7 top secrets you should buy white freightliner 1

7 Top Secrets You Should Buy White Freightliner

Freightliner, the manufacturer of white Freightliner , represents a future-focused company that is always advancing. This company constantly uses new technologies and is leading their production through innovation .

7 top secrets you should buy white freightliner
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Moreover, Freightliner in 1942 started manufacturing lightweight and durable trucks. Nowadays this company is one of the most respected in the industry and the best-selling brand of heavy duty trucks in North America.


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Back in 1951, Freightliner signed a contract with the White Motor Co. to sell Freightliner trucks through White Dealerships . Since that agreement been signed the trucks became White- Freightliner.

Accordingly, white Freightliner is a truck that you should own. This truck has a well customized cabin where truck drivers are able to sleep in comfort. This company has used 40” wide and 80” long plush mattress which contributes for the good sleep for trucker. The walls of the cabin are curved and stiff, as well the seats provide comfort and can help the driver to be more focused.

White Freightliner has exterior sun visors which ensure that the sun won’t distract the truck driver.

Besides the performance and the color of the white Freightliner truck ,another good feature of these trucks is the comfort. Truck drivers prefer these trucks because they are the most comfortable heavy duty trucks and most efficient vehicles on the road.

1.White Freightliner Is Most Often Purchased Color

Undoubtedly the truck design and branding can influence the choices of color. This truck is mostly purchased in white color. The people who choose white trucks like to present a fresh, young and modern face to the world.

7 top secrets you should buy white freightliner
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White color doesn’t absorb heat like the dark colors do , so that is a plus reason why this truck is most often purchased in white color.

Also gender and age play a big role when choosing the truck color. Some colors are more appealing to buyers than others.

Evidently white color is the most popular truck color in the past eight years. Not only in USA but also in Asia and Europe are being purchased a lot of white Freightliner trucks in the past few years.

It is proven that 92% of the people are sure that the visual dimension is the leading factor affecting their purchase decision. Color is something that we could talk about forever.

2.White Freightliner Color Doesn’t Drive Attention

White is a perfectly balanced color and as such it doesn’t drive a lot of attention, which is a positive thing. Most of the times color can be a tricky thing.

Colors can have different meanings in different parts of the world. For example red is the most dominant color, and be sure that if you are driving a red truck you will be noticed. As well the yellow color is the first color that the human eye can recognize.


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However, color can affect to the protection of the truck but also it can affect theft. According to the statistics brightly colored trucks are being stolen more frequently than the muted colored trucks.
While driving this white truck you wont have any problem on the highways because it doesn’t drive attention, of course as long as you drive by the rules.

3.White Freightliner Is Always Good Option During Summer

White Freightliner is the best choice during summer. Very important key point that we should have in mind during summer days is that darker trucks absorb more sunlight and get hotter in summer. Because of that reason white trucks are more common in southern states where the weather is hotter.

7 top secrets you should buy white freightliner
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In the same way that color affects on the absorption of sunlight it affects on the fuel economy. Researchers have discovered that the color of your truck can affect on the fuel economy and the pollution.

The cabin of white Freightliner trucks being white reflects more sunlight than a dark truck cabin. The lighter the color – the cooler the cabin air and the less of need to run your air conditioner. And by not running your air conditioner constantly it will contribute to decreasing fuel economy. Also if you don’t use air conditioner in your white Freightliner you will increase the tailpipe emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants.

Owning a white Freightliner it will influence in a positive way both the driver and the planet. White color reflects around 60% of sun rays.

4.White Freightliner Get Barely Stopped By Police Inspection

It is said that white Freightliner is the least likely to be noticed by the police. Many officers tend to say that they don’t profile cars, only driving habits, but in practice it’s not like that.

7 top secrets you should buy white freightliner
Source: www.eblog.mercedes-benz-passion.com

Hence, it is scientifically proven that whatever colors drive your attention will be exactly the same to officers. Usually the truck drivers who are driving white Freightliner are more conservative in their driving and are respecting the rules.

In fact white trucks are around 10% less likely to be involved in a crush during the day than a truck painted in other color.

But in the end mostly it’s the driving that catches their attention. If you don’t want to be pulled over easily than you should be careful about the following things : speeding, distracted driving -using a cell phone, hazardous driving- running stop signs and illegal u turns, equipment violations-expired tags, tailgating and improper line changes.

In essence mostly the truck color that gets pulled over more often is the red. So, when choosing a truck color choose wisely- choose white color, and don’t worry about being stopped by the police officer.

5.White Freightliner Is Easy To Maintain-It Is Always Clean

Even-thou some truck drivers think that it would be very difficult to maintain a white truck, they are wrong. Only white truck owners know that dark trucks might be even tougher to maintain. In fact just a little rain could cover the black truck with water spots , whereas white trucks will look the same.

White trucks even when they are dirty, they don’t look dirty, they are just not that shiny. The white trucks require less work to look good.



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