100 Best Tools To Run Trucking Business


Starting a trucking company and growing it to be among the best trucking companies regarding the quality of services, the time-efficiency, as well as by having one of the most professional truck drivers, wouldn’t turn into reality without using some of these 100 best tools to run trucking business.

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Therefore, I have dedicated this article to the 100 best tools to run trucking business, because leading a trucking company requires a disciplined approach, and these tools can make that process easier to you, as well as to all employees and truck drivers.

In the past few years we could see crystal clear that the trucking industry had finally achieved the long-wanted stability, and straight proportionally to that a lot of trucking companies were incorporated. But yet, unfortunately not all trucking companies that were incorporated had found its way to success, and that is due to the lack of knowledge, lack of tools and information.

Henceforth, the success of every trucking company is based on the profit that the company is making annually. Than you must be asking yourself what is killing the profit of trucking companies? Some of the main silent profit killers are:

  • Cost of fuel;
  • Expenses for Insurance;
  • IFTA;
  • Cost of regular vehicle maintenance;
  • Monthly truck and trailer payments, and so on;

So if you want to avoid unnecessary and additional spending, and you want to increase the profit of your trucking company, in that case I would like to recommend you the 100 best tools that I have chosen. I consider these tools to be exceptional for running a trucking company successfully.

Best GPS Truck and Trailer Trucking Solution

1. Fleetmatics

Source: www.careers.fleetmatics.com

 Fleetmatics is one of the best GPS truck and trailer solutions, at the same time it represents a leading provider of management solutions. Thanks to their innovative fleet management solutions many businesses have seen the light-have significantly enhanced their productivity.

Therefore Fleetmatics is constantly providing to the users of their management solutions insights like:

  • Vehicle Location;
  • Speed;
  • Fuel Usage;
  • Mileage;

2. Telogis

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-3Source: www.kpcb.com

 Telogis has developed MEM- Mobile Enterprise Management software which helps in the optimization of many businesses. The technologies of Telogis do not require any hardware installations. Therefore with their innovative technologies you will be able to see the location of your vehicle in real time as well as the full metrics. In fact Teologis is representing one platform for all connected intelligence.

3. Teletrac

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-4Source: www.socialcompare.com

 As a veteran telematic company Teletrac Navman has been helping the fleets improve and boost their revenue by lowering their costs. Their data driven software solutions are allowing to the trucking companies that are using their services to be informed on time about the location, fuel monitoring as well as the compliance of their fleet. In 2015 Teletrac has gone one step further by creating a merged telematic powerhouse.

4. Verizon Network Fleet

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-5Source: www.consumersadvocate.org

 Verzion Telematics is providing telematic expertise altogether with professional services that can connect your vehicle to one extended world of useful information. By providing modular services that are able to fit to any business -Verzion Telematics has positioned itself as one of the key contributors that can improve the efficiency of your business.

5. Omnitracs

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-6Source: www.sdcexec.com


Omnitracs are enjoying a good reputation among the GPS truck and trailer trucking solutions thanks to the numerous proven applications and services that they have developed. Omnitracs LLC has achieved to maximize the resources and at the same time to protect the drivers of the trucking companies that are their users through their innovative transportation management solutions. These solutions are mostly based on integrated software- SaaS applications altogether with analytic platforms.

6. Fleetistics

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-7Source: www.pr.com

 Fleetistics is one of the most successful companies that has developed GPS truck and trailer tracking solutions. Actually their trucking solutions- the GPS tracking is the core of their business and their success. Therefore Fleetistics is in the position to provide complete line of fleet management systems. The fleet management services that Fleetistics are offering will definitely increase the productivity, integration as well as accountability of your trucking company.

7. Nextraq

Source: www.directionsmag.com

 Nextraq is one of the leading global providers of fleet management solutions, this company is known by the fact that it is constantly growing and upgrading. Nowadays Nextraq is providing its services to over 110.000 users. Being part of the FleetCor Technologies Inc. has made this company besides being one of the leading global providers of fleet management solutions to be as well one of the leading providers of fuel cards and payment services as well as products.

8. GoFleet

Source: www.energi.com

 GoFleet is ranked as one of the fleet management and tracking technology leaders. As such GoFleet with their technology is providing help in the management process, and are leading their users to increase their productivity and to reduce the truck accidents by increasing their safety. In general this company is offering end-to-end hardware and software solutions. The services of GoFleet can make a perfect fit for every trucking company since it is able to cover small and medium fleets.

