100 Best Tools To Run Trucking Business

100 Best Tools To Run Trucking Business


Starting a trucking company and growing it to be among the best trucking companies regarding the quality of services, the time-efficiency, as well as by having one of the most professional truck drivers, wouldn’t turn into reality without using some of these 100 best tools to run trucking business.


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Therefore, I have dedicated this article to the 100 best tools to run trucking business, because leading a trucking company requires a disciplined approach, and these tools can make that process easier to you, as well as to all employees and truck drivers.

In the past few years we could see crystal clear that the trucking industry had finally achieved the long-wanted stability, and straight proportionally to that a lot of trucking companies were incorporated. But yet, unfortunately not all trucking companies that were incorporated had found its way to success, and that is due to the lack of knowledge, lack of tools and information.

Henceforth, the success of every trucking company is based on the profit that the company is making annually. Than you must be asking yourself what is killing the profit of trucking companies? Some of the main silent profit killers are:

  • Cost of fuel;
  • Expenses for Insurance;
  • IFTA;
  • Cost of regular vehicle maintenance;
  • Monthly truck and trailer payments, and so on;

So if you want to avoid unnecessary and additional spending, and you want to increase the profit of your trucking company, in that case I would like to recommend you the 100 best tools that I have chosen. I consider these tools to be exceptional for running a trucking company successfully.

Best GPS Truck and Trailer Trucking Solution

1. Fleetmatics

Source: www.careers.fleetmatics.com

 Fleetmatics is one of the best GPS truck and trailer solutions, at the same time it represents a leading provider of management solutions. Thanks to their innovative fleet management solutions many businesses have seen the light-have significantly enhanced their productivity.

Therefore Fleetmatics is constantly providing to the users of their management solutions insights like:

  • Vehicle Location;
  • Speed;
  • Fuel Usage;
  • Mileage;

2. Telogis

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-3Source: www.kpcb.com

 Telogis has developed MEM- Mobile Enterprise Management software which helps in the optimization of many businesses. The technologies of Telogis do not require any hardware installations. Therefore with their innovative technologies you will be able to see the location of your vehicle in real time as well as the full metrics. In fact Teologis is representing one platform for all connected intelligence.

3. Teletrac

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-4Source: www.socialcompare.com

 As a veteran telematic company Teletrac Navman has been helping the fleets improve and boost their revenue by lowering their costs. Their data driven software solutions are allowing to the trucking companies that are using their services to be informed on time about the location, fuel monitoring as well as the compliance of their fleet. In 2015 Teletrac has gone one step further by creating a merged telematic powerhouse.

4. Verizon Network Fleet

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-5Source: www.consumersadvocate.org

 Verzion Telematics is providing telematic expertise altogether with professional services that can connect your vehicle to one extended world of useful information. By providing modular services that are able to fit to any business -Verzion Telematics has positioned itself as one of the key contributors that can improve the efficiency of your business.

5. Omnitracs

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-6Source: www.sdcexec.com


Omnitracs are enjoying a good reputation among the GPS truck and trailer trucking solutions thanks to the numerous proven applications and services that they have developed. Omnitracs LLC has achieved to maximize the resources and at the same time to protect the drivers of the trucking companies that are their users through their innovative transportation management solutions. These solutions are mostly based on integrated software- SaaS applications altogether with analytic platforms.

6. Fleetistics

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-7Source: www.pr.com

 Fleetistics is one of the most successful companies that has developed GPS truck and trailer tracking solutions. Actually their trucking solutions- the GPS tracking is the core of their business and their success. Therefore Fleetistics is in the position to provide complete line of fleet management systems. The fleet management services that Fleetistics are offering will definitely increase the productivity, integration as well as accountability of your trucking company.

7. Nextraq

Source: www.directionsmag.com

 Nextraq is one of the leading global providers of fleet management solutions, this company is known by the fact that it is constantly growing and upgrading. Nowadays Nextraq is providing its services to over 110.000 users. Being part of the FleetCor Technologies Inc. has made this company besides being one of the leading global providers of fleet management solutions to be as well one of the leading providers of fuel cards and payment services as well as products.

8. GoFleet

Source: www.energi.com

 GoFleet is ranked as one of the fleet management and tracking technology leaders. As such GoFleet with their technology is providing help in the management process, and are leading their users to increase their productivity and to reduce the truck accidents by increasing their safety. In general this company is offering end-to-end hardware and software solutions. The services of GoFleet can make a perfect fit for every trucking company since it is able to cover small and medium fleets.

9. Rhino Fleet Trucking

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-10Source: www.rhinofleettracking.com

 Rhino Fleet Trucking is a company that is providing one of the best GPS truck and trailer trucking solutions that are available nowadays. These kind of solutions are perfectly made to fit and meet the needs of the trucking companies. This company has GPS tracking experts that can help your way by analyzing and suggesting the best tracking solutions for your fleet. Also another positive thing about this company is that they are in the position to customize the GPS Fleet Tracking Solution according to your needs.

10. ATTI

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-11Source: www.advantrack.com

 ATTI – Advanced Tracking Technologies Inc. Is among the leading manufacturers and distributors of GPS fleet tracking systems and solutions at the same time. By installing and using their tracking solutions you will be able to experience innovative and affordable management software solutions. With the tracking solutions that ATTI is offering you will be able to keep your fleet on screen and on track all the time.

Best Fleet Management Software

1. TMW

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-12Source: www.etrucking.com

 TMW Systems is a company that is considered to have developed one of the best fleet management software. This company is making solutions that can meet the demands of trucking companies and at the same time by offering them their solutions can make the companies grow stronger. TMW Systems is working with small, medium and large companies.

2. TomTom Webfleet

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-13Source :www.fmcfleettrak.co.uk

 TomTom Telematics is one of the leading telematics solution providers as well as one of the best fleet management software providers in the world. This company has dedicated their work to contribute to the trucking business by fleet management solutions, connected vehicle services as well as vehicle telematics.

3. Fleet Complete

100-best-tools-to-run-trucking-business-14Source: www.truckshow.com

 As a global provider of fleet management solutions -Fleet Complete since its incorporation has conceived to meet the needs of the transportation and trucking industry. Nowadays this management software provider is servicing more than 5.000 customers all over the world, and has grown strong partnerships with their loyal customers.

4. Fleetio

Fleetio has been incorporated in 2012 and nowadays it represents one of the best fleet management software providers. Their fleet management software is made in order to reduce the complexity that the people in trucking industry are facing every day.



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