Ultimate Truth: Can Felons Be Truck Drivers?

Can felons be truck drivers? – Hmm, this is a simple question with not that easy of an answer. To make the point clear, there is no easy answer on the question, “can felons be truck drivers”? After all, we live in crazy world lately! Back in the days when there was no internet, you […]

Ultimate Guide: How To Find The Best CB Radio For Your Truck

CB radios were originally introduced on the market in 1940s. Yet, they did not gain popularity straight away, quite the opposite, it was three decades later that the CB radios peaked in popularity. Nowadays, we can witness that almost all truck drivers are using CB radios. Generally speaking CB radios are the most common form […]

All Time Top 30 Famous Trucking Songs

Well, now there are many things people enjoy and trucking songs is most defiantly one of them. You know I am right! We might not agree on which political party is best. We might not agree on which government agency has had the greatest impact on the trucking industry (positive or negative). We might not […]

10 Things To Know About The Transfer Tank

When working in the transportation or trucking industry, a quality transfer tank is more than just a luxury. It is a beneficial must have, much like so many other pieces equipment and gadgets such as a GPS, tracking systems, and good communications (truck radio, cell phone, etc.). Fuel is a major consideration, it is literally […]

10 Interesting Facts About A Tanker Truck

Imagine yourself in a tanker truck driving down the open road. The wind is touching your hair; you are listening to the truck radio show on “Trucker radio” or “Bandit” and enjoying the freedom! If you can imagine yourself like that, then being a truck driver is the career you should consider. The trucking industry […]

10 Secrets To Find Best Local CDL Jobs

What is meant by Local CDL jobs? Well that is quite simple; getting hired as a truck driver or other vocation that involves specialized free and paid CDL training to operate commercial equipment. There are numerous opportunities if you are up for it. Keep in mind driving isn’t for everyone. Often there are long days, […]

10 Tips To Make Your Truck Radio Best Travel Companion

You are probably thinking my truck radio? How can that be a travel companion, much less my best travelling companion? Well simple, who else will talk to you? Who will sing to you? Keep you up to date on the scores of your favorite sport? Late night driving and long stretches of open road will […]