10 Best Intermodal Trucking Companies in USA

10 Best Intermodal Trucking Companies in USA

Source: www.cummingstransport.com
Source: www.cummingstransport.com

Cummings Transport has several locations throughout the United Stated to better serve you.

Check them out and see how their more than 100 years in the transportation industry can help your business.

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As an innovative leader they pride themselves in staying up on all the latest tools of the trade. So stop by and see how these can help solve your issues and support your operational needs.

8. C.R. England 

Surely you’ve heard of C.R. England! After all they have been in operation in the USA, Mexico, and Canada for almost 100 years!

Source: www.crengland.com
Source: www.crengland.com

They were founded in 1920, and are family-owned business for four generation now. Some would call them the most trusted and reliable refrigeration carrier in the Northern Hemisphere.

They have continuously updated and progressed with the ever changing times. C.R. England has done both with equipment and support strategies!

This trucking company, based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, might be one of the intermodal trucking companies to check out and do business with.

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

They offer service that range from local to over the road, so they definitely can handle all your shipping needs.

With over 4,500 trucks and 6,200 drivers it is easy to see why they are a leader in the transportation industry and are  among the best intermodal trucking companies out there.

Call today and see what they can do to help you.

7. National Express Auto Transport 

When it comes to auto transport services, National Express is rating as one of the top in the nation. Call them to see if they are also one of the best rating intermodal trucking companies.

After all the cars have to get from the railhead to the dealer somehow. They have a large professionally trained and dedicated staff to support your needs.

Source: www.nationalexpressautotransport.com
Source: www.nationalexpressautotransport.com

As another bonus they provide 100% cargo insurance on all vehicles they transport.

National Express Auto Transport’s rate also includes all of the associated fees. These fees will include tolls, taxes, fuel and the above mentioned insurance cost.

They not only offer both open and closed car haulers, they offer door to door service.


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Do you have motorcycles? What about classic and/or antique vehicles that need haul? No problem, they can haul it all.

So call them today and get a free quote, you’ll be glad you did.

6. Crow Wing Transport 

Crow Wing Transport is there when you need them!

As one of the best intermodal trucking companies out there, they will take the best and safest route to ensure timely delivery of your freight, merchandise, or other precious cargo.

They have all the equipment and support staff necessary to move your freight. They even offer 24/7, meaning anytime and day they are there for you!

Source: www.crowwing.net
Source: www.crowwing.net

They offer both transportation services as well as customs brokerage services.

Unlike many intermodal trucking companies, this means you can cut through much of the red tape by using one company to handle all you needs.

So whether you need shipping across town or around the world, call Crow Wing Transport and see what they can do for your business.

5. Car Shipping Carriers (CSC)

Though some might call them young, starting in 2011, don’t let that fool you. Car Shipping Carriers (CSC) has tons of experiences under their belt with a team of dedicated highly skilled professionals.

Unlike many of the other intermodal trucking companies operating today, they pride themselves with their open transparent business model. After all they understand it is the customer who keeps them in business.

Source: www.carshippingcarriers.com
Source: www.carshippingcarriers.com

So if you want an open and honest discussion regarding the true nature of the shipping process give Car Shipping Carriers a chance.

Their philosophy has allowed them to grow from a small start-up to gaining five star ratings from various transport reviews.

So, give them a call and see if they are really one of the best intermodal trucking companies in your area.  You’ll be glad you did!

4. Best Rate Transportation 

Even do Best Rate Transportation is a third generation Canadian heavy haul shipping company, they still count as one of the best intermodal trucking companies that  is operating across North America.

Source: www.bestratetransportation.com
Source: www.bestratetransportation.com

This company has joined forces with small transportation companies, freight brokers and independent owner operators just so they can to provide outstanding service at competitive rates and price matching.

Some of the services they offer are:

  • Freight brokerage;
  • FTL (full truckload) and LTL (less than truckload);
  • Heavy equipment trucking;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Oversize trucking;
  • Flatbed shipping and more.
Source: www.linkedin.com
Source: www.linkedin.com

Furthermore, they specialize in farm and construction shipments with a special focus on freight overweight and oversized shipments, and have extensive equipment / trailer access including flat beds, double drops, dry vans,  B-Trains, step decks, RGN’s, temperature controlled units, containers and various types of specialty trailers.

With more than 20 years of experience, the right connections, access to hundreds of qualified carriers and over 75 contracted transport units + 1000’s more in their brokerage network across North America, this company will definitely be the right choice for you if you are looking to do business with one of the best intermodal companies out there!


BYEXPRESS was established over a decade ago, and is a full-service logistics provider with over fifty years of experience in distribution, warehousing, supply chain management, customer service and transportation.

Source: www.byexpress.com
Source: www.byexpress.com

As one of the best intermodal companies out there, they provide logistics solutions and services throughout North America and Worldwide, regardless if it is a small local company or large multi-national corporation.

Some of the services they offer are:

  • Customs clearance;
  • Freight distribution management;
  • Freight warehousing;
  • Logistics management;
  • Shunting;
  • Transportation;
  • Supply chain logistics consulting;
  • Home delivery;
  • Domestic, cross-border shipping, and international shipping as well as short haul, long haul, expedited, inter modal, full load, LTL, heated and refrigerated loads.

Here is some of the cargo and freight that they handle:



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