9. Rhino Fleet Trucking

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-10Source: www.rhinofleettracking.com

 Rhino Fleet Trucking is a company that is providing one of the best GPS truck and trailer trucking solutions that are available nowadays. These kind of solutions are perfectly made to fit and meet the needs of the trucking companies. This company has GPS tracking experts that can help your way by analyzing and suggesting the best tracking solutions for your fleet. Also another positive thing about this company is that they are in the position to customize the GPS Fleet Tracking Solution according to your needs.

10. ATTI

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-11Source: www.advantrack.com

 ATTI – Advanced Tracking Technologies Inc. Is among the leading manufacturers and distributors of GPS fleet tracking systems and solutions at the same time. By installing and using their tracking solutions you will be able to experience innovative and affordable management software solutions. With the tracking solutions that ATTI is offering you will be able to keep your fleet on screen and on track all the time.

Best Fleet Management Software

1. TMW

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-12Source: www.etrucking.com

 TMW Systems is a company that is considered to have developed one of the best fleet management software. This company is making solutions that can meet the demands of trucking companies and at the same time by offering them their solutions can make the companies grow stronger. TMW Systems is working with small, medium and large companies.

2. TomTom Webfleet

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-13Source :www.fmcfleettrak.co.uk

 TomTom Telematics is one of the leading telematics solution providers as well as one of the best fleet management software providers in the world. This company has dedicated their work to contribute to the trucking business by fleet management solutions, connected vehicle services as well as vehicle telematics.

3. Fleet Complete

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-14Source: www.truckshow.com

 As a global provider of fleet management solutions -Fleet Complete since its incorporation has conceived to meet the needs of the transportation and trucking industry. Nowadays this management software provider is servicing more than 5.000 customers all over the world, and has grown strong partnerships with their loyal customers.

4. Fleetio

Fleetio has been incorporated in 2012 and nowadays it represents one of the best fleet management software providers. Their fleet management software is made in order to reduce the complexity that the people in trucking industry are facing every day.

5. Roadmiral

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-15Source: www.linkedin.com

 Roadmiral is Innovative Fleet Software Developing Company, since its incorporation this company aims to give to their customers the software solutions that they are looking for. This company has achieved enormous success thanks to their custom products as well as services development. Roadmiral is that kind of a company that is constantly integrating key patents.

6. TruckTrack

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-16Source: www.slideshare.net

 TruckTrack is one of the best fleet management software solutions that are created in order to manage the loads easily. Therefore, have also developed mobile app that enables truck drivers to sign documents on the phone as well as to send pickup and delivery instructions.

7. Internet Truck Stop

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-17Source: www.mercurygate.com

 Internet Truck Stop or Truckstop is one of the best fleet management software providers. Also this provider is among the biggest and largest credit reporting entity in the trucking industry. Internet Truck Stop is helping in the whole process of loading and unloading as well with these software truck drivers will be able to keep accurate records starting from the driver logs up to the expenses.

8. Fleet Maintenance Pro

Fleet Maintenance Pro or Innovative Maintenance Systems is one of the leasers in providing maintenance management software solutions. With their software solutions Fleet Maintenance Pro is facilitating their users to maximize their update and efficiency. Keeping track with your facility, machinery, trucks as well as tools will be very easy with the innovative maintenance solutions of Fleet Maintenance Pro.

9. Vehicle Fleet Manager

Vehicle Fleet Manager is among the best leaders in the fleet maintenance software. The aim of VFM is to service the trucking industry; moreover this software can fit small, medium, as well as large fleets. This software will let their users keep track of the maintenance from maintenance records up to fuel statistics.

10. Gurtam

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-18Source: www.logos-download.com

 For more than 13 years Gurtam has remained in the software engineering business and has specialized in GPS tracking. Their GPS tracking software is mostly used in the trucking industry but also its use can meet the demands of delivery services,oil companies, secret services. Gurtam has development centers in USA, Middle East, Europe, Australia and South America.

Best ELD Mandate Solutions

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-19Source: www.eldfacts.com



KIN is a software that is suitable for trucking companies, at the same time this intuitive HR software will meet the requirements for the ELD Mandate Solutions. With this software all truck drivers will be able to manage their data and files without the need of papers, this method of managing the information will bring more time to truck drivers as well they will have clearer picture of all the information thanks to its onboarding feature.

2.Viewpoint 5.0

Viewpoint is reporting tool which is easy to use, its main aim is to provide its users with intelligent way of keeping their data and a better and more time-efficient way of organizing their duties. One of the best features of this software is that it allows multile users to be logged in in the same time, all of them can report their information and responsabilities.

