Top 10 Trucking Companies In Indiana

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Indiana

5. Fraley & Schilling Inc.


 Fraley and Schilling Inc. is part of the trucking business since 1955, this trucking company is ranked as one of the best trucking companies in Indiana. Fraley and Schilling Inc. trucking company are providing exceptional load transportation services altogether with honesty, fairness, firmness, and consistency.

Their outstanding customer service has led this trucking company to operate successfully during all these years.

Moreover, Fraley and Schilling are committed to innovation and they are constantly incorporating new ways and means of providing the transportation services to their customers.

Being environmentally friendly is yet one more reason of the success of Fraley and Schilling Inc. They are trying to make their fleet as environmentally friendly as possible.


 Thereupon, this trucking company has a large fleet of trucks and trailers, but more importantly they also have a big number of truck drivers and warehousing professionals- they hire around 600 transportation and warehousing professionals.

Not only that Fraley and Schilling are offering ultimate professional transportation services to their customers, but also they pay huge attention to providing the most professional job opportunity to their employees. Their truck drivers are provided with every necessary item that they need in order to do the transportation in a safe, secure, and time-efficient manner.

Moreover, the truck drivers that are working in Fraley and Schilling can say proudly that this company has provided them with orientation programs, also that this company adheres strictly to DOT load securment compliancy policy.

All in all, Fraley and Schilling are a perfect opportunity both for the truck drivers that are in search for a job opportunity, as well as to the customers that are looking for professional transportation of their loads.

6. Bolt Express


 One of the most trusted and most reliable transportation companies is what Bolt Express is. Not only that, Bolt Express is also one of the best trucking companies in Indiana.

What made this trucking company to raise and to be among the best transportation providers is:

  • Their Positive Attitude;
  • Their Professional Transportation Services;
  • Their Professional Truck Drivers;
  • Exceptional Fleet of Trucks and Trailers;


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Bolt Express is one of those trucking companies that embrace diversity, and that aim towards an honest and direct communication among their employees and clients.

Thanks to their approach and professional handling of their load transportation requirements has brought numerous new customers that have remained to use their transportation services for years.


 In regards of the truck drivers that are looking for a job opportunity- Bolt Express would make a perfect fit, because this trucking company knows how to recognize the success of their truck drives, and moreover knows how to treat them with appreciation and support.

Not only that their truck drivers are well trained, but also they are trained to work and function as a team.

7. Robinson & Sons Trucking Inc.

With more than 30 years of providing transportation services in the trucking industry- Robinson and Sons has built up a strong name as one of the best trucking companies in Indiana.

Being a family owned company- Robinson and Sons Trucking knows what dedication to the trucking business looks like, and what it means to be treating the clients with care and understanding.

Moreover, Robinson and Sons Trucking are highly experienced in managing the load transportation all across USA. Therefore, this trucking company has more than 1000 contract carriers altogether with a core group of carriers.

Mostly, Robinson and Sons Trucking are operating in the East of Mississippi, while in between serving the other regions in the USA. In the beginnings of their incorporation this trucking company has been dedicated only to the agriculture and vegetable industries, but nowadays Robinson and Sons have widen their field of operational services.

Focused on the transportation and distribution- Robinson and Sons would make the perfect fit for your transportation needs.

8. Magnum Transportation Solutions


 Incorporated as a start-up – Magnum Transportation is one of the best and most successful trucking companies in Indiana. This trucking company has managed to survive for so long in the trucking industry and to compete with the leading trucking companies such as Swift and Schneider, thanks to their time-efficient load transportation services.

“Just-In-Time” has been and has remained their main focus throughout all these years while they are operating in the trucking industry. Divine intervention is what saved and helped Magnum Transportation to stay on track and to rise among the best trucking companies.

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Nowadays Magnum Transportation is providing the following services:

  • Regional Truckload Service;
  • Freight Brokerage;
  • Dedicated Carriage;
  • Warehousing;
  • Bench-marking;

The fleet of Magnum Transportation comprises the best trucks; also their trucks are all equipped with the latest technology tracking devices, which makes the transportation easier as well as the job of the truck drivers.


 In addition to the transportation services -Magnum transportation includes:

  • Over sized Shipments;
  • High Value Shipments;
  • Facility Relocation;
  • Seasonal Capacity;

Magnum Transportation is also providing brokerage services that help the operation process of the small, medium, as well as large trucking companies.

Therefore, I can highly recommend to you the Magnum Transportation Company if you are looking for transportation services; since it is one of the leading trucking companies in Indiana which is providing the ultimate trucking services.

9. Central Transport


 Central Transport is a leading and innovative company, which can be clearly classified as one of the top 10 trucking companies in Indiana. This trucking company is also one of the fastest growing trucking companies in this region.

Therefore, as one of the best trucking companies in Indiana- Central Transport is operating with a network of around 200 customer service centers. In a view of their fleet- they are using only the best trucks and trailers, and not only that, but they are also constantly upgrading their trucks with the latest innovations.

Moreover, the truck drivers that are operating for this trucking company can proudly say that they are enjoying numerous benefits, also one of their benefit which makes their transportation operation easier are the technology gadgets that they have installed in their truck cabin.


 What makes different the Central Transportation from their competitors is that they have a way different approach in regards of the customer service and load transportation.



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