Top 10 Trucking Companies In Indiana

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Indiana


I have dedicated this article to the people that are in search for the best trucking companies in Indiana.

Therefore, we are all well aware that the trucking industry is growing really fast and straight proportionally to that the demands from the customers are increasing too. Yet in a view point of a customer choosing the perfect trucking company that can meet its needs is not simple and easy at all.

As I have noted not all trucking companies that are operating in the trucking industry nowadays can provide their customers with the best transportation services and safety measures. In that direction I did a detailed research and, I have made multiple comparisons before I came up with the final result of the following top 10 trucking companies in Indiana.

On the whole my research about the best trucking companies in Indiana included:

  • Detailed research about the history of the trucking company;
  • Detailed research about the work of the trucking company;
  • Detailed research about the safety measures of the trucking company;

In accordance with my classifications the following 10 companies can be ranked as top 10 trucking companies in Indiana, since these 10 trucking companies can fulfill the needs of each customer no matter of the industry that the customer is operating in.

1.Baylor Trucking


 Baylor Trucking is one of the leading trucking companies in Indiana, also it is one of the first companies in Indiana that has started using the latest technologies in order to improve the transportation process.

Being in the trucking industry since 1946 and having an entrepreneurial spirit has led this transportation provider to the point where they are providing only the ultimate transportation services to its customers.

In fact Baylor Trucking is a family-owned trucking company, which has been founded by Bob Baylor and his wife Beth. Baylor Trucking company has been led so far by four generations of this family, and in like manner this way of leading a trucking company has brought stability and a better understanding of their customers.


 Baylor Trucking Company is using the latest models of Freightliner trucks, and more importantly this trucking company has experienced truck drivers. When it comes to their truck drivers- all of them have obtained Class A CDL drivers license, and are still going to continuous additional trainings in order to have a constant improvement.

Thereupon, Baylor Trucking Company is one of the most advanced trucking companies in Indiana- in a view of :

  • Exceptional Fleet and Equipment;
  • Experienced and Well-Educated Truck Drivers;
  • Tracking Systems- Featuring Maptuit Navigation;

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Moreover, as a SmartWay Certified Transportation Company- Baylor Trucking is promoting sustainability. Since 2008 Baylor Trucking has included speed limiting and by that they are reducing their fuel consumption, altogether with the CO2 emissions.

2. Celadon


 Celadon is ranked among the 10 best transportation and logistics companies in Indiana. Henceforth, Celadon has been incorporated in 1985, and since than it is continually showing to their competitors what it looks like, and what it takes for a trucking company to start with one or few trucks and to achieve enormous success and to gain a fleet like theirs.


 Their exceptional services are also well known in the area of all United States, Canada, and Mexico. In regards of their trucking services- Celadon is offering to their customers:

Likewise, their dedicated services have been included in their company because the leaders of this company saw the importance of a fully staffed business segments. However, their dedicated services are efficient and cost effective at the same time.

The customers of Celadon Transportation have guaranteed peace of mind since this trucking company providing them:

  • Daily, Monthly, and Weekly Reports;
  • Asset Purchase Agreements;
  • On-Site Management;
  • Guaranteed Capacity;

3. DAUM Companies


 DAUM Companies are part of the trucking business since 1930’s; DAUM offers all kind of transportation services- starting from food transportation up to perishable loads. Yet expedited shipments are their specialty.

Moreover, if you are located in Indiana and you are looking for transportation provider- in that case you should take into consideration DAUM Companies. The fact that they are operating in 48 continental states, including Canada- speaks volumes about their success.

The fleet of DAUM Companies includes:


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DAUM Companies are paying enormous attention to providing only the best services to their customers. Therefore, DAUM are well aware that truck drivers play important part of the load transportation process, especially on the quality of the transportation- in that manner they have made strict rules about the employment of truck drivers.

On the other side if you are a truck driver, and you are looking for a job opportunity- you should know that DAUM Companies are requiring first of all, that the drivers who are applying for the open positions to have obtained class A drivers license and to have attended additional truck driver trainings.


 Henceforth, if you are transporting your loads with DAUM Companies you won’t have to worry about anything, since they will do it in a time-efficient manner. The same goes too if you are transporting urgent freight or any type of perishables and food.

4. Venture Logistics

Venture Logistics is one of the best trucking companies in Indiana, it is one of those companies that are providing full service trucking, altogether with logistics services.

This trucking company not only that it is serving their local and loyal customers but also they are operating in Continental US, Mexico, as well as Canada.


 Moreover, the services that this company offers to its customers comprise:

  • Long Hauling;
  • Short Hauling;
  • Regional Truckload;
  • Logistics Services;
  • Warehousing;
  • LTL Solutions;

Thereupon, Venture Logistics care about their customers as well as for their loads, and as a result to that they are extremely flexible and are able to give to their customers customized services that will meet their business needs.

When it comes to their expedited freight services we can see clearly that they are in the position to move your freight as quickly and efficiently as possible. The truck drivers of Venture Logistics care both for speed delivery of the loads and a safe delivery at the same time.


 Another thing worth mentioning is that their LTL Freight Services are known to be economical- regardless of the dimensions or the rate class.

Also it is important for you as a customer to know that Venture Logistics has many partner trucking companies all across USA, and they are united together so that they can achieve to increase the delivery efficiency.

If you are looking for a trucking company to transport your loads- and you find yourself in a situation where you want to choose the transportation services that Venture Logistics is offering-know that you will choose a personal trucking company and excellence all at once.



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