Top 10 Trucking Companies in Montana

Top 10 Trucking Companies in Montana


So, I guess today it’s time to speak about the top 10 trucking companies in Montana!  So far I managed to cover more than half of US ground so why not Montana!

Now, when it comes to trucking companies in Montana, I have to say that the choice is spectacular and versatile.

I know that I’ve said that for the trucking companies in New York and the trucking companies in Nebraska and every other state and their trucking companies. But people believe me when I say; there are many trucking companies in Montana!


My research for the top 10 trucking companies in Montana was mostly made online. There I looked into some drivers’ forums, trucking magazines and such, to be able to best present you what is available out there, in case you are in need of services from one of the best trucking companies in Montana.

Now, let’s face it! What I think is good, might not be good enough for you!

And I know not everyone will think that the 10 trucking companies in Montana that I’ve chosen today are indeed the best one out there. But after all, this is my choice and you can add some of your own choices in the comment box on the end of the article.

Few Montana Facts and Figures

Here at the beginning before I even start telling you about the top 10 trucking companies in Montana let me introduce you to the great state Montana and what all there is!

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

Montana is a state in the Western region of the United States. It’s also known as the “Big Sky Country” and “The Treasure State” perhaps a few other nicknames, covers a large area.

Montana has a lot to offer considering much of their economic activities include oil, coal, gas, lumber, and hard rock mining, as well as tourism. There is no wonder why the trucking companies in Montana are so varied; they are experienced in many areas!


Interesting to know is that with an area of 147,040 square miles or 380,800 km2 to be exact, Montana is slightly larger than Japan! Is ranked as 4th in size of the 50 United States!

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Back in the days the U.S. Route 10 was the primary east-west highway route across the state and was connecting the major cities in the southern half of Montana.

Even though it’s still the state’s most important east-west traveled corridor, it has changed greatly. Today the route is served by Interstate 94 and Interstate 90 and pretty much follows the same route as the Northern Pacific.


Highways in Montana

Same like there are many trucking companies in Montana, there are many highways too! To give you the idea here are few of the main ones:

  • S. Routes 2 and 12 and Montana Highway 200 (traverse the entire state from east to west);
  • Interstate 15 (Montana’s only north-south Interstate Highway);
  • Other major north-south highways include U.S. Routes 87, 89, 93 and 191 (Other major north-south highways);
  • Highway 212.

For more information, you can always visit the Montana Official State Website. There you can find lots of useful info about Commercial Driver Licenses, highways, drivers’ permits and HAZMAT endorsements and pretty much everything.

This state that is worth seeing has lots to offer. There are lots of places worth seeing like example the Rocky Mountains!


But, now let me go back to the topic and keep the things that I am supposed to write! So here, in addition, I am going to give you my choice on top 10 trucking companies in Montana.

Let’s have a look!

1. Jim Palmer Trucking

Jim Palmer Trucking becomes part of Wilson Logistics in 2014. Wilson has two more divisions including O&S Trucking and RJs Transportation.

Together they offer a diverse portfolio of solutions and are ready to solve client’s logistical needs in any time and anywhere.


Their pride is the ability to serve their customers fast, effective and flexible.

After the acquisitions, they operate as an asset-based third-party logistics provider with a wide range of transportation services including:

  • Full Truckload (TL);
  • Yard Management Solutions;
  • Dedicated Solutions, and
  • Power Only Solutions;

With a combined fleet of 525 trucks, they offer their services through two locations: Springfield, MO and Missoula MT.

Jim Palmer Trucking might be a small team, but they are powerful and passionate about what they do!


One of their stuff named Jeff Ferguson said that every time he sees one of the Jim Palmers truck on the road he is reminded of how they have the best looking trucks.

And indeed it’s true. I recently saw one of their trucks on Iowa 80 truck stops! It was all clean and glorious and looked like it was just now taken from the Peterbilt dealership.

Being one of the best trucking companies in Montana it’s not an easy task! But they do it with easy!

At Jim Palmer, they value people over profits and quality over quantity and the same goes when we speak about their drivers. They are like a close family!

They say to do your homework well when you are choosing a career, so I will strongly consider their advice if I was you!

2. Corcoran Trucking Inc

When you choose Corcoran Trucking out of all the trucking companies in Montana –you will realize that you just found your transportation partner for a lifetime!

They are in business since 1965, and ever since they first opened the doors they offer nothing but the best for their loyal customers.


They provide over-the-road trucking services from Alaska to the Bakken Oilfields of North Dakota, and across the lower 48 states.

With over 50 years in the trucking world, and regardless the challenge that the economy is demanding, this company keeps to its mission that is: to be an industry leader in honesty and to provide premier service anywhere and anytime.



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