Make Your Truck Radio The Best Travel Companion

10 Tips To Make Your Truck Radio Best Travel Companion

You are probably thinking my truck radio? How can that be a travel companion, much less my best travelling companion? Well simple, who else will talk to you? Who will sing to you? Keep you up to date on the scores of your favorite sport? Late night driving and long stretches of open road will quickly demonstrate the need for a good truck radio.


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Most drivers will tell you, being a truck driver is cool and great. There are so many aspects that make the trucking industry appealing. Though this might not be the first one people think about, it is a rewarding career.

The trucking industry is the only industry that directly affects everyone’s life. From the consumer to the retail clerk to the local mechanic, none of these could exist or have the opportunity to get what they need, if it wasn’t for the trucking industry.

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Trucking truly is the lifeblood of our great nation. Without the trucking industry it would be a matter of weeks before everything would collapse. Most don’t even realize just how dependent we, as a nation, are on the trucking industry. Most truckers don’t consider that either, when they choose driving a big truck for a living.

But there are several other aspects that they actually do consider such as; well, most truckers will eventually get a good salary, once they have a few miles under their seat. Long haul drivers tend to make considerably more than local drivers. When being paid by the mile, typically the average driver can rack of a few thousand miles a week, it adds up.

Another great thing about trucking, if you’re a driver, is the freedom. Other than being told when and where you need to go, you have almost complete control of your mobile office.

That isn’t the case for the dispatcher, administrative staff, mechanics, and most other employees in this industry. Unlike them, you don’t have to punch a time clock, request restrooms breaks, worry about whose turn is it at lunchtime; that is something that appeals to many others, but not to you.

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What is the downside?

Depending if you’re a long haul or local driver will determine how much time is spent at home. Local drivers are home every night or most every night, while long haul drivers are lucky if they get home for the weekend. Then there are the other issues to contend with.

Just a few of the things are; tons of regulations, other drivers, the weather, maintenance, and not being around other people. The last one is a blessing for some, but not everyone. So how do you get around this? With a good truck radio, of course, things can be much more relaxed and better.

Just think, no worrying about what station you’re playing, and if it will bother someone else. Just like the cab is your office, your truck radio is yours to tune to whatever you wish to listen to (and as loud as you like). Of course this gives you ample options.

If you’re into talk radio, like to play CDs, sync your IPod or whatever you like it doesn’t matter. Turn your truck radio up and sing as loud as you wish it’s your truck radio, in your office.

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Find your best radio station

Like I mentioned, the truck radio can be synced to your IPad, or you can choose to play CDs. The choice is up to you, it’s your truck radio. The great thing about today is the variety that is available. Years ago we didn’t have as much variety; your choices were limited to whatever had a strong enough frequency to reach your location.


Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

Free ebook

Then you were limited by its range, which usually ended in the middle of your favorite song. And if you were out in the middle of nowhere, it could be several hundred miles without any radio at all!

That is not the case so anymore. Radio stations have much broader range or they affiliated with other stations and have a national following. If you like talk radio, sports, or other informational stations they are more popular now. Plus the truck radios are designed to work with all sorts of other electronic devices and all those gadgets that are made for making our life easier.

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The other great thing is satellite radio. So if you love a particular station from Miami, for example, but are heading to Seattle, you won’t miss a thing. Simply tune your truck radio to that station and enjoy. Or if you are going through different area and like different stations, just set your presets on your truck radio and enjoy. You will always have your favorite station on.

Here are some examples of channels that cater directly to the trucking industry:

  • Trucker Radio
  • Road Dog Trucking Radio
  • Bandit Radio
  • Truck Stop Quebec
  • Trucknet Radio

Find the local state radio stations to learn more about each state

Speaking of setting your truck radio to specific stations, this can be very helpful. You can get the local weather reports, traffic updates and other information that won’t be available from your home station. Just like specialty apps, your truck radio can be a beneficial tool, if used for more than just listening to music. Especially in heavy traffic and highly developed areas it might be a good idea to switch to a local radio station.

I know most people don’t like commercials. Truths to be told neither do I, usually, though there have been some fun ones over the years. However, by tuning your truck radio to a local station you’ll get the local news.  This can help save you some headaches. How can, you ask?

Imagine that you must deliver to a warehouse that is located in an area where people are protesting. If you heard about this soon enough you could learn more. Check your GPS to see if you have to go through that area, or call the warehouse and ask about what you heard on your truck radio to see if it’s an issue or not. The last thing you would want to do is drive up in the middle something like that.

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