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Hey! I'm George J.Magoci and I will send you a FREE eBook where you can learn 12 secret steps how to make $950 more truck/month.

3.Truck Logistics

If you are looking for a way to make your business more efficient and to meet the requirements of the ELD mandate, in that case I would like to recommend you Truck Logistics. With this software trucking companies as well as the truck drivers will be in a better position to manage the busines in one place. This software also features: dispatch, LTL, Invoice, and Multi-User Access.

4.Telenav Enterprise

Being among the best ELD mandate solutions- Telenav Enterprise Business Solutions can meet your way and show you the way how to increase the visabilityand the control of your fleet. With Telenav you will have an easy acess to the exact location of each of your trucks.

5.Avaal Express

Avaal would make a perfect choice if you are looking to meet the ELD mandate solutions. This software comes in four different versions, all versions of this software are made in a way that they can meet the needs and rewuirements of your company. Those versions include: Container Software, Freight Broker Software, Dispatch Software, and Auto Hauler Software.

6.Regatta Transportation Solutions Software

Regatta Transportation Solutions have developped software that can meet the needs of trucking companies in order to fit with the requirements of the ELD mandate. This software is specialized for the smaller companies only.

7.OpenText Business Network 16

If you are looking for a way how to meet the requirements of the ELD demands , than you should take into consideration Open Text Business Network 16. In fact Open Text is customized in a way that it can simplify the exchange of information and data within the company but also it enables its users to have a better communication with its customers as well as suppliers. Open Text Business Network 16 is comprised of: B2B Managed Services, B2B integration, secure messaging, also at the same time it functions as well it improves the work of the community management.

8.Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems have developped routing software that can meet the ELD demands.This routing software is specialized for the oversized vehicles. With the software that Bentley Systems have developped you will have peace of mind knowing that your vehivles and truck drivers will enjoy in the safe travel and transportation.

9.Crown Freight Manager

Crown Freight Manager do meets the ELD demands, and not only that it is at the same time a software that will give to your company good results with increased productivity. Reducing the costs and improving the services for its users are yet few more features of this software solution.

10.CTSI Global

The CTSI Global Transportation Management System is made in a way that it can meet the demands of the ELD mandate as well to automate the manual processes and to improve the performance of the truck drivers. With CTSI Global the transportation companies and their drivers will be able to manage their transportation altogether with the process of payment.

Routing Software

1.Truck Router

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-20Source: www.foglinesoftware.com

 Truck Router is two in one- it is truck routing and mileage software that is placed among the best routing softwares that trucking companies are using nowadays. Truck Router will provide you all the needed information that your fleet will need in order to improve thir time-efficient transportation. Those information comprise: truck specific routes, truck stops, toll cost, vehicle dimensions and so on.

2.Paragon Routing

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-21Source: www.linkedin.com

 Paragon Routing is one of the best routing softwares, it is easy to use and is providing multi drop routing. Also this routing software has included for its users international maps and configurable KPI reporting. The advanced optimization is yet another positive feature of Paragon Routing.

3.Routing Box

Routing Box as a cloud-based routing software will help you reduce the transportation process. This software has been developped by people that know and that understand the needs and regulations of the trucking industry. Routing Box is constantly being redevelopped and id going through upgrades in order to become faster and simpler routing software package.

4.Routing Guides

With the help of Routing Guides you will reduce the expencess of your trucking company by the process of transporming your truckd drvers work into dynamic. With this routing software you will be able to get controll over every transportation process that your fleet is operating with.

5.Smart Routing

Smart Routing is one of the best routing software solutions for truckers and trucking companies, also it is one of the most flexible solutions that can optimize the performance of truck drivers. I would like to recommend you Smart Routing if you want to reduce the costs of your trucking company and to optimize the efficincy.

6.ORTEC Routing and Dispatch

As a leader in otimization software and analytics solutions ORTEC is developped to help truck companies to strengthen their business. By using this routing software you will be able to turn out your every day struggles into easy-to-use solutions.


RouteEX/400 is ranked as one of the best routing softwares that is being used on a daily basis by a lot of trucking companies. RouteEx/400 comprises route accounting software which is able to fit both the small trucking companies and the big trucking companies. What is intrigating about this routing software is that it is divided into few applications, such as Sales order and Truck Dispatch, Inventory Control as well as Sales Route Accounting.


Intelli Route is routing software that is developped to help the fleets altogether with the shippers to reduce the costs. This routing software is made in a way that it can be easily integrated with transportation management applications. Intelli Route as one of the best routing softwares is being used by more than 90 top trucking companies in USA.

