INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Things You Never Knew About Trucking

Things You Never Knew About Trucking

Trucking is an excellent way to see the country, to keep moving and have amazing and adventures life. It is an interesting job for every generation. Many people choose to drive trucks after they retire. Truck driving is the perfect way to keep one human mind sharp. It is not an easy job, it is […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Class 8 Trucks

The Class 8 Trucks are the most important part for the movement of the Nation’s freight. They consume more than 10% of the Nation’s oil and 70% of the fuel. The fuel is number 1 expense for Class 8 trucks and it can be in the range of $70,000 to $125,000. These numbers are showing […]

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Why Your Business Should Be Upgraded With GPS Vehicle Tracking

More and more businesses nowadays are upgrading their fleet with GPS vehicle tracking systems. But, why is that so? What are the reasons behind businesses upgrading their fleet with GPS vehicle tracking systems? Simply said, the reasons are numerous, as are the benefits. The main features that GPS tracking systems provide to their users include […]

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Find and Fix the Top 10 Trucking Industry Issues

  No doubt there are many trucking industry issues out there, but in this article we will concentrate on the one that stand out of the crowd. Actually the top 10 trucking industry issues that I will present today are some of the main trucking industry issues not only in America, but worldwide as well! […]

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Dishonest Truck Mechanics- Trucking Industry Big Problem

dishonest truck mechanics in a truck repair shop

Truck mechanics, or also known as diesel services technicians, are the people who are performing the repair process of class 8 trucks, large construction vehicles, as well as tractor trailers. The first and foremost duty of truck mechanics is to: Inspect and diagnose the trucks; Repair the: brake systems, engines, electrical components, steering system, transmission, […]

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry has opened its doors to a lot of truck drivers who are earning their living by transporting goods and raw materials with class 8 trucks. In general, truck drivers are providing load transportation services which are essential for numerous other industries. In fact, if the trucking industry in the USA would stop […]

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How It All Began: 7 Mind-Blowing Transportation Technology History Events & Innovations

New Transportation Technology History

If we take a glimpse at transportation technology history then we can see that it has gone through a lot of ups and downs, and has evolved a lot throughout time. The evolution of the transportation technology can be closely interconnected with the evolution of humankind! Transportation technology innovators have overcome a lot of challenges […]

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How to Calculate Revenue and Profit per Mile for Your Trucking Company

improving revenue and profit per mile

Have you ever wonder how a particular trucking company can operate for a particular price? How are they making a profit at hauling all those loads? Well, believe it or not, many trucking companies part of the U.S. trucking industry nowadays are calculating their revenue and profit per mile. Since they have started incorporating this […]

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10 Traits That Successful Owner-Operators Possess

Do you know what the brave owner-operators do on a daily basis? Owner-operators are energetically running day-to-day operations and could be exhausting. However, these road heroes are not giving up. On the contrary, they keep fighting against the trucking challenges until they complete them successfully. Moreover, do you know the importance of possessing specific characteristics […]

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Top 10 Trucker Testimonies That Will Blow Your Mind

Truck drivers are leading a unique lifestyle, in such manner they are experiencing extraordinary and unusual events. Those events are bringing to the plate numerous trucker testimonials that will blow your mind. Thereupon, I’m in the trucking industry for a long time, and straight proportionally I have come to meet numerous truck drivers and I […]

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