10 Best Trucker Magazines In US


Why do we tend to read trucker magazines on a daily basis? Which are the best trucker magazines in US that are providing the most amazing news from the trucking industry?

To be sincere, there are multiple answers to these questions, and it all depends from each persons’ point of view. But in general from a psychological point of view we can see that by reading these magazines we are feeling more inspired, and at the same time we hope that in the middle of an ordinary day we can find something that can lead us to improving our trucking business. Isn’t that so?

On the other hand when it comes to the second question- Which are the best trucker magazines in US- I can give you a more precise answer, because unlike the first question this one can be answered more equitably.

After going through a variety of strategies and surveys, I came up with the ranking of the following 10 best trucker magazines in US, all of these magazines that I have chosen are providing the best and most reliable news from the trucking industry.

Let’s take a look!

1. Overdrive Magazine

10-best-trucker-magazines-in-us-2Source: www.overdriveonline.com

 Overdrive Magazine is one of the 10 best trucker magazines in US. This magazine is the premier provider of the latest trucking news.

Besides being one of the best trucker magazines in US, Overdrive Magazine has remained to be a free business publication- providing important and latest information to qualified owner operators.

An amazing fact about this top US magazine is that- Overdrive Magazine has remained to attract new readers and to attain the loyal ones for more than 50 years so far.

The main topics that this magazine covers mostly include:

  • New Truck Information;
  • Gear Reviews;
  • Regulation News, as well as
  • Industry News, and many more….

If you want to keep up with the latest news that this trucking magazine provides you can subscribe to their newsletter, or to get connected with them via: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Linked In.

Believe me when I say that there ain’t a person who is engaged in the trucking industry and is not amazed by the topics and trucking information that this magazine provides. Not to forget, Overdrive Magazine is supported by The Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama.

2. Road King Magazine

10-best-trucker-magazines-in-us-3Source: www.blog.jcsp.net

 Road King Magazine is ranked as one of the 10 best trucker magazines in US. For more than 50 years Road King Magazine has been and has remained to be the top read choice of the people that are operating in the trucking industry.

This trucker magazine is mainly focused of delivering the best reads to their loyal readers, it is mostly focused on the truckers’ lifestyle, their issues, as well as their stories. Mostly the readers of Road King Magazine comprise owner-operators, and fleet truck drivers.

Hence, Road King Magazine is an award winning magazine and not only that it is also nationwide recognized magazine- thanks to its reliable, truthful, and useful content. This magazine also features Locations and Amenities Guide that include more than 230 TA and Petrol locations.

Maybe one of the reasons why truck drivers and the other people that are engaged in the trucking industry enjoy reading Road King Magazine is the fact that this magazine spotlights the men and women that are operating on the roads every day- including their story, and the main motivation that keeps them in this industry.

3. Trucker’s Connection Magazine

10-best-trucker-magazines-in-us-4Source: www.truckersconnection.com

 Trucker’s Connection is one of the best trucker magazines in US, it is part of the Trucking Division of Target Media Partners.

In fact, Target Media Partners represent digital and print advertising solution providers, serving mostly the private parties of all kinds of businesses. Therefore, this trucker magazine is helping truck drivers to find new job opportunities.

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Moreover, as a market leader in the long-haul trucking businesses- Trucker’s Connection is representing one of the best truck driver recruiting market.

Henceforth, this trucker magazine has six national sister publications.

In the latest monthly issue Trucker’s Connect has included the following trucking companies:

Additional useful tip for the truckers that are operating on the road- On the website of this trucker magazine you can find few quick links like:

  • Job Search at www.TruckJobSeekers.com ;
  • Weather Information;
  • Trucking News;
  • National News;
  • Celebrity Gossips, and so on.

It is my recommendation that you stay connected with Trucker’s Connection.

4. Truckers News Magazine

10-best-trucker-magazines-in-us-5Source: www.pdfmagazines.org

 Trucker News Magazine is ranked as one of the 10 best trucker magazines in US, and there is no reason for you to wonder why. It is more than crystal clear that Trucker News Magazine is providing the best trucker news and information in the most time-efficient manner.

Thereupon, Trucker News Magazine is providing information about:

  • Trucks;
  • Trucking News;
  • Features;
  • Fun In The Trucking Industry;
  • Truckers Health;
  • Job Opportunities for truck drivers;
  • Trucking Gear;


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This trucker magazine is also featuring newsletter, so that their readers can be updated with the latest trucking news- that are concerning them for sure.

If you are a truck driver, who is driving on the road on a constant basis, and you don’t have time to keep track of the latest trucking updates- than Trucker News Magazine is the perfect choice for you. With this leading US trucker magazine you will stay connected with the latest happenings.

5. 10-4 Magazine

10-best-trucker-magazines-in-us-6Source: www.issuu.com

 10-4 Magazine was incorporated in 1993 in Southern California, since its establishment it has become one of the best reads for the people in the trucking industry. Their most loyal readers are:

  • Company Drivers;
  • Owner-Operators;
  • Small Fleet Owners;

Moreover, 10-4 Magazine can be found on places where the truck drivers go frequently, such as:

Although this trucking magazine straight after its incorporation has started to write mostly about particular advertisements, nowadays it is way more developed and its topics cover almost all topics that concern the people in the trucking industry.

Henceforth, 10-4 Magazine occasionally makes humanitarian events- they are raising money for all kinds of charities.

Since its incorporation this trucker magazine is improving as a publication. One more interesting feature that 10-4 Magazine allows on its official website is- providing links to other sites that are related to the trucking industry.

Furthermore, in almost every edition of this magazine its readers can find a truck-related cartoon, which is being drawn by the truck driver and cartoonist Vic Vasselin.



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