9.Master Route

Being one of the best routing sofwares- the Master Route is an essential tool for every trucking company as wwell as for the owner-operators. Master Route is featuring telematics solutions that will improve the safety of your fleet altogether with the cost reducement.

10.Route Coordinator

Route Coordinator as one of the best routing softwares is offering to trucking companies front-to-back process. This route coordinator besides being one of the best at the same time it is also one of the most affordable paratransit scheduling and routing software. This software will meet the needs and requirements of each trucking company. As well this software is really easy to use.

Best Truck Insurance Companies

1.Progressive Truck Insurance

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-22Source: www.freightlinerofhartford.com

 Progressive Truck Insurance Company is among the best truck insurace companies in USA. This truck insurance company is offering specialized truck insurances for the following types of trucks:

  • Box Trucks;
  • Semi Trucks;
  • Flatbed Trucks;
  • Tank Trucks;
  • Tractors;
  • Dump Trucks;
  • Auto hauler trailers;
  • Garbage trucks;
  • Flatbed Trailers;

2.Trinity Insurance Services LLC.

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-23Source: www.linkedin.com

 Trinity Insurance Services is insurance company which is in the trucking business for more than 30 years. This company is providing insurance for both Commercial truck as well as trailer insurance. Their insurance policies can fit large fleet, small fleet, for both long and short hauling. The insurance policies that this insurance company is providing can be used in 47 states.

3.A Classic Plan Inc.

Classic Plan is an insurance company that has specialized in comercial truck insurance. It is a well-established company that can meet the needs of different trucking companies starting from the smallest trucking company up to large trucking companies. This truck insurance company is mostly working with insurance policies for straight trucks and puckup trucks.

4.NITIC National Independent Truckers Insurance Company

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-24Source: www.truckinsurancenitic.com

 Incorporated in 2001 National Independent Truckers Insurance Company is licenced insurance company that is providing their services to client in 48 states. The services of this truck insurance company are dedicated specially for the ones that are engaged in the commercial trucking. NITIC is insurance company that is constantly implementing loss control and risk management.

5.Truck Insurance Mart Inc.

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-25Source: www.truckinsurancemart.com

 Truck Insurance Mart is one of the best and oldest truck insurance companies. Being in the trucking business for over than 45 years Truck Insurance Mart has expanded their insurance services in over 35 states in USA. The services that this company provides include: Truck insurance for small fleet, truck insurance for owner operators, truck insurance for contract haulers and so on.

6.Big Rig Insurance Services LLC.

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-26Source: www.bigrigtruckinsurance.com

 Big Rig is one of the best insurance companies that is offering insurance services that can appeal to your needs. This insurance company is offering the following insurance services:

  • General liability insurance;
  • Physical Damage Insurance;
  • Cargo Insurance;

Big Rig as one of the best insurance companies is offeing exceptional services with great rates.

7.RJS Insurance Services

RJS Insurance Services as one of the best insurance companies in USA is in the trucking business since 1991. This insurance company has specialized insurance packages in the form of liability insurance, physical damage insurance, cargo as well as general liability insurance. RJS Insurance Services is allowing slow down payment with optional one month deposit.

8.Sagamore Insurance Company

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-27Source: www.linkedin.com

 Sagamore Insurance Company is considered to be one of the best truck insurance companies in USA. This truck insurance company is part of the trucking industry since 1930, and that makes it to be one of the oldest truck insurance companies as well. If you decide to take insurance policy from Sagamore Insurance Company you won’t need any brokerage.

9.1st Guard Insurance

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-28Source: www.1stguard.com

 1st Guard Insurance was founded in 1937 and that makes this truck insurance companies to be one of the oldest, and what makes this insurance companies to be as well one of the most sucessfull is that it is operating in a customer-minded way. If you are considering to take insurance policy from this company it is good for you to know that their policies are available in the Eastern states.

10.Network truck Insurance Services Inc.

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-29Source: www.truckerinsurance.com

 Network Trusk Insurance Services is part of the trucking industru since 1989. It is well-established insurance company that is commited to providing one of the most outstanding customer services in this field. Their insurance policies cover almost all trucks, starting from box trucks up to tank trucks.

Best Dispatch Software

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-30Source: www.welovebuzz.com


Net Dispatcher Company was founded in 2008 and since than this company has shown continuous innovation as well as competitive products. This company has developped NetDispatcher which is one of the best web-based solutions. This solution is working with SaaS – Software-as-a-service- it can discover new efficiencies with ease.


