The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry has opened its doors to a lot of truck drivers who are earning their living by transporting goods and raw materials with class 8 trucks.

In general, truck drivers are providing load transportation services which are essential for numerous other industries. In fact, if the trucking industry in the USA would stop for few days, all other industries will get to face difficulties.

Thereupon, truck drivers are faced with a lot of responsibilities on a daily basis. Also, all truck drivers who are part of the trucking industry should adhere to the strict rules which are being administered by the United States Department of Transportation.

Nevertheless, just a few people know the real side of truck drivers lifewith what truck drivers are facing on a daily base? And what the trucking industry hides behind?

In general, the job that truck drivers are performing requires driving in unsafe weather conditions under strict time. That is to say that the profession that truck drivers have chosen is one of the most demanding and life-threatening occupations available across industrialized societies.

So, let’s see what truck drivers are facing on a daily basis.

Or more precisely, which are the good, the bad, and the ugly side of the trucking industry?

1. The Good Side Of The Trucking Industry

Becoming a truck driver means getting to enjoy many advantages.

In general, truck drivers who are part of the trucking industry for a long time are pretty much satisfied with their careers due to the higher than average salary. The chance of advancement that this profession brings, as well as the good benefits.


Thereupon, many truckers got attracted to this type of profession due to the fact that they get to be their own bosses- sort of.

Let me be more precise, company truck drivers do have bosses but they are not working in an office with a boss who is looking directly over their shoulder.

Moreover, the trucking industry is attracting many truck drivers because of the non-traditional working environment.

A Great Salary Plan

As I mentioned before, the good side of the trucking industry brings a great salary plan with a lot of bonuses and increased payment.

Did you know that many leading trucking companies in the USA are guaranteeing to their truck drivers pay raises as they add on years of experience?


Not only that they do so, but trucking companies are also paying their truck drivers a higher salary for being reliable and for delivering the loads on-time too.

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Future truck drivers should keep in mind that West Virginia and Mississippi are the high paying states for rookie truck drivers. The average salary for rookie truck drivers, in general, is $34.000 on a yearly basis.

Get an Extra Bonus

Extra bonuses come altogether with the great salary plan.

That is to say, trucking companies are providing truck drivers the opportunity to enjoy additional benefits if they haul particular loads at a particular distance in a safe and on-time manner.


Also, many truck drivers nowadays are being awarded by trucking companies for having extraordinary safety records.

Truckers Get To See Different Scenery

One of the most amazing benefits that the trucking industry can bring to truck drivers is the enjoyment of the different scenery.


Since truck drivers are for a long time on the road and are constantly driving different routes, straight proportionally they get to travel to places they have never visited before.


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Most often truck drivers don’t get to be tourists in the cities they are delivering or picking up the loads, but at least they get the chance to see new sceneries.

All in all, the trucking industry is providing an amazing way of letting truck drivers see and do new things.

Have More Flexibility

Truck driving is a very dynamic job, but at the same time, it is offering flexibility.

The lifestyle of truck drivers implies that they are living every day in a completely new and different way.


Moreover, many trucking companies are setting flexible schedules, all that with the purpose to retain their high-performing truck drivers.

Even truck drivers can decide what type of hauls in some trucking companies.

As well truck drivers can decide whether they want to drive cross-region, long-distance or local routes.

Work With Teams

Team trucking is not something uncommon in the trucking industry.

As a matter of fact, there are more and more truck drivers these days who prefer to work as a team- with a colleague or a spouse.


But, before you decide that you want to start a career as a team truck driver you should make sure that you have chosen a reliable and responsible person as a teammate. After all sharing your truck/home on the road with someone that you not know is not as easy as one might think.

The main reason why team truck driving has spread significantly in the past decade is due to the high salary that team truckers receive. A single team trucker can earn, up to $100,000 per year.

Job Security

Truck drivers, once they get into the on-going scheme of the trucking industry, can gain more security in the position.

In general, the trucking industry is pretty much a secure market.


As well, truck driver’s shortage adds up more to job securement, which is a great benefit that the trucking industry is offering to truckers. A few years of safe driving under your belt can also bring job security to truckers.

2. The Bad Side Of The Trucking Industry

Believe it or not, the U.S. trucking industry has few bad sides too.

In order for a person to become a successful truck driver, he must be extremely patient, independent and a self-starter.



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