10 Best Trucker Magazines In US

6. Fleet Owner Magazine

10-best-trucker-magazines-in-us-7Source: www.fleetowner.com

 Providing always useful and best information that concern the people engaged in the trucking business, contents that includes various operations, vehicle maintenance, as well as trucking industry regulations- has made Fleet Owner to be one of the 10 best trucker magazines in US.

Generally the content of this trucker magazine touches the executives in the trucking industry, altogether with the managers of commercial-trucking fleets that have a fleet larger than 5 vehicles.

Fleet Owner covers the following topics:

On the website of this trucker magazine you can see featuring:

  • Media Center;
  • Site Archive;
  • RSS;
  • Site Map;

Moreover, Fleet Owner Magazine is updating their news on a daily basis, so if you choose to read this trucker magazine you will be updated with the latest information-that is for sure.

7. Land Line Magazine

10-best-trucker-magazines-in-us-8Source: www.issuu.com

 Land Line is the perfect business magazine for professional truckers, and not only that it is also one of the 10 best trucker magazines in US.

Therefore the archive of Land Line Magazine is providing to its readers information that can be placed under the categories of :

  • Special Reports;
  • Daily News By State;
  • Magazine Archive;
  • Letters To The Editor;
  • Election Coverage;


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Yet, on their website you can read more important information that cover the topics of:

  • Federal Calls To Action;
  • Legislative Watch;
  • Industry Calendar;

Also interesting fact about Land Lane is that it is collaborating with Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association- OOIDA.

8. American Trucker Magazine

10-best-trucker-magazines-in-us-9Source: www.issuu.com

American Trucker is one of the best trucker magazines in US, actually this magazine is providing its readers with the best trucking information and advises for more than 40 years. This trucker magazine is being read mostly by independent owner-operators and managers of trucking companies.

Henceforth, American Trucker has become part of the leading transportation industry brands- that is to say it is part of the Penton Automotive & Trucking.

The leaders and editors of American Trucker have found out the ways and means how to create award-winning journalism. Their kind of journalism is bringing closer their readers to the trucking marketplace, which is offering all kind of trucks, trailers, as well as other useful trucking parts.

If you are a loyal reader of American Trucker, you should already know which sections and topics does this trucker magazine covers, but still I’m going to provide you with the following information-for the ones that have never read it.

So American Trucker covers the following sections or categories of content:

So get yourself the latest American Trucker Magazine and enjoy reading the best news in the trucking industry while on break drinking coffee!

9. Vintage Truck Magazine

10-best-trucker-magazines-in-us-10Source: www.jeepsurreygala.com

Vintage Truck Magazine is one of the best trucker magazines in US with a circulation of more than 35.000 readers.

If we take a look many years ago, we can see that Vintage Truck was actually incorporated in 1993 under the name of “This Old Truck”.

Generally the topics that this trucker magazine covers include information about:

  • Light-Duty Commercial Vehicles;
  • Pickups;
  • Panels;
  • Station Wagons;
  • Specialized Vehicles;

What makes this trucker magazine unique and attractive to the readers is the fact that it puts its focus on the restored as well as on the original trucks, altogether with that providing useful advises for the truckers that are rolling on the highways every day.

On their website and in their editions you can read technical and historical articles that comprise a forum where the truck drivers that are reading their articles can share their opinion and their experiences.

10. Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine

10-best-trucker-magazines-in-us-11Source: www.issuu.com

 Heavy Duty Magazine was incorporated in the early 90’s, as the years passed by this trucker magazine has risen up to be one of the editorial leaders in the field of trucking news and articles.

On a monthly basis over 115.000 executives and more than 4.000 truck drivers are reading this trucker magazine, and that speaks volumes about the quality of the content that they are providing to their readers.

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Amazingly, Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine so far has been awarded with 25 Neal awards, as well as with 18 Certificates of Merit. In the editorials of HDT Magazine you can read about multiple topics, topics that cover almost all areas in the trucking industry, such as:

In addition HDT Magazine has employed three editors that have obtained Commercial Drivers Licenses. When there is any need of doing regular and new truck tests those three editors are always present and are evaluating new trucks, engines, as well as new components.

All in all this trucker magazine is representing a leader in the most innovative and effective media services that concern the trucking industry, and that has made this trucker magazine to be awarded with more than 100 top journalism awards.


To enumerate, everyone in the trucking industry wants to be updated with the latest information and news, regardless if it is information about new trucks and trailers, or info about the newest technology gadgets.

In that direction I have decided few weeks ago to go through multiple surveys and strategies in order to help the people that are searching for the best trucker news reads. Thereupon I came up with the result of the 10 best trucker magazines that I have listed in this article. I hope that these trucker magazines will fulfill your content criteria.

If you have read some of these trucker magazines-please share your opinion about their content with us and our blog readers.



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