Ride Scheduler is one of the best dispatch software solutions, it has been developped in 2005. What makes this dispatch solution so special is that it will save your time altogether with your money. Ride Scheduler is easy to use since it is accessible from any web browser , you won’t have any expenses for the maintenace of the software.

3.CXT- X Dispatch Solutions

Featuring robust drag-and-drop dispatch board the X Dispatch has enabled the trucking companoies to have control of their revenue. Also this dispatch software solution has flexible rate charts as well as invoicing altogether with driver settlement options. What makes X Dispatch Solution special and unique is that it can be connected with software programs such as QuickBooks, Sage, Peachtree.


TruckWin is one of the leading dispatch software solutions which includes complete software package. Increasing the efficiency, as well as simplifying the operations of the trucking businesses are the reasons why TruckWin has been developed. This dispatch software will keep your fleet runing smooth.

5.Mc Leod Software LoadMaster

McLeod Software Load Master is one of the best trucking dispatch softwares, it fits for all branches starting from the intermodal transportation up to the LTL transportation. Nowadays this trucking dispatch software is used by more than 600 trucking companies in USA. In addition McLeod features complete native accountng software solutions.

6.Total Dispatch

Total dispatch is developped in a way to manage the employees and truck drivers to function in a proper way no matter of their location. Total Dispatch is one of the best dispatch softwares, and as such it will provide its users to have an accurate view of how the things are going in their company- you will get information about their working hours and more precisely how each employee spends its day, no matter of their location.

7.Xpert Dispatch

Xpert Dispatch or Dispatch Made Easy is a fleet management software that will provide you with the optimal control of your trucking business activities. With this dispatch software you will have quick aceess to everything starting from the status of your orders up to the activity of your trailers.

8.Silent Dispatch

As one of the best dispatch software solutions- Silent Dispatch is a product which is dedicated to trucking companies. Trucking companies by using this software dispatch solution will be able to have clear view of wht is going on in the company altogether with minimizing their operational costs. Silent Dispatch is developped with cutting edge technology and it will definitelly meet your needs at the same time it will help you grow your business.

9.X Dispatch

X Dispatch is dispatch software solution which features robotus drag-and-drop dispatch board that is helpinh the poeple in the trucking business that are using it to customize their dispatch boards. Also it features intellingent dispatching capabilities and flexible invoicing with driver settlement – thease features make X Dispatch unique

10.PerGo Dispatch

PerGo Dispatch is ranked as one of the best dispatch software solutions. This dispatch software solution is providing a back-end management tool. PerGo Dispatch is handling very fast the processes of each activity, also it comes in low cost. It is that kind of dispatch software solution that will provide its users with high-level service.

Best Fleet Fuel Cards

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-31Source: www.linkedin.com

 1.BP Fuel Cards

BP Business Solutions have developped the BP Fuel Cards, these fuel cards are commony used by a lot of trucking companies in USA. The BP Fuel Cards are made in a way that they can reduce the administration time of trucking companies as well these cards on the positive side will get you detailed reportinhg about the exact amount of fuel that has enteret in the fuel tank of each truck of your fleet.

2.Chevron and Texaco Fleet Cards

Chevron and Texaco Fleet Cards are one of the best fleet fuel cards that can be found nowadays. With the help of these fuel cards you will be able to monitor the whole amount of purchase and by that you will be able to take control over the money that have been spent on fuel as well as these cards will help your way to reduce the eventual fraud.

3.ARCO Fuel Cards

ARCO Business Solutions Fuel Cards are one of the best fleet fuel cards on the market, these cards have been developped and designed to control your trucking business with ease. These fleet fuel cards are enabled to be used only with authorized correct PIN – Personal Identification Number. With the fuel card from ARCO you will be able to set limits for a particular amount of gallons on a weekly, daily or monthly basis.

4.Fuelman Fleet Cards

Fuelman Fleet Cards are considered to be one of the best fuel cards for trucking companies because these fuel cards can bring you up to 15% savings. As its user you will be put in a position to set a limit on the card in order to reduce the unwanted spendings that some drivers might cause to your trucking companies. Moreover the Fuelman Fleet Cards can be used in more than 40.000 nationwide fueling stations. Yet another feature of these fuel cards are the easy reports that you can get by tracking the drivers as well as the trucks.

5.Universal Fleet Card MasterCard

Universal Fleet Card- Master Card are cards that have universal acceptance at every fuel station, threfore it places it amon the best fleet fuel cards. This Fuel Master Card will for sure keep you informed abou7t every detail about each transaction on a daily basis, including the exemption summary as well as the fuel summary.

