Why Your Business Should Be Upgraded With GPS Vehicle Tracking

More and more businesses nowadays are upgrading their fleet with GPS vehicle tracking systems.

But, why is that so?

What are the reasons behind businesses upgrading their fleet with GPS vehicle tracking systems?

Simply said, the reasons are numerous, as are the benefits.

The main features that GPS tracking systems provide to their users include financial stability, business development, as well as advanced technology.

In general, the implementation of GPS into businesses represents a significant investment. The GPS tracking solution itself can reduce costs and improve the functionality in all areas of your business.

Further, in this article, I will try to reveal you the 7 main reasons why businesses should be upgraded with GPS vehicle tracking.

So, let’s take a look!

1. Reduce Fuel and Insurance cost

Why your business should be upgraded with GPS vehicle tracking?

Well, almost all trucking companies in the USA are combating with fuel issues. There are many reasons and situations contributing to trucking companies to experience increased fuel consumption.

First of all, when truck drivers are speeding or leaving the truck in idling, they are just contributing to the increase in fuel consumption.

Source: www.geotab.com

Whereas, if trucking companies have upgraded their fleet with GPS vehicle tracking, then their GPS tracking systems can send alerts to fleet managers every time when truck drivers are excreting the excessive speeds.

By that, we can see that trucking businesses should upgrade their fleet with GPS vehicle tracking because it is one of the best ways to reduce fuel as well as an insurance cost.

Moreover, GPS tracking devices are as well beneficial for businesses due to the fact that these devices can provide opportunities for fleet route optimization.

So, with this solution, your business will enjoy impeccable fleet route optimization, reduced fuel, and insurance cost at the same time.

GPS devices can even help truck drivers to avoid toll charges.

Source: www.automotive-fleet.com

Thereupon, this is just one of the reasons why businesses should be upgraded with GPS vehicle tracking.

But, how can businesses reduce insurance cost by upgrading with GPS vehicle tracking?

Well, if a business has installed GPS tracking devices, then straight proportionally insurance companies are reducing the premiums for their fleet customers.

Which means that even a reduction of 15% is possible.

So, I would suggest you invest in fleet tracking and see the benefits come your way!

2. Enhance Safety for Your Truckers and Fleet

Amongst the prime reasons why businesses should be upgraded with GPS vehicle tracking lies the aim to enhance safety for their truckers and fleet.

By installing GPS tracking devices, trucking companies can be sure that their workforce and assets are safe at all times.

Source: www.fleetowner.com

There won’t be any doubts whether the fleet is compliant and operational.

Even if there are some emergency situations, thanks to GPS vehicle tracking, companies will be in the situation to respond quickly and to send help.

So, GPS vehicle tracking solutions will send you information such as:

  • Hard braking;
  • Speeding;
  • Phone usage;
  • Aggressive acceleration;

More precisely, with GPS vehicle tracking, trucking company owners will be in the position to directly target the unsafe driving behavior that their truckers have.

It is in these situations when GPS devices are helping businesses to enhance safety.

Source: www.youtube.com

What trucking company owners can do, if they find themselves in this type of situation, is to provide driving tips or additional training to their truck drivers.

As you can see, GPS vehicle tracking can provide enhanced safety for truckers and fleet as well.

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This solution can help you even if you find yourself in an unwanted situation- when some of your trucks get stolen. You will receive critical date, location, and time validation.

3. Improve Your Customer Service

It is widely known that when trucking companies are in the position to cut delivery times, they will experience improvements in customer service. It will even attract more customers.

So, what a better way to improve your customer service than by upgrading your business with GPS vehicle tracking?

Source: Desk.com

More precisely, GPS vehicle tracking can help you improve your customer service by sending you alerts about the estimated time of pickup or delivery.

Which means that you as a trucking company owner, or fleet manager, are in the situation to provide your customers with the right time estimation.

It is what brings improved customer satisfaction.

Yet, it is the real-time tracking solutions that lead your fleet to perform more efficient pickup, transportation, and delivery process.

By upgrading your business with GPS vehicle tracking, you won’t have to compromise delivery times anymore.

Source: getfly.com.vn

Thereupon, the GPS solutions will enable you to have a clear look at important data such as:

  • Job Completion;
  • Exact Locations;
  • Timestamps;

4. Increase Employee Information

As the GPS technology rises, straight proportionally trucking companies are looking forward to upgrading their vehicles with this solution.

There are numerous reasons behind the interest shown by businesses for upgrading with GPS vehicle tracking.

One of the most important reasons is the increase of employee information.

Source: www.peoplestreme.com

That is to say, companies by implementing GPS tracking technology are enabled with unprecedented access to their employees’ position.

Here are some of the benefits that businesses can get when tracking their employee via GPS:

  • Track the compliance with labor laws;
  • Monitor overtime;
  • Foster increased efficiency;
  • Verify that time records are accurate;

So, as you can see, business owners with the help of GPS vehicle tracking devices can promote maximizing efficiency to their employees.

Source: www.efrontlearning.com

Yet, GPS devices can be used for the purpose to keep a time record of truckers’ activities.

All in all, businesses when upgrade with GPS vehicle tracking can gain valuable insight into the overall movement of their employees and fleet.

5. Better Operational Efficiency

Yet, we have come to the fifth most important reason why your business should be upgraded with a GPS vehicle tracking- To Experience and Provide Better Operational Efficiency.

A truck GPS is well known for providing assistance to trucking company owners and business managers as well.

Source: www.brockoa.com

Thanks to these technologically advanced solution businesses nowadays can have a clear insight of both the vehicular operations, as well as of the backend operations.

