style you didn’t like, talk radio, or other annoying playlist. Eight Tracks, cassettes, and CD’s all made that more bearable.

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Today times are better you still have the CD player, but now you can sync it to your IPad or any other gadget, you can subscribe to satellite radio, you can even stream straight from the internet.

No matter what form you choose, they all beat the days of when you would lose the station right in the middle of your favorite song.

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 Best truck lights can make night drive piece of cake

This, like tires, is an item often overlooked. Most people don’t really think about their vehicle’s lights until the sun has dropped and you can’t see.

I am sure you have been driving down the road wondering why it seems extra dark just to find out one of your lights is out. That is not the time to figure out you need to replace your headlight.


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You have some good options available to you, for example a lot people like halogens. Just remember you have to balance the proper headlight with what is allowed.

There are some restrictions regarding what is approved and what isn’t. Stick with the manufacturer’s recommendation if you don’t know. But whatever you do make sure they are in working order and you can see where you’re heading.

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Right Truck mirrors will increase your visibility

There are so many things people just don’t think about. I already mentioned tires, lights, and actually even your mirrors.

You ever borrow a friend’s car or rent a truck, hop in, and drive off just to realize you forgot to adjust the mirrors?

This problem is even worse with a commercial truck and trailer. Unlike a car you can’t simply look out the back window to see if it’s clear.

Good mirrors are essential in everything from driving cross country to backing up to the dock. So make sure you have the right ones and you keep them clear of dirt and snow.

10 Most Important Parts of Truck Equipment 6Source: www.seeclear.eu

Proper trailer lights will increase the visibility of your truck

There are many rules that regulate the trucking industry. Lights are no exception. Of course you have state laws and city ordinances to contend with, in additional to federal law.

The trailers are meant to be visible to other driver’s sharing the road.

This is a simple safety issue. Now of course some will argue that the regulators have stepped over the common sense aspect but, that is a debate for another time.



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