Ultimate Truth- Can Felons Be Truck Drivers?

Ultimate Truth: Can Felons Be Truck Drivers?


Can felons be truck drivers? – Hmm, this is a simple question with not that easy of an answer. To make the point clear, there is no easy answer on the question, “can felons be truck drivers”?

After all, we live in crazy world lately! Back in the days when there was no internet, you might get away with a felony charge or two and still be a truck driver, but not now.

Oh man, now I think they know ahead of time if you are going to think to commit a crime or not…heck, they might know even before you know….

They just know everything; much less can felons be truck drivers?

Source: www.ebusinessgrant.com
Source: www.ebusinessgrant.com

Now days, the trucker community is so advanced. They use state of the art technology like smart phones, GPS’s tracking tools and what not.

They have all kinds of trucking forums and magazines, truck radio channels and what not. And they have their own communities and their own world if I might say!

First and more important, I think that it all depends on the circumstances the question can felons be truck drivers or not?



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