6.Comdata Fleet Fuel Cards

Designed to bring you peace of mind- the Comdata Fleet Fuel Card is one of the best fuel cards that trucking companies are using on a daily basis. This Fuel Card is accepted on more than 160.000 fuel locations, and being user of the Comdata Fleet Fuel Card will get you access to around 400.000 maintenance locations. If you want to simplify your administrative tasks as well as to earn rebates the Comdata Fleet Fuel Cards.

7.Foley Fuel Cards

Foley Fuel Cards will meet your way by offering you fuel savings up to 14% of the credit price at the fuel locations that are recodnizing and accepting this fuel cards. Foley Fuel Cards are nationwide accepted by thyousands of fueling stations. Foley is offering to its users accessability to dashboards in order to manage the fuel expenses.

8.ExxonMobil Fuel Card

If you are looking for fueling solutions for your trucking business than Wxxon Mobil Fuel Card would make the perfect match for your needs. This fuel card will lead you to saving time ans money at the same time, also you will be able to manage your fueling expenses. Exxon Mobil Fuel Card can fit to the needs of all types of businesses.

9.Shell Fuel Cards

Shell Fuel Cards are offering to trucking businesses as well as to owner-operators to reddeem benefits and rewards by usingt their fuel cards. Being in the Shell Drivers’ Club you will cut some percentage of your fuel expenses.

10.Wex Fleet Fuel Card

WexFleet Fuel Card is one of the best fleet fuel cards, these cards will enable you as its user to take a view at your fuel spendings. Yet one more positive feature of the Wex Fleet Fuel Card is its real time access to the online services that will bring you total control on your fuel costs.

Best Truck Portals and News

1.Today’s Trucking

Today’s trucking is one of the best and at the same time most visited truck portal. This portal is dedicated to the trucking industry and especially to truck drivers- it includes everyday news about the influential people in the trucking industry, the shows and events that are taking place as well as the health and wellness of the truckers, also the awards in the trucking indutry, and a lot of other things that concern the trucking industry.

2.Transport Topics

Transportation topics is newspaper that is dedicated to the trucking and freight transportation industry. This weekly newspaper is providing to its readers new and analysis concerning the trucking industry as well this newspaper has included on their website fuel prices and other kind of resources that are of great importance for truck drivers.

3.Fleet Owner

Fleet Owner one of the leading truck portals in the USA, this portal is powered by Penton. Moreover, as one of the leading truck portals Fleet Owner has included News about the trucking industry on a daily basis as well as various other information about trucking equipment, fleet management solutions and innovations as well as regulations that stand for the trucking industry. What is interesting about this trucking portal is has developped a separate section about running green.

4.Truck News

Truck News is the right place if you want to get informed about the latest happenings and innovations in the trucking industry. This trucking portal is one of the best in its fiels, it is being powered by Newcom Business Media. Besides providing general news about trucking industry, Truck News has included a job opening/driver recruitment section in the newspaper in order to help the truck drivers in the process of looking for a job.

5.Land Line Magazine

Land Line is the business magazine for professionall truckers, and as such this truck newspaper is helped by The Official Publication of Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association. In Land Line magazine you will be able to read the followig toppic: special reports, OOIDA in the News, Daily Trucking News, Trucking Biz Buzz and so on. Land Line Magazine is ranked as one of the best trucking newspapers that provide usefull information to truck drivers.

6.Trucking Info

Trucking Info is one of the best and one of the most innovative media that is dedicated to the trucking industry and truck drivers. As a recognition for its exceptional work this trucking portal has been awarded with 25 Neal awards as well as with 18 Certificated of Merit. Trucking Info is providing its readers on a daily basis with trucking industry news as well as fleet management solutions.

7.Go By Truck Global News

Go By Truck Global News is serving the trucking industry and the trucking comunity. Go By Truck Global News is one of the best media that is providing trucking news, on their website besides the news and other categories they have forum on which you can discuss about your experience on certain topics with other truck drivers, share your thoughts and hear theirs.

8.Live Trucking

Live Trucking is providing the best news and the latest happenings in the trucking industry. By following and reading Live Trucking you will be in track with all that is happening on the road.

9.Big City Driver

Big City Driver is one of the best truck drivers’ portals, actually it is a city driving and trucking safety portal on which are being shared experiences from trucking safety meetings altogether with articles about trucking industry. Also what makes this portal so good is that it has included a section about trucking jobs, which section is very useful if you are a truck driver who is looking for a job oportunity.

10.American Shipper

American Shipper is ranked as one of the best media and news provider for trucking industry. With American Shipper you will be informed on time about the regulations in different states, the newest technology, as well what is happening on the trucking markets.

