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10 Hidden Tips For Buying Trailer Lights

Being a truck driver on the open road can make you see unimaginable things and not see things when you should. You know that being visible on the road is one of the important things on your list. With our experience on the road, we can write a book filled with bedtime stories and stories that we can tell by the fire to scare our friends.


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The scariest factor is that our stories are actually real events, our real experience on the road. We all know how scary and life threatening one unlighted vehicle can be on the highway. When we are on the road, we are driving with high speed on straight sections and curves and we can easily hit a vehicle that is practically invisible.

Trailer lights are the part of your truck that alerts the drivers around you of your presence, they are pointing your driving attentions on the road. Consider them that they are not just any part that you can drive without. They are safety marks when the visibility is low.

Nobody can see you in the dark if your trailer lights are not functional. We all know how this story can end, be aware that you are writing your own stories and be cautious when you are buying trailer lights.

Are you buying standard or additional lights

The lighting system of commercial motor vehicles is composed of devices that are manufactured to provide road signalization. The trailer lights position are mounted on the

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  • Rear of the trailer
  • On the trailer sides
  • Front of the trailer
  • On the top of the trailer

When you are buying a trailer have in mind that the trailer lights that are placed from the manufacturer are the important ones that you should take care of.

Since the trailer lights are signalizing your driving behavior, their functionality needs to be on the top of your checking list. They are giving information’s about your

  • Presence
  • Vehicle size
  • Traveling directions and intentions

There is a lot of difference between the standard trailer lights and the additional ones. The standard trailer lights need to be carefully chosen because they are there for a reason to cover the FMCSA safety regulations and to give you proper vision on the road.

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When it comes to replacement of this trailer lights you have to choose the high quality level of trailer lights. As I said they have manufactured position and need to work every second when you start the engine. It needs just one light to be in improper working condition and there you go, your head is on a line, the inspection will stop you and point that reason to write you a ticket.

Only if even one trailer light is out of shape it is enough good reason to get a penalty. Trust me the inspection love to write a ticket for this type of issues.

The additional trailer lights we mostly are installing them to get additional signalization on our trucks. But these trailer lights are not regulated by law and since you are not obligated for having them you also are not obligated to maintain them in ON mode every second.

Choose Between High end and Low end Manufacturers

Should i choose between high end manufacturer and low end manufacturer? Should I pay more to get trailer lights that will have longer operating hours, or should I buy cheaper trailer lights that will be a suitable replacement to the expensive ones, but maybe will have less operating hours?

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Here is my advice: If you are buying standard trailer lights it is better to buy more quality ones because every glitch of them can cost you more that the most expensive trailer lights in the market. It is important they work properly every moment to cover the safety on the road.

If you are buying trailer lights that are nor regulated by low, you can save few bucks, you don’t need to spend more because those cannot cause you inspection problems if they stop working, so you can replace them when you can, without additional pressure.

Compare the technical specs

By National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) every manufacturer needs to cover the specifications for certified vehicle headlamps. But for other truck lights, there is not federal regulation.

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However, you should compare the technical specs of the trailer lights to gather more information’s. Having information’s about the trailer lights technical specs will give you an opportunity to make the right choice for your trailer.

Ask for warranty coverage

Warranty coverage is the way to be sure that you have quality trailer lights. Trailer light shop will give you coverage for few types of trailer lights because they know that that is one quality product and there are small chances to stop working before the warranty.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

In one way or another if there is a break before the warranty they will replace the trailer lights with brand new ones. Having warranty coverage is a chance to cut your expenses but still have a high quality trailer lights.

Check what is the installation process and can you do it on your own

Learning more information’s can be cost saving solution. In every trucking company, expenses are a major issue. You have regular expenses that need to be paid and expenses that can be eliminated. One of those expenses is the installation of the trailer lights.

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Trailer lights lifespan should play the main role in the buying process. If you choose long lasting trailer lights you will prolong the replacement process. The installation process varies from the type of the bulb you purchase.

Why is that? Some type of trailer lights requires a different installation process. Some Trailer lights are easy for installations, just plug it and you are done and other trailer lights require specific electrical knowledge.

If the installation is not too complicated and does not require a professional technician to do that, you can do it on your own.

Check the installation time and cost

Make a research of the installation process and the cost of replacing the lights. If the price is not much higher than just buying new trailer lights without installing them, then better is to let professional service take over the total installation of your trailer lights.

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In any case, some trailer lights require special equipment, not only a screwdriver and pliers. In that case, you like it or not you have to take your trailer to a technician to make proper replacement of your trailer lights.

Compare LED and Standard Lights

We are now living in a digital era and when every industry has made a step forward when it comes to technology. It is same with the trailer lights when automotive industry made a step from regular lights to LED lights. The reason is that the LED trailer lights are more reliable and long lasting

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