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10 Hidden Tips For Buying Trailer Lights

  • Durability – LED trailer lights are lasting more than 100,000 hours and if we compare them with normal bulbs that have 3,000 hours the difference is obvious
  • Longer warranty coverage – 2 – 5 years
  • Better Road Safety – higher visibility and higher level of signalization
  • Resistant to vibration – since trucks are going trough road bumps and cracks LED trailer lights are better choice because they are resistant to vibration that is caused by the bumps
  • Easier to install – no need of professional service for installation, just unplug them and plug the new ones
  • They are resistant to water – compared with the conventional trailer lights the LED lights are more resistant to water
  • Energy Efficient – their power is that they can run longer if your engine is not running, they require less amperage for operation than the normal trailer lights. The required amperage between LED and regular trailer lights is 1/10th
  • More expensive – when we calculate the life span the cost is nothing to worry about in the long run they are cost effective lighting solution

Use antitheft screws so that thieves can’t steal your LED lights

To protect our home we are using a key or an alarm system. To protect our truck and freight we are using safety measures. One safety measure for sure are the trailer lights. When we are on the road they are our signalization and because of that, they are very important part of the traffic safety. Therefore, we need to find a way to protect them from thieves.

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The industry has great growth in recent years, although sometimes we think that there is nothing more to be invented, every day we come across novelties. Antitheft screws may not belong to the class of technical breakthroughs but have a great importance for the safety of the trailer lights of commercial vehicles.


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All you have to do is go to the nearest store buy antitheft screws fix your trailer lights with them and your lights are protected from thieves so you can just relax in some truck stop and have a great time with the other truck drivers without caring for the trailer lights safety.

Check how hard it is to replace the bulb

To lower your costs learn how to change the trailer lights by your own. In general, each lamp has screws on the inside of the securing capsule that needs to be unscrewed so you can be able to remove the bulbs and install or attach the new trailer lights.

Newer models of trailers have a more complicated system of lights. This demands greater knowledge and special tools for the job.

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If your trailer belongs to this group, then it is better to leave the replacement to the experts in the field. Take it to the trailer service to replace them. If you try to replace them by your own you may cause malfunction of another light failure and entail more cost.

Some of the manufacturers are using sealed capsules to save the bulbs from the water. In that case, you should take your trailer to the professional service to fix them and seal the capsule again.

Make sure you don’t need any special or expensive bulbs as replacement

Some manufacturers have special trailer lights for their vehicles, so the best option is to see what kind of bulbs your trailer use before you get driving. If you have not changed the lights it is time to find out what trailer lights your trailer needs.

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When you’re on an open road and you do not know what the required bulb type is, you may face limited market which can prolong trailer light repair until you or repair service find the correct one for your vehicle.

Make sure that your vehicle does not use a special type of bulbs or complicated system when you need to replace the bulbs, because some of them need special equipment or higher electrical knowledge.


Trailer lights are an important part of any vehicle, they are not just for you to be able to see the road and other vehicles around you but they are signalization for other vehicles that are included in the traffic. The trailer lights will help other drivers to follow your driving maneuvers.

Learning all about your trailer lights can be life saving knowledge and cost effective solution. Having good quality trailer lights is always a good choice because they are the only signal during the fog, rain and during the night.



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