Best Advises Trucking Bloggers

1.Brett Aquila

Brett Aquila is one of the best trucking bloggers, on his blog you can find a lot of information about Over The Road Trucking-which is his specialty. Therefore his blog is really useful for all truckers, but especially for the ones that are new in the trucking business. On his blog you can also find CDL materials, job listings, reviews of trucking companies and so on.

2.Todd McCann

Todd McCann is among the best trucking bloggers, on his blog you can find a lot of useful information and that is thanks to his experience as a truck driver. Actually Todd has been in the truckin industry since 1997, he has been involved both in team driving transportation and solo truck driving transportation. If you are looking for tips and tricks how to improve yourself as a truck driver, if that the case I would like to recommend you to follow this blog since it has useful content.

3.Robert Allen

As one of the best trucking bloggers-Robert Allen is writinh his articles in a way that he covers almost all aspects of the trucking industry that might intrigate the truck drivers. Not only that Robert is writing about general advices that concern truck drivers, but he has also articles about the latest technology gadgets that truck drivers should use in order to increase their safety and altogether the safety of the other driivers on the road.

4.Mike Antich

With more than 20 years of experience in the trucking industry Mike Antich has become one of the best trucking bloggers. On his blog he has more than 4600 articles and that speaks volumes about his work and dedication to the content which is of great use for the people that are involcved in the trucking industry especially for the truck drivers.

5.Bethany- One Girl Trucking

Bethany is one of the best women trucking bloggers, she is regularly sharing her experinece from the trucking industry on her blog. She represents a big inspiration for women in trucking industry.

6.Salena- The Daily Rant

Salena is a female truck driver that has developped the blog- The Daily Rant, thanks to this blog she has become one of the best trucking bloggers. On her blog you can find more than 1500 articles, all of the articles are educational and dedicated to truck drivers.

7.Allen Smith

Allen Smith is one of the best trucking bloggers, he is the one that is running the well known trucker blog- Ask the Trucker. On a daily basis there are a lot of truck drivers that are visiting thisblog and are reading his articles, most of his articles are focused on trucking industry issues.

8.Daniel S Bridger’s Trucking Blog

Daniel S is well known by the Bridger’s Trucking Blog, he aims to help the people in trucking business by giving them his advices in the form of articles. Being one of the best trucking bloggers- Daniel is caring a lot for all truck drivers, especially for the new ones

9.Laila- 18 Wheel Beauties

Having big trucks as her passion has led Laila into trucking business, she is nowadays leading the blog- 18 Wheel Beauties. On her blog you can fild a lot of diversified artices, starting from articles dedicated to the big rig toys,photos as well as videos.

10.Nasandra Wright

Nasandra Wright is one of the best trucking bloggers, her passion for trucks has come thanks to her husband who is a truck driver. She is leading the blog- Life Is A Journey, on which you can find specific and useful information about the trucking industry and the life that truck drivers are leading.

Best Mobile Apps for Trucking

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-32Source: www.mashable.com

 1. myPilot

myPilot is the kind of mobile application that will make you find the convenient way of getting most stop information. This is one of the best mobile apps for truck drivers, it has made their life easier by providing them all in one application, starting from fast fueling up to mobile wallet and shower reservations.

2. Loves

Loves is a mobile app which is of great use for truck drivers. This app will allow truck drivers to easily find the nearby stores; as well this app is featuring route planner and restaurants. This application is constantly being developed and it has improved spotlight search integration.

3. Trucker Path

Trucker Path is one of the best and one of the most popular mobile apps for truck drivers and in general for the trucking industry. This mobile app will let the truck driver find easy the nearest parking, fuel stations, rest areas, truck washes. This mobile app is used by more than 450k+ truck drivers in USA.

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4. Big Road

Big Road is among the best mobile apps developed for the trucking industry. This app will enable you to see the live traffic info, to find truck stops, fuel stations as well as truck washes. Big Road will also meet your way by providing you to make with it error free logs altogether with electronic logging.

5. CDL Warrior

If you are looking for all in one trucking app I would like to recommend you the CDL Warrior. This mobile app is one of the best mobile apps for truckers, it has more than 300.000 locations and a continually growing database. With this app you will be able to find parking with ease as well as to keep track of the mileage that the truck driver has driven.

6.Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools is an rooting and fuel optimizer app, this app is one of the best mobile apps that have been developped for the trucking industry. Truckser Tools is ultimately useful app because it makes truck drivers’ life easier, eith this app they are able to see where are the nearby truck stops, the number of parking spaces and so on. As well another feature of this app is the turn-by-turn-directions.

