Class 8 Trucks - The Most Important Part of USA Economy

Class 8 Trucks – The Most Important Part of USA Economy

Funny how everything has a classification, isn’t it? So what is a Class 8? What are they referring to when they say that?

Well it is simply the government’s way of identifying certain types of vehicles.

Every bicycle, car, motorcycle, airplane, and truck has their own unique classifications to identify them to those who have authority to regulate their operation. Ok, so what does that mean?

Well, as we all know the government has appointed various governing bodies to regulate industry standards. They also determine other classifications for vehicles and equipment used within the various industries.

The trucking industry is therefore no different, both heavily regulated and standardized, at least at the Federal level. The individual states still maintain their own regulatory agencies, but fall in line with the federal guidelines.

With that said, they have seen fit to classify all vehicles that operate on American roads.

Briefly, I will focus on the eight different classifications for trucks. These are basically based on the maximum weight a vehicle can carry.



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