How To Chose The Best Truck Cabin

How To Choose The Best Truck Cabin For Your Truck

What type of truck cabin do you need? There are so many types and so many variations of those types so first, you need to know what you need and then you can choose what you want.


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There are many sizes and many classes that are building for different purposes; I am giving this info to get the full picture

  • Class 1 – 6,000 lbs or less (Minivan, Cargo van, SUV, Pickup Truck )
  • Class 2 – 6,001 to 10,000 lbs (Minivan, Cargo van, Full size Pickup, Step Van)
  • Class 3 – 10,001 to 14,000 lbs (Walk In, Box Truck, City Delivery)
  • Class 4 – 14,001 to 16,000 lbs (Large Walk In, Box Truck, City Delivery, Heavy Duty Pickup)
  • Class 5 – 16,001 to 19,500 lbs (Bucket Truck, Large Walk In, City Delivery)
  • Class 6 – 19,501 to 26,000 lbs (Beverage Truck, Singe Axle, School Bus, Rack Truck)
  • Class 7 – 26,001 to 33,000 lbs (Refuse, Furniture, City Transit Bus, Truck Tractor)
  • Class 8 – 33,001 to Really Huge (Cement Truck, Truck Tractor, Dump Truck, Sleeper Truck)

Now we can talk about you and what you need. To be precise every company offers few different models, there are really small and big luxury truck cabins and they are all for different weight loads and for different distances.

First know your needs and driving habits

Now we can talk about you and what you need. To be precise every company offers few different truck cabin models, there are few classes some are really small and others are big and luxury.

  • Do you need to transport heavy or light loads?
  • Are you a long or short distance driver?

What do you want to find? Make analyzes of your driving habits and the load classification. These sections will help you to make the right choice.

Short Distance and Light Truck Loads

If you are short distance driver you need smaller truck cabin because these are more suitable for maneuvers. Since you drive few hundred miles from your workplace to the delivery point you will not need truck cabins that are integrated with sleeping section because you will spend your nights at home. These types of truckс are designed for package deliveries.

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Long Distance and Heavy Truck Loads

If you are long distance driver you need truck cabin type that will reduce the strength of the wind and also will have energy efficient electronics to reduce the fuel consumption. Since you are driving is measured in weeks or mounts you need to choose a cabin with great comfort, cooking equipment and comfort bed.

This truck cabin usually goes with customizable interiors.

  • electronic navigation
  • many system indicators
  • High quality fabrics

Be careful when you are choosing the truck cabin. It should be a perfect fit on the long rides.

Do a small research what models are available

Good thing to do is always to research the market. Do not rush into buying before you are sure that you found the best for your needs, find the very best that exist on the market.

  • Most of the trucks have extreme fuel efficiency
  • Have increased driver productivity with great space, good features and best comfort

Volvo has few series:

VNM Truck Cabin Series for short hauls

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VNL Truck Cabin Series for short and long hauls

  • VNL 300 – short hauler (premium level)
  • VNL 430 – regional runner
  • VNL 630 – efficient mid-roof sleeper

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VNX Truck Cabin Series for long hauls

  • VNX 300 – extreme heavy hauler
  • VNX 430 – regional heavy haul workhorse
  • VNX 630 – long range heavy hauler

Renault Truck Cabin Series

  • Heavy Construction K class
  • Construction C class
  • Distribution D class
  • Long Haul T class

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Freightliner Truck Cabin Series

  • Medium Duty Trucks
  • Severe Duty Trucks
  • On Highway Trucks

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All of these cabins are provided with last technological equipment to provide safe driving and comfortable ride.

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See what is the price impact of better truck cabin

Like I said before there is so many types and companies that are offering truck cabins and every type has its own price. But however you can get customized truck cabin to improve the efficiency.


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When your working space is actually the truck cabin you have to make sure that is comfortable and efficient and that will be a great fit for your life style as a truck driver. You can always drive and enjoy the quality features at the same time. These features are designed to increase your personal comfort and productivity while you driving.

Truck cabin can be a customized with

  • Display, which will give information’s about the fuel efficiency, fluid levels, mileage
  • Great windshield to increase drivers visibility which is the most important for total operation
  • Steering wheel can be equipped with additional buttons which will help the truck drivers to operate without taking their eyes off the road

The custom truck cabin will make your ride more pleasant and convenience. Luxury truck cabins with custom features are an advantage for long hauls. Spend $5,000 – $10,000 more to make a home from your truck and to get limitless possibilities.

Check is there any difference in delivery time

Delivery time depends on our requirements and capacity of the factory or from the dealership. If you required special equipment, be sure that it will be a difference between the regular truck cabin and specially equipped truck cabin.

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Like I said in the previous subsections, you have no need to rush the delivery. You are ordering new truck cabin so you need to be patient. More patients more satisfied! When you are making the order, you need to realize that you will not repeat all that in few months or years, it is what it is. You made your choice and now let the professionals do their job. This is not something that you want to rush, trust me!

Those 3-4 weeks will not be so important when you will get your equipped truck cabin. Ones you see your new cabin, you will forget about the waiting and everything will be just a past. Be patient and be happy for the long run.



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