7.Truck Stops and Travel Plaza

Truck Stops and Travel Plaza is one of the best trucker mobile apps that is providing to truck drivers the longest running updated truck stops. All in all trucksers by using this mobile app will be able to find motel parking, road grades, road laws, rest stops and so on. Truck Stops and Travel Plaza app is also providing to its users access to 650 locations actross USA.


GasBuddy is one of the largest mobile apps that are being developped specially for the trucking industry. As a comunity based fuel app GasBuddy is providing to its users information about the cheapest gas as well as it is reporting the gas prices. With this app truck drivers will be able to combine and to compare the lowest and the highest gas prices.

9.Fleet Safer

Fleet Safer has been developped in order to reduce the risk and to improve the management of the transportation process as well as the safety of truck drivers. Therefore Fleet Safer is the ideal mobile app for corporate fleets, it is made in the way that truck drivers can have responsible use of it while driving.

10.Truck Smart

Truck smart is one of the best mobile apps for truck drivers, this app will provide you wuth interactive map which will display all Fuel and Truck Sites that are in radius of 250 miles. Also this application will give you the full service advantage that everyone in the trucking industry needs.

Best Accounting and Invoicing Software

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-33Source: www.youtube.com


ZOHO is that kind of accounting and invoicing software that will help your way into creating the financial records for your trucking company. Therefore with ZOHO you won’t have to worry about the invoices anymore- this software will enable you to send professional invoices in a time-efficient manner.This accounting and invoicing software will help you create realistic financial reports about every process that is happening in your trucking company.


As one of the best accounting and invoicing softwares – Quick Books is designed to make the payment process easier and quicker. Quick Books is flexible software that can meet the demands of every trucking company but not only that this software can meet the demands of other companies that are manufacturing materials, non profit organizations as well as retail companies.

3.Accounting by Wave

Accounting by Wave is designed and specialized for small businesses, therefore if you are leading a small trucking company and you are still in search for accounting and invoicing software, I would like to recommend you this one. With Accounting by Wave you will be able to send professional invoices and to track the incomes as well as the expences at the same time.


Slick Pie is one of the best accounting and invoicing softwares for trucking companies. Thereupon Slick Pie has been developped to keep in order the business finances of trucking companies. This software will bring you peace of mind since it is an exeptional innovation that allows its users to send invoices as well as detailed reports in a time-efficient manner.

5.Vers Accounts

Versatile and modern – Vers Accounts is dedicated to the small businesses, it helps trucking companies by enabling them to achieve better outcomes. Therefore Vers Accounts is really easy to learn and use, also its developpers have customized the EPR system to meet all requirements that their users have.

6.CRM Billing and Invoicing

CRM Billing and Invoicing is an automated billing software which is helping at the same time with the invoices management. The CRM Billing is really easy to use and by using it the customers will ensure that their bills are going to be received at the right time. There won’t be any need of its users to send their bills manually. CRM Billing and Invoicing will alert you as a reminder when its time to pay the overdue accounts.

7.Billing + Invoicing by Bill

If you are looking for invoicing software for your trucking company, I would like to recommend you the invoice software manager- Bill. Bill will make the process of sending invoices easier for you, with this software all information about your company will be at your fingertips. With this software your clients will be enabled to pay by several methods- by credit card, PayPal, Ach and so on.

8.Brisk Invoicing

Brisk Invoicing is one of the best invoicing softwares that can meet the needs of small and big trucking companies. This invoicing software will enable you to create and to track all invoices no matter of the location where you are. With Brisk Invoicing you will never loose a payment.

9.Bug Invoicing

Bug Invoicing is ranked as one of the best invoicing softwares that are available nowadays. This software will get you connected and will help you in the process of gaining insight of the companies‘ every day processes. Maximizing the process profit is what every trucking company aims for and with Bug Invoicing that can turn into reality.

10. Bee Invoicing

Bee Invoicing is one of the best invoicing softwares, it is dedicated for small trucking business companies. Being unexpensive with only one time fee Bee Invoicing is allowing to its users automatically prompt updates. Bee Invoicing would be the perfect fit for you if you are looking for a software package that will be perfect for your small trucking company.


To enumerate, trucking business every now and than has its ups and downs, that can happen in every industry, but in order for you to perserve the sucess and the reputation of your trucking company you should pay attention to the tools that are helping your way in the process of running your business.

I hope that you found this article usefull and that you are going to implement some of these tools in your trucking business.

If you are already using some of these tools please share your experience with us.