Not only that. GPS vehicle tracking devices can improve the operational efficiency of your business by enabling you access to on time information about potential breakdowns, eventual coordination problems, as well as reduce repair time and costs.

But, if you are still confused about this technological solution improving your fleet’s operational efficiency, take a read at the following fact!

Source: ayehu.com

Once a fleet is being upgraded with GPS vehicle tracking, its managers will straight away have access to the software that enables them to make a precise prediction when and where the truck will arrive at the given location.

That is to say, GPS vehicle tracking devices do allow trucking companies to put their main focus on the schedule that not only makes sense but a scheduling that will improve operational efficiency.

Reduce Overtime

Scheduling that improves the operational efficiency straight proportionally leads trucking companies to reduce overtime.

It is no secret that in every company there are employees that are clocking in more overtime than the business has budgeted for. That is why I strongly recommend to all businesses to upgrade with GPS vehicle tracking.

Source: www.thebalance.com

Thanks to the GPS vehicle tracking system, trucking company owners and fleet managers will be enabled to have a way to track where their employees/truck drivers are.

It is the first step towards making your employees/truck drivers accountable and ensure proper operational efficiency.

Many businesses have minimized their overtime expenses with the help of GPS vehicle tracking!

Accurate Billing

How can GPS vehicle track help businesses to improve accurate billing while at the same time keeping up with a proper operational efficiency?

Well, it is quite simple. The GPS vehicle tracking solution is, in general, using billing with landmarks.

Source: www.medicalbillingace.com

So, simply said, billing can be made more accurate with the GPS vehicle tracking solution because when a vehicle gets to a certain destination it leaves a landmark.

That way trucking companies can keep exact track of every action.

Pinpoint Dispatching

Pinpointing dispatching is one of the ways how GPS vehicle tracking devices are leading businesses to have better operational efficiency.

The old style dispatching is gone with the implementation of GPS tracking devices.

Whilst in the past dispatchers had to get in contact with vehicles in order to gain information, nowadays things have changed with the new technological advancements.

Source: www.wencomine.com

These days dispatchers have a quick access to all the data that they need for a particular vehicle- all that thanks to GPS vehicle tracking.

Dispatchers can now determine the best route for all future destinations.

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It is crystal clear that GPS tracking has led businesses to reduce their costs, to improve their efficiency as well as the overall business control.

All in all, businesses that adapt to new transportation technologies are the ones that can experience better operational efficiencies.

6. GPS Vehicle Tracking Can Improve Your Bottom Line

In general, trucking companies do have developed impeccable strategies that can help them face the numerous problems that this industry brings.

Nevertheless, a GPS vehicle tracking can be seen as a single solution that has been designed to increase businesses’ profits as well as to save money.

By that, we can see that the GPS tracking can improve the bottom line of every business.

Source: vertexsuccessblog.wordpress.com

Moreover, GPS vehicle tracking can improve your bottom line by:

  • Reducing overtime;
  • Lowering the insurance premiums;
  • Increasing workplace productivity;
  • Reducing fuel expenses;
  • Reducing vehicle maintenance costs;

Every business should be upgraded with GPS vehicle tracking because that way they can improve their bottom line, and by that build a better reputation and attract more customers.

Source: www.engineersjournal.ie

The GPS vehicle tracking will provide a complete information about all vehicles including:

  • Fuel level;
  • Travel time;
  • Driver Behavior History;
  • Odometer Readings;
  • Vehicle Identification Number;

Yet, a company that follows its promises made to customers is the one that will be recommended. By that, your business will grow.

More precisely, GPS tracking systems are enabling its users to improve their bottom line mainly because these tracking systems are allowing access to complete vehicle information.

Nevertheless, fleet managers and trucking company owners are faced with difficult challenges every day. Luckily, the GPS vehicle tracking system has made their job easier.

Businesses that have implemented a GPS vehicle tracking system are processing all information about their fleet in a faster and easier way.

7. GPS Vehicle Tracking Lowers Potential Collision

Upgrading your business with GPS vehicle tracking will help you in lowering the potential motor vehicle accidents.

In general, if we take a look at the statistics about motor vehicle accidents in the USA, then we can see clearly that the situation is quite alarming.

Source: www.i45truckaccidents.com

Here is a glimpse of motor vehicle accident statistics:

  • Around 40.000 of the motor vehicle accidents that happen on the U.S. highways are fatal;
  • Almost 30% of the accidents are due to speeding;
  • In average 3 million people get injured throughout the year as a result of motor vehicle accidents;
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Thereupon, I strongly believe that you want your business to avoid becoming one of these statistics. That is why I would suggest you upgrade your business with GPS vehicle tracking system.

GPS vehicle tracking systems are known to lower the potential collision of class 8 trucks.

Source: www.truckwreckjustice.com

Here is what type of signals the GPS vehicle tracking system will send you:

  • Speeding alerts;
  • Hard accelerating alerts;
  • Hard braking alerts;
  • Maintenance notifications;

So, once a GPS vehicle tracking system is being installed, straight proportionally fleet managers, and trucking company owners will be in the position to monitor the behavior of their truck drivers.

Also, alerts can be created, so that truck drivers can get notified when there is a certain improper activity going on.

In addition, the GPS vehicle tracking will definitely increase the awareness of truck drivers- due to the fact that they know that they are being monitored!


To enumerate, the 7 reasons that I have revealed you are at the same time the major advantages of implementing and using a GPS vehicle tracking device for fleet management.

In general, customers do prefer fast service and quick delivery. Nowadays that is possible thanks to the GPS vehicle tracking systems.

With the implementation of GPS vehicle tracking, businesses can stay on top of their customers’ demands.

Simply said, the GPS vehicle tracking can be seen